Software Development Partnership with Orbus - a Leading Provider of Enterprise Architecture Software

Client background

Orbus Software is a London-based provider of software and services that helps companies manage their business transformation. The company has over 500+ customers across 47 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the ASEAN.

Business challenge

Orbus Software needed a dedicated team of QA specialists to expand the testing capabilities for their key product iServer.


N-iX has helped Orbus Software modernize the tech stack of their software products, extend their functionality, and move to automated testing to better serve their customers.

Value delivered by N-iX

  • Increased performance and scalability of Orbus products;
  • Access to the pool of technical experts in various domains not available in-house;
  • Set up of Quality Control (QC) including manual QA and test automation processes and reducing regression test cycle by several times;
  • Long-term partnership which ensures the deep expertise of our team in the client’s products.

United Kingdom, London
Computer Software
Partnership period
July 2014 - present
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Cloud Solutions Business Intelligence DevOps QA automation
.NET JavaScript jQuery, CSS (Sass/Less), TFS, HTML5/CSS3, Angular JS, MS Office Tools, ASP MVC, C#, SalesForce API, Azure Database, Umbraco (CMS), Azure DevOps


Client’s goals

Orbus Software develops, markets, and sells a range of software products known as the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite. It comprises iServer, Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Portfolio Management, Business Process Analysis and Governance, Risk and Compliance. They provide enterprises with domain-specific solutions to manage, govern, and visualize their enterprise transformation using frameworks such as TOGAF, BPMN, ITIL.

Orbus Software needed a reliable partner to drive innovation, and they have teamed up with N-iX to achieve the following objectives:

  • Expand testing capabilities of the core team to reduce time-to-market;
  • Modernize solutions adopting new technologies;
  • Reduce software development costs.
Orbus Software


  • Scaling a team with necessary competencies within the short time frame;
  • Rewriting back-end without breaking the UI and within a tight schedule;
  • Introducing automation testing to minimize the need for manual regression testing.


Back in 2014, Orbus Software looked for a reliable outsourcing partner with expertise in software testing to expand their QA сapacity. They started out with a small team of 5 QA specialists at N-iX. After the successful completion of the first iterations, Orbus decided to extend their cooperation with N-iX and involve our specialists into the maintenance of their existing products and the development of the new ones.

Within several years, the team has grown to more than 40 people including not only QA specialists but also .NET developers, a DevOps specialist, BI developers, Scrum Masters, a Product Owner, Technical Consultants as well as first and second-line Support Specialists.

N-iX software engineers work in close cooperation with the client’s team in London and the US. The teams have implemented popular Agile methodologies such as SCRUM and Agile SAFe to ensure an efficient and effective development life cycle.

Orbus Software

Value delivered by N-iX

The scope of our cooperation with Orbus Software covers the full range of their products, services, and internal operations. N-iX team is responsible for the development of the core Orbus product iServer and its important part called iServer Portal. This is a valuable communication module that allows enterprise architects and process owners to make repository content available in the HTML 5 format through a dynamic, business-friendly web-based application.

Software engineers at N-iX have provided Orbus Software with back-end software development services. Using the latest Microsoft technology stack such as .Net Core and Azure services, we have developed back-end for the new generation of iServer product that functionally matches the old back-end, works with the existing UI, and can be exposed via API for use by Orbus clients. As a result, the overall performance and scalability of the product have dramatically improved.

The Strategic Portfolio Management solution for iServer provides a vast array of visually rich, easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboards to help decision-makers understand and optimize different portfolios. SQL and Business Intelligence (BI) developers at N-iX have designed and built over 100 dashboards with Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik.

A large part of interaction with Orbus clients is handled by N-iX team, including technical and application support, software installations, and upgrades. First and second line support engineers take care of the Orbus iServer in Azure hosted environment and are responsible for troubleshooting the product and infrastructure issues with Orbus customers. Technical consultants at N-iX provide professional online and onsite training on Orbus products to the clients in the EMEA region.

Both teams provide the best technical support and consultancy to each customer and have been steadily achieving the highest customer satisfaction index (CSAT) of 4.8 out of 5.

Orbus Software
Orbus Software

N-iX experts from QA Automation Center of Excellence have worked together with QA engineers on the project to introduce in-sprint test automation that would be performed in parallel with software development. They have introduced web functional testing that covers automated end-to-end (E2E) tests and API/web services testing which has become a part of the CI/CD process. E2E tests have helped make release decisions, and web services tests have become the definition of done for back-end developers. As a result, the regression testing cycle has decreased by 4 times.

N-iX has helped Orbus Software extend their software development capabilities in multiple areas of expertise, modernize Orbus software products, and achieve their business goals.


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