According to Statista, Angular is one of the top five most popular frameworks worldwide. The technology currently serves as a foundation stone for more than 320,800 websites, including Forbes, GitHub Community, and Crunchbase. Why do such prominent market players choose Angular for the custom development of their solutions? Robust Angular expertise allows enterprises to find a golden middle between excellent quality and high solution delivery speed.

However, due to the high demand for Angular developers, there is a wide range of tech providers that utilize the technology and come in all sizes and specializations. But how to hire an Angular development company that will be able to implement your tailored solution and bring maximum business value? Find answers to this and other questions in our article.

Four answers to the question of why you need Angular development services

Going for Angular development services offers a myriad of benefits, from ensuring first-class system quality to easy maintenance and faster time-to-market. You might still ask, should I hire an Angular software development company for my specific project? And what are the other advantages of selecting the Angular framework over the other technologies?

Here are the answers that might help you make up your mind:

Angular framework in number

Angular works well for enterprise-level projects

Large businesses know that the development of a highly scalable yet easily maintainable solution might become an uphill climb. When it comes to enterprise app development, crafting your solution with Angular is definitely one of the best choices. First of all, the technology comes with a set of useful tools, such as UI components and libraries. So, with a trustworthy  Angular software development company by your side, you can save time and costs spent on the integration of third-party tools. Another reason why large businesses go for Angular is the high scalability of Angular solutions. Built with components and modules, your application is ready for scaling at any time, and subsequently, the chances of its rapid workflow disruption are low. 
Let’s look at how utilizing Angular can help businesses boost their scalability at the example of the N-iX success story. 

Case study: Bringing scalability and boosting user experience for the top UK energy technology enterprise

One of our clients, a leading energy supplier that provides services to over 550K residential customers, needed to boost their user experience and product performance since their customer base considerably grew. Together with the client, the N-iX team has built the PoC for an internal marketing system utilizing Java, JavaScript, and Angular, as well as implemented the MVP for an end-to-end signup flow for smart heaters. In addition, the project scope covered the development of a modernized website. 

As a result our client: 

  • Developed a marketing system that was highly adjustable to a growing customer base;
  • Streamlined their digital marketing processes;
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and improved performance by around 20%.

Angular development ensures the high quality of the solution

Cutting corners in code (neglecting the code quality to cut down on project costs) sounds too abstract to influence business value. But it does – poor code quality leads to solution performance degradation, which, in turn, takes a toll on customer satisfaction. In addition, bad coding practices will increase the development costs in the long run since you’ll have to invest more in the solution’s maintenance. 

However, by utilizing Angular, businesses can kill two birds with one stone and avoid all these issues at once. Once you rely on Angular as your core technology, the probability that your solution will end up written on reliable and testable code is high. The structure of the framework consists of independent components (modules), so you can confidently go for unit testing and check each part of a system separately. As a result, you gain maximum control over the quality and keep your finger on the pulse of your app’s performance. We recommend partnering with a reliable Angular development services company that follows the best quality control practices. One of such vendors is N-iX—our QA specialists have vast experience in continuous testing and are able to detect issues from the project kick-off which minimizes harm to your budget in the future.

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Angular apps are easy to support and upgrade

If you hire an Angular development company to implement your custom solution, you may be sure that your software will keep up with the new technologies and market trends. The Angular framework is continuously improved, letting you make use of new cutting-edge features, bug fixes, and optimized functionalities. Angular usually releases a new major version twice a year – and with each version they enhance the development process. As a result, businesses get faster time-to-market, which, in turn, cuts down their project costs.

Angular versions timeline

Going for Angular equals faster implementation

The quicker your Angular development services company will shape the final scope of your solution and implement it, the better. First of all, reducing your time-to-market will give you a competitive advantage over other market players. Moreover, prompt product launch allows enterprises to get more profits – you start faster, and so, get more revenue before the market gets turbulent.

Angular is a great choice for businesses that want to make it fast. The framework is compatible with a myriad of libraries with UI components (Angular Material, PrimeNG, NG Bootstrap, etc.), so there’s no need to develop them from scratch. So, when partnering with an Angular nearshore development company, you can count on prompt solution rollout and increase your chances of getting ahead of the competition.

Five questions to ask yourself when choosing a reliable Angular development company

To harness the benefits of the framework to the fullest, you’ll need to select a reliable Angular offshore development company with enough engineering capacity and vast experience. This is an uneasy task, considering the diversity of market players that differ in size, industry focus, and service offerings. 

To guide you through this process, we prepared a list of questions, by answering which you’ll get closer to choosing your perfect engineering partner:

How fast do I need to staff for my project?

One of the key criteria you should rely on when choosing an Angular software development company is the vendor’s size. Look for middle and large tech companies with more than 500 specialists on board. Such enterprises usually have optimized development processes and instant access to more engineers that specialize in Angular. Together, well set-up development and talent availability guarantee a quick and seamless project starter. In addition, large enterprises follow the best engineering practices and ensure the highest level of quality control.

How important is the code quality for me?

Technical qualifications of your potential team members are of the utmost importance. Here is a checklist of essential skills that your Angular engineers should possess: 

  • Advanced knowledge of TypeScript and JavaScript;
  • Practical experience in working with REST APIs;
  • Mastery of the npm and Angular CLI tools; 
  • Strong command of HTML and CSS;
  • Hands-on experience with JavaScript libraries (RxJS, NgRx, Nx Monorepo) and UI components libraries, such as Angular Material;
  • Good command of CSS preprocessors, namely SASS or SCSS.

What kind of solution do I want to develop?

The first thing you should do when selecting a tech vendor is to get clear on your business goals. The Angular framework has a wide range of applications: from the development of single-page solutions to all-encompassing enterprise software. Figure out what type of solution you want to implement and, depending on your aim, narrow down the list of your potential Angular development companies. Pay attention to vendors that have not only Angular development but also tech consulting on their service list. With proper Product Discovery, you will mitigate risks related to technology switch or adoption and shape the final scope of your Angular solution. Moreover, it would be a huge plus if your Angular software development company has any success stories that are similar to your case in their portfolio.

Applications of Angular

Do they have the compliances and experience related to my industry?

You want to hire an Angular development company that will be able to deal with specific tech challenges common for your domain. Therefore, look for an Angular offshore development company with a proven track record in industries related to yours. For instance, a logistics software development company with vast experience in Angular development is more likely to deliver sustainable business value for a supply chain provider since these industries overlap. 

Does my Angular development company have data protection policies in place?

Compliance with recognized data protection standards is a must-have feature of a top Angular development company. Before you shake hands with your potential engineering partner, check whether your tech enterprise adheres to international regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 9001:2015. It is also best to partner with an Angular development services company that has a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that your operations will keep running even in the face of a crisis.

Security-related compliances that distinguish a reliable Angular development companyRead more: How to ensure secure software development in the time of remote

Why should you choose N-iX as your provider of Angular development services?

  • N-iX is a global engineering company with 21 years of experience in custom software development and tech consulting;
  • Our tech team consists of 2,200 experts well-versed in Cloud-native development, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, UI/UX design, and more;
  • The company’s Angular expertise is proven by numerous success stories for manufacturing, energy and utilities, stock photography, and other domains;
  • We have vast experience in modernizing legacy systems, developing enterprise-level applications from scratch, as well as customer-targeted UI ideation and prototyping; 
  • N-iX is a one-stop shop for enterprises providing Product Discovery, as well as seamless switching to Angular;
  • We adhere to international regulations and compliances, such as ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, and GDPR;
  • N-iX is well-recognized in the industry: the vendor repeatedly appeared on the IAOP Global Outsourcing ranking, the CRN Fast Growth List, as well as was shortlisted by Forrester.

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