Data is the new gold of the 21st century that helps businesses make strategic decisions. According to Statista, by 2021 48.5% of businesses in the US have already adopted advanced data and analytics strategies. As stated in Forbes, the companies that invested in data warehouse consulting experienced revenue growth of 8% and a decrease in costs by 10%.

But how can you choose a partner that can help develop an effective Data and Analytics strategy for your business? We analyzed vendors across the globe and will provide you with a list of the most distinguished companies that can help you use data to your advantage.

Selection methodology 

To choose the best from thousands of global Big Data companies, we analyzed the data from Clutch, one of the largest customer data platforms that provides service reviews, companies websites, portfolios, and LinkedIn profiles. 

  1. We searched “Big Data companies”, and narrowed the list by choosing vendors with 500+ employees. We focused only on mid-and large-sized businesses since they are more likely to have established development processes and resources to scale. 
  2. We chose Big Data engineering companies with the highest review score (4.6+/5) and at least 5 reviews to be sure that the vendor has proven comprehensive experience in Big Data.
  3. At least 10% of the company’s services needed to be listed under ‘Big Data, BI, and SI’.

Top Big Data companies in Eastern Europe 

1. N-iX

N-iX is a trusted Eastern European IT vendor with 20+ years of software development experience. 

This Big Data development company employs over 140 top-notch engineers skilled in data warehouse research and architecture, data modeling, data governance,

developing data and analytics strategies, and data visualization. N-iX developers are well-versed in Big Data technology stack: Apache Spark and Hadoop frameworks, Hive, Flume, Pig, Impala, Oozie, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, AWS (Kinesis, EMR, Lambda), and many more.

The company’s engineering record spans multiple industries including telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and agritech. In terms of Big Data, the company established long-lasting partnerships with Gogo, Lebara, and a Fortune 500 industrial supply company (under NDA). 

As a part of cooperation with Lebara, N-iX specialists implemented a cloud-based Big Data solution and streamline reports. To help Gogo predict in-flight connection failures, the engineering team migrated the client’s solution to an AWS-based cloud and built a unified data platform. In the case of an industrial supply enterprise, N-iX designed the data warehouse, unified data pipeline, and integrated 100+ data sources into a single data platform. 

Moreover, during the project for a global manufacturing enterprise, the company’s developers successfully implemented the processes of training, testing, deploying, monitoring, and operating the Machine Learning models. As for AI development, N-iX tech specialists are skilled in the integration of neural networks and artificial intelligence libraries into solutions. 

N-iX: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

2. Exadel

This is a Polish Big Data software development company with headquarters in the US. Its industry expertise includes 20+ years of solution implementation for finance and banking, retail, healthcare, logistics, and many other domains. 

The vendor’s tech specialists develop solutions for Big Data analysis, design and build custom data warehousing systems. The company’s specialists are skilled in solving Big Data challenges such as data visualization, implementing streaming API and data access DSL API, and data interaction.

Exadel: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

3. Adastra

With over 2 decades on the market, this Big Data engineering company has developed solutions for various industries: fintech, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more.

Big Data development constitutes 50% of software development in the company. The vendor’s expertise covers building Big Data platforms, integrating data sources into a single place, creating hybrid data lakes, and implementing data streaming.

Adastra: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

4. Itransition 

This Big Data development company specializes in smart automation and offers data strategy and preparation, data visualization, data solution implementation, and IoT development services. The vendor’s experts have sound knowledge of geospatial data visualization tools including Power BI, Qlick, and Tableau.

The company’s Big Data project list spans a pharmaceutical market data analytics platform, a web data mining and semantic analysis solution, and more. 

Itransition: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

5. PGS Software

Over 15+ years in the IT market, this Polish software development company has practically applied its engineering potential to implement solutions for telecommunication, manufacturing, finance, and retail domains.

10% of the delivered projects in the company are Big Data. The vendor offers help throughout all scenarios of Big Data development, starting from data exploration and MVP implementation, to the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

PGS Software: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

6. First Line Software

In comparison to other Big Data software development companies on our list, this vendor is relatively young—it has been on the market since 2009. The vendor provides software development solutions for retail, e-commerce, and warehouse automation industries. 

Big Data makes up 10% of all software development services in the company. The vendor can help you implement cloud native business intelligence solutions from scratch using AWS EMR, GCP Dataproc, and Azure HDInsight. 

First Line Software: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

7. Software Mind

Another Big Data development company is based in Krakow, Poland. This IT vendor has provided engineering services to global fintech and telecom players. 

The percentage of Big Data development in relation to all engineering services is 10%. The company’s specialists have sound knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Neo4j, and other Big Data tools which they use in Big Data implementation.

Software Mind: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

8. Ciklum

This is a well-known Eastern European Big Data software development company. The vendor’s talent pool counts about 3,500 IT professionals. Apart from Big Data, the company’s developers provide Intelligent Automation, DevOps, Application Development, and other engineering services. 

Their professionals are well-practiced in codifying architecture for Big Data. Over the past 3 years, the vendor has launched 60 engineering projects aimed at delivering data platforms and process automation using AI and IoT.

Ciklum: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

9. Sigma Software

The company’s engineers are proficient in Big Data consulting services, real-time analytics, development of data platforms for predictive analysis, and many more. For Big Data development, their tech specialists mainly apply Spark, Presto, Kafka, Hadoop, Airflow, and other related technologies.

This Big Data software development company from Eastern Europe works predominantly with advertising and marketing, education, gaming, and automotive industries. 

Sigma Software: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

10. Future Processing

The vendor has offices in Poland, Ukraine, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. This Big Data development company can help clients in a range of data optimization scenarios: from predictive and nonlinear data analysis to secure data maintenance. Also, their engineering teams offer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development. 

The company’s specialists use such tools as Spark, Snowflake, Tableau, Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and many more to implement Big Data solutions. The vendor’s portfolio includes data aggregation and processing tools for IT, government, and other domains.

Future Processing: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

11. Britenet

This is a Poland-based Big Data software development company that has 900+ developers on board. Its in-house engineers have experience in software implementation for fintech, IT, business, automotive, government domains.

20% of the services delivered by the vendor are Big Data. The company’s specialists are qualified in Machine Learning, data integration, data warehouse development, BI reporting, and other related technologies. 

Britenet: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

12. Euvic

With 3,000+ skilled developers, the vendor is one of the biggest Big Data companies in Eastern Europe. Apart from delivery centers in Poland, it has offices in Germany, the US, and the Netherlands. Its experts implement solutions for education, energy, fintech, insurance, retail, and other domains. 

Big Data development makes up 10% of all engineering services in the company. The vendor has been developing data processing solutions since 2004 and has experience in AI, Machine Learning. Moreover, the IT enterprise offers Business Intelligence consulting and implementation.

Euvic: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

13. Netguru

This Big Data software development company originates from Poznań, Poland. Since the vendor was founded in 2008, it has opened several offices across Europe, namely in the UK and Germany. 

In terms of Big Data, the company offers its clients data annotation, Machine Learning, digital transformation, and Business Intelligence services. Big Data comprises 10% of the vendor’s outsourced development.

Netguru: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

Top Big Data companies in Asia

14. Indus Net Technologies Pvt.

This Big Data engineering company is distributed across the globe with offices in the US, the UK, Singapore, and India. Since the vendor was set up in 1997, it has delivered software development services in 11,000+ projects. Their case record spans cooperations with clients from banking, insurance, healthcare, and fintech domains. 

Big Data services constitute 10% of the vendor’s development engagement. Their experts are well-versed in insurance, web, and energy data analytics well-acquainted with the Big Data relevant tools: Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes, and more. 

Indus Net Technologies Pvt.: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

15. Appinventiv

The Big Data development company has R&D centers in India, the US, the UAE, the UK, and Australia. Its multidimensional experience spans healthcare, social networking, entertainment, travel, and wellness industries.

Analytics consulting, data warehousing, data visualization, and supply chain analytics are some of the Big Data services provided by the vendor. As for the BD technology stack, most of the company’s solutions are based on Apache Spark, AWS Web Services framework, and Microsoft Azure stack.

Appinventiv: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

16. Beyondsoft Consulting Inc.

With a talent pool of 14,000+ engineers, the vendor is the biggest Big Data company on our list. Its delivery centers are spread across the globe: there are some in the US, Singapore, China, India, and Ukraine. Apart from Big Data, Beyondsoft Consulting offers applied analytics, DevOps, software development and migration services, and more.

40 % of all the vendor’s delivered services are Big Data. In particular, the company specializes in data architecture, Data Lakes, data migration, BI and ETL services. SQL, AWS, Amazon Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum are the tools the vendor’s engineers use for Big Data development.

Beyondsoft Consulting Inc.: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

17. Perficient Latin America

This Big Data software development company is originally from Colombia. Over 20+ years in the engineering market the vendor has opened development centers in 40+ global locations.

Big Data makes up one fourth of all delivered services for this software development company. Their developers are experts in building data platforms and handling custom data and analytics projects. The vendor has established partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Adobe, and uses their suites to implement Big Data.

Perficient Latin America: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

18. Affirma

This is one more vendor on the list of top Big Data companies. Its industry expertise includes education, transportation, marketing, entertainment, and many more. 

15% of all software development projects delivered by the tech enterprise are Big Data. The vendor’s data and analytics products solve for manual reporting, expanding analytics capabilities, increasing data value, and data integrity. 

Affirma: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

18. Indium

Another large vendor on the list of Big Data software development companies was founded in 1999 in India, and since then has opened multiple offices across the country, and also in the US, Malaysia, and Singapore. With over 2,000 engineers on board, the company offers expertise in banking, retail, healthcare, and other domains.

Big Data solutions implementation comprises half of all IT services delivered by the company. The company’s service list spans designing and developing data pipelines (ETL and ELT), implementing data products with APIs, and enabling data quality management.

Indium: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

20. Ideas2IT Technologies

With 12+ years of experience in the global IT market, this Big Data software development company provided engineering services for healthcare, fintech, and other domains.

20% of services provided by the company are Big Data. The most common BD technologies used by the company are Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Apache Flume, Sqoop, Snowflake, Tableau, and D3. They are applied for data wrangling, building data lakes and data ponds, and data visualization. 

Ideas2IT Technologies

21. DataFactZ 

This is a mid-size company that focuses predominantly on Big Data. The vendor has been providing custom data analytical solutions for 20+ years. 

The vendor takes second place in our list in terms of the relation of Big Data to other IT services delivered: 45% of its projects focus on data optimization. The company helps clients with Big Data analytics, advanced analytics, data mining, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. 

DataFactZ: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

22. Experion Technologies

The Big Data development company has 15+ years of multidimensional experience in software development for transportation, retail, healthcare, and fintech. 15% of the vendor’s delivered services are related to Big Data development.

This global IT vendor delivered many data management and analysis projects. The company’s Big Data engineers use Power BI, Oracle, Tableau, Google Analytics, AWS, Google Cloud, and Spark to implement cloud-data platforms and embedded solutions.

Experion Technologies: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

Top Big Data companies in Latin America

23. QBurst

This is one more Big Data software development company that originates from India. Over 15 years of their engineering practice, the vendor’s professionals have implemented solutions for clients from healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and other domains.

As for Big Data, apart from data engineering and visualization, the vendor can help you with the implementation of Machine Learning, video analytics, and robotic process automation. One of the products is a data intelligence platform that simplified the processing of unstructured data.

QBurst: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

24. CI&T

The IT company has some offices in Brazil, Portugal, the UK, China, and Australia. This is one of the most experienced Big Data engineering companies on the list, as it has been on the market since 1995. 

30% of the company's engineering potential is involved in the development of Big Data solutions. One of the main focuses of the vendor is metadata management, which presupposes deploying a custom metadata management platform with the initial set of tags.

CI&T: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

25. BairesDev

With 3,000+ engineers on board, the vendor is one of the biggest Big Data companies in Latin America. Their developers have expertise in software development for media, healthcare, and energy industries and provide IT services to Fortune 500 companies.

A considerable number of the vendor’s software development services, 40% in particular, is Big Data. To implement Big Data solutions, in-house engineers use Apache Hadoop, Microsoft HDInsight, NoSQL, Hive, Sqoop, and many more. 

BairesDev: year of foundation, headquarters, talent number, key clients

How to choose a reliable Big Data engineering partner for your business?

While deciding upon the potential Big Data company to cooperate with pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Choose the destination with a wufficient talent pool. For instance, Eastern Europe is home to more than 150,000 Big Data developers, with Ukraine and Poland being the leaders in numbers (10,000+ and 20,000 engineers, respectively).
  • Assess the vendor’s Big Data expertise and technologies. Compare your project’s technical requirements with the tech stack of the researched Big Data companies. The knowledge of AWS stack, Oracle, Spark, Hadoop, Google Analytics, etc is a must in terms of Big Data software development.
  • Look for a proven record of fruitful projects. Check the company’s portfolio to find out about their proven Big Data experience and the industries they have covered. 

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Why choose N-iX developers for your Big Data project?

  • N-iX is one of the leading Big Data companies in the European IT market with 8+ years of experience in Big Data software development.
  • N-iX has solid experience in designing and implementing effective Data and Analytics strategies in a variety of industries, namely, telecommunications, manufacturing, and media.
  • N-iX has a strong team of 200+ professionals with expertise in data governance, data science and machine learning, legacy migration and re-platforming to the cloud, building and streamlining data and analytics platforms, and more.
  • The company’s Big Data specialists have a deep knowledge of programming languages including Python, R, Java, Scala, C/C++, SQL. In addition, our engineers are seasoned in Apache Spark, Pig, and Hive frameworks, Hadoop, SAS, and other Big Data tools.
  • With expertise in innovative Big Data technologies, N-iX can help you build AI-enabled data tools, implement predictive modeling systems, and develop custom machine learning algorithms.
  • Our IT experts have successfully delivered Big Data solutions to Fortune 500 companies and top global enterprises such as Discovery Limited, Ringier, and Gogo.
  • We have been recognized as a Rising Star in Data Engineering for the UK market by ISG. 

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