Improving Performance and Scalability of Orbus Products to Drive Innovation

Client background

Orbus Software is an independent software vendor and a leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, and Application Portfolio Management. iServer, the client’s core product, enables businesses to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies, including Visio, Office, SharePoint and SQL Server, providing the easiest to use environment for planning and executing strategic change.

The company has over 500+ customers across 47 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the ASEAN.

Business challenge

Orbus Software needed a dedicated team of QA specialists to expand the testing capabilities and reduce time to market of iServer, their core product.


N-iX has helped Orbus Software modernize the tech stack of their software products, extend their functionality, and move to automated testing achieving faster time-to-market.

Value delivered by N-iX

  • Increased performance and scalability of Orbus products;
  • Access to the pool of technical experts in various domains not available in-house;
  • Set up of Quality Control (QC) including manual QA and test automation processes and reducing regression test cycle by several times;
  • Fast scalability of R&D capabilities, which allows expanding the business - in a few years the team grew from 5 to 40 people.

United Kingdom, London
Computer Software
Partnership period
July 2014 - present
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Cloud Solutions Business Intelligence DevOps QA automation
.NET JavaScript jQuery, CSS (Sass/Less), TFS, HTML5/CSS3, Angular JS, MS Office Tools, ASP MVC, C#, SalesForce API, Azure Database, Umbraco (CMS), Azure DevOps

Success story in detail

How we started: Boosting testing capabilities

For a technology provider, time to market is critical as competition on the market is intense and customers expect upgraded offerings. Therefore, in 2014 Orbus started cooperation with N-iX with a team of 5 QA specialists to boost their testing capabilities and reduce time to market of iServer, their core product.

Orbus Software

Expanding cooperation: From 5 testers to a full-fledged R&D partner

    After a few successful iterations, Orbus involved us in the backend development of the new generation of iServer product. The challenge we faced was to ensure that the new back-end matched the old one, worked with the existing UI, and was accessible via API to Orbus clients.

    At the time we started working with Orbus, they had an extensive manual QC web team. Such an approach caused operational overheads with regression testing, and the test case base was huge and hard to maintain. In order to increase the speed and efficiency of QA processes, N-iX experts from the QA Automation Center of Excellence worked together with QA engineers on the project to introduce in-sprint test automation that would be performed in parallel with software development. We have introduced web functional testing that covers automated end-to-end (E2E) tests and API/web services testing, which has become a part of the CI/CD process. At the moment, we are responsible for all quality assurance operations connected with the iServer suite.

Gaining trust: Working with Orbus clients

In 2017, our cooperation with Orbus Software marked a new milestone as we started interacting closely with Orbus clients. First, our engineers were authorized to provide professional online and onsite training on Orbus products to its clients in the EMEA region. Currently, there are three engineers certified to provide this service.

Also, we became involved in providing the first and second lines of technical support for Orbus iServer in Azure hosted environments. Our specialists help Orbus customers resolve the product and infrastructure issues, and both support teams have been steadily achieving the highest customer satisfaction index (CSAT) of 4.8 out of 5.

Orbus Software

Since 2017, N-iX has been responsible for the full-cycle development of Good e-Learning, a sister company of Orbus Software. Good e-Learning is an online learning center that provides a range of bespoke services and accredited training courses for individuals and organizations worldwide. N-iX is providing e-learning design and development, software development, testing, customer support, graphic design, and project management.

In 2018, N-iX began delivering BI development services for the Strategic Portfolio Management dashboards used by Orbus customers. This tool provides visually rich, easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboards to help Orbus customers analyze and optimize different portfolios and projects to meet their strategic objectives and increase operational productivity. BI developers at N-iX have designed and built over 100 dashboards with Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik. Currently, there are three BI engineers at the project.

N-iX software engineers work in close cooperation with the client’s team in London and the US. The teams have implemented popular Agile methodologies such as SCRUM and Agile SAFe to ensure an efficient development life cycle.

Orbus Software
Orbus Software

Value delivered: Fast time-to-market, continuous innovations, reduced costs

  • CI/CD process supported by automated testing allows achieving faster time-to-market, which is crucial for technology products given the intense competition and high quality requirements;
  • Automated testing reduces the need for manual testing and helps Orbus to save costs significantly;
  • Visually rich, easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboards developed by our BI engineers help to understand and optimize the portfolio for Orbus customers;
  • Fast scalability of R&D capabilities, which allows expanding the business - in a few years the team grew from 5 to 40 people. Additionally, we built a team for Good E-Learning, an Orbus-related company.


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