"The real power of outsourcing is its ability to increase an organization's core capacity for change and growth. The business challenges over the next decade are going to be very different than anything we've seen so far, and the companies that weave a powerful network of global partners through outsourcing will be the winners."  – Michael Corbett, Chairman of the IAOP

Outsourcing is an inevitable part of the modern business world. It helps companies overcome current obstacles, plan their growth, and improve their products and services. According to Whitelane Research, around 91% of the clients are satisfied with their cooperation with European outsourcing service providers. Moreover, around 80% of the respondents confirm that they will continue to outsource at the same rate or more. However, it might be challenging to select a trustworthy vendor for your custom solution development among the significant number of market players. So, how do you find the right partner among the thousands of IT companies in Europe? Scroll down to find out.

Software development market in Europe

Software development in Europe is a huge market with remarkable potential for growth. According to Statista, its revenue should reach around $199B by the end of 2027. As of 2022, the overall number of professional software developers in the European Union has already reached 9M (compared to 4.2M in the US), and this figure continues to grow. Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe are the top three locations by the number of professional developers, but these countries are also the ones with the most fierce competition for this talent.

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Outsourcing companies in Europe: Statistics

In terms of software development, Europe has a reputation as one of the top tech outsourcing markets. The estimated number of software development companies in Europe varies between 5,000 and 8,000 vendors. For example, Clutch lists over 7,460 vendors that provide IT outsourcing services. Let's take a look at the breakdown of these companies by their country. 

Number of software development companies in Europe

With a great number of reliable software development companies, Europe is a prominent outsourcing destination. However, it is important to understand that most of these companies are small vendors with 50 or fewer specialists on board. Let’s filter the results, showcasing only midsize and large software development companies in Europe.

Software development companies in Europe, by size

Now, the overall number of companies is around 430—still a lot of firms to choose from. So, how can you find a reliable engineering vendor to become your partner?

Best software development companies in Europe: What should you look for? 

So, how do you find the most reliable partner that will help your business thrive among the wide variety of IT companies in Europe? In our article 15 сriteria for choosing a software development company, we have discussed the myriad of factors that can help you make a well-grounded decision. However, let us recap the main aspects here. Looking for the best vendor among the outsourcing companies in Europe, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Location of the company's delivery centers and headquarters;
  • Expertise in your domain and technology, as well as overall experience on the market (very young companies are more likely to have less experience);
  • The vendor's portfolio, case studies, and client references;
  • Availability of resources to scale your team if needed (thus, the number of tech experts is important);
  • Industry recognition and awards.

Top software development companies in Europe

Compiling our list of IT outsourcing vendors with development centers in Europe, we've gathered all this information to choose the best software engineering companies. We've analyzed many vendors to define whether their European development centers have enough capacity to deliver top-notch solutions to their customers. Another important aspect we've covered was the talent accessibility of outsourcing companies for team extension in Europe. To shortlist the top software development vendors in the region, we have:

  • Analyzed over 100 software development companies in Europe. They were either established in Europe or have a significant presence in the region, as well as development centers in one or several European countries. 
  • Divided the selected IT companies in Europe into two categories: 250-999 and 1,000+ tech experts or companies reaching those numbers, as they have established processes, capacity, and scalability to work on solutions of any complexity.
  • Chose the most reputable European outsourcing companies listed in the Top IT Outsourcing Companies and Top Custom Software Development Companies on Clutch.co. The selection methodology is based on service providers' areas of focus, client reviews, and proven ability to deliver business value. Also, we have included the companies featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 ranking by IAOP and other industry awards.
  • Researched the vendors' technical competence, industry expertise, and portfolio using the public information on their websites, social media, news, etc.
  • Additionally, we examined the company's websites and LinkedIn profiles to find essential information about the providers, such as the number of tech experts, major clients, years on the market, key services, and industries.

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the leading European software development outsourcing providers with more than 21 years of experience and over 2,200 tech experts on board. The tech enterprise has several R&D centers across the globe, namely in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and other countries besides Europe. The company has extensive tech consulting and custom software development expertise that spans manufacturing, logistics, fintech, telecommunications, retail, and other domains. Our specialists are well-versed in the implementation of cloud solutions, DevOps services, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development, data analytics, BI, VR & AR, enterprise mobility, embedded software, and much more.

N-iX partners with midsize and enterprise-level businesses to provide continuous guidance on their digital transformation journey—from Product Discovery to the final release and post-launch support. The company's track record encompasses long-term cooperations with over 50 US and European clients. Among enterprises that trust N-iX are technology leaders such as Weinmann Emergency (a leading medical technology company), Lebara (a prominent telecom brand), Currencycloud (a global payments platform), and many others.

The company is well-recognized in the industry—N-iX was featured among the top software development companies in Europe in the IAOP Top 100 Global Outsourcing ranking and received the European IT & Software Excellence Award by IT Europa. It was also shortlisted for the Global Sourcing Association UK Awards and regularly listed in the Clutch Leaders Matrix in different categories. N-iX has also been repeatedly recognized by CRN among the leading solution providers in North America in their ratings, including Solution Provider 500 and CRN Fast Growth 150.

N-iX: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

2. Sigma Software

This engineering company has over 20 years of experience in delivering full-cycle software development services to clients from the advertising, education, gaming, and automotive industries. The vendor's experts specialize in tech consulting, Big Data development, R&D in extended reality, as well as Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Their client list includes such companies as Volvo, AstraZeneca, and Scandinavian Airlines.

Sigma Software: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries


Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, this company provides software engineering and consultancy services. ELEKS has several European delivery centers and sales offices in the US and Japan. This vendor specializes in Data Science, mobility, QA and testing, IoT, and technology consulting, with around 50% of projects related to financial and retail industries. The company designs, implements, and delivers products to Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and other technology organizations. 

ELEKS: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

4. Svitla Systems

One of the top software development firms in Europe, this vendor was founded in 2003 and has over 1,000 IT professionals on board. Originally from Ukraine, the company also has software development centers and offices in Poland and other locations beyond Europe. This vendor specializes in custom software development, web development, web design, mobile app implementation, and UI/UX design. This tech enterprise mainly helps companies in the business services, education, energy, finance, and healthcare industries. The list of their clients includes Logitech, BMC, Ancestry, Mueller Water Products, and many others.

Svitla Systems: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

5. Cegeka

With their HQ in Belgium, this representative of European software development companies also has offices and delivery centers in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Romania. This is one of the top software development companies in Europe with a clear expertise focus—they specialize in cloud consulting, CRM consulting, and blockchain. The company partners with companies from different industries, including energy and utilities, healthcare, banking, retail, and telecommunications. They predominantly work with small and midsize European companies. 

Cegeka: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

6. Coherent Solutions

This vendor has been on the market since 1995, helping startups and fast-growing tech companies build custom software solutions. Their portfolio includes custom software development, web application development, QA, and CRM consulting. It has over 2,000 engineers on board and focuses mainly on software development for healthcare, ecommerce, logistics, and wellness domains. The list of their clients includes LifeTime Fitness, Daikin, WEX Health, MTS Systems, and LiquidSpace.

Coherent Solutions: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

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7. Lohika

Founded in 2001, this is another representative of outsourcing companies in Europe with rich experience. Its expertise includes software product development, IT consulting, Data Science, IoT, and AI/ML. This company works with clients across multiple domains, including healthcare, retail, logistics and supply chain, and cryptocurrency. Among their clients are such global companies as Coinbase, Twillio, Tenfold, Instartlogic, and Skype.

Lohika: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

8. Ciklum

This European software development company has several delivery centers in Spain, Switzerland, and Ukraine and is headquartered in the UK. Their technical expertise covers the development of data and analytics solutions, DevOps, robotic process automation, IoT, and other services. This vendor works primarily with large companies and midmarket vendors that operate in retail, fintech, hospitality, and telecommunications domains. Their key clients are Jabra, Just Eat, Mercedes Pay, Flixbus, Tobii, and Zurich Insurance.

Ciklum: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

9. p3 Digital Services 

Another reliable tech provider, this European vendor has delivery centers in Romania and Germany. During around 20 years of market presence, this company developed strong expertise in mobile app development, cybersecurity, cloud consulting, and system integration. This vendor works with companies of various sizes, primarily focusing on providers from the energy and natural resources, aerospace, telecom, automotive, and public sectors. Their client list spans such recognized vendors as Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Vodafone, Sodexo, and Heat NL.

p3 Digital Services: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

10. Software Mind 

Since its foundation in 1999, this company has delivered software product development and tech consulting services mainly to midsize enterprises. Their experts specialize in custom solution development, digital transformation services, cloud consulting, cybersecurity and identity management, and embedded services. Over more than 20 years on the market, this Polish vendor has developed industry expertise in fintech, telecommunications, gambling, and ecommerce domains. Among their clients are such companies as CoreLogic, Dell, Backbase, Branch, and CallCredit.

Software Mind: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

Bonus list: 5 small and midsize software development companies in Europe

There are also a few honorable mentions that didn't make it to the original list because of their size. These European software development companies built strong expertise and an excellent reputation. Let's take a look at the best small and midsize outsourcing companies in Europe:

STX Next

Despite its relatively small size (around 450 experts), this Polish vendor has a good reputation for full-stack web development and implementation of cross-platform mobile app solutions. Their expertise includes DevOps, Machine Learning, data engineering, and QA. This vendor cooperates with clients from the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Western Europe.

STX Next: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

Waverley Software

This representative of software development firms in Europe employs over 300 IT professionals. This vendor is mainly known for its strong expertise in the education, finance, and healthcare sectors. Additionally, 45% of the company's services are related to AI development. Their service list also spans custom software development, IT staff augmentation, cloud consulting, and IoT development. The vendor works with different customers, from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations. Their key clients include Mozilla, Qualcomm, GroupOn, and American Express.

Waverley Software: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

Solwit SA

Having more than 20 years of experience, the company provides custom software development, application testing, cloud consulting, and IoT development services to its international clients. This Polish vendor manages all software lifecycle stages, including ideation, architecture, design, development, and quality assurance. Over 45% of the company's services focus on developing solutions for the IT industry. This software development company works with mid-market and small clients, and their portfolio includes software development for companies like Sprint, Voestalpine, and BIBUS MENOS.

Solwit SA: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries


This Polish enterprise has been delivering custom software development and tech consulting services for over 15 years. The company specializes in mobile app and web development as well as BI and Big Data consulting. This vendor's industry expertise covers finance, retail, real estate, and healthcare. Their client list spans mostly midsize vendors and enterprises such as UBS, OLX, Keller Williams, Solaris, and Moonfare.

Netguru: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

Future Processing

Concluding our list of trusted outsourcing companies in Europe, this vendor has over 20 years of experience. The company provides custom software development services to many market leaders. Its services also include web development, BI, and cloud consulting. Almost half of the company's projects are related to developing fintech, medical, and supply chain solutions. Among their clients are Tenneco, The Linde Group, Ista, Credit Agricole, Valeo, TechSoup, and Thomas Miller.

Future Processing: year of foundation, number of experts, locations, key clients, industries

Speaking about trustworthy software development companies, Europe is definitely a destination that has a lot to offer. The main challenge rests in choosing from the best software companies in Europe the one that will fit your specific business needs. We hope this list has helped you on your journey to finding a reliable partner.

Why should you choose N-iX experts to help you develop a robust and scalable custom solution?

  • N-iX is a global engineering enterprise with 21 years of experience in tech consulting and custom software development for manufacturing, logistics, fintech, telecommunications, retail, and other domains;
  • Our 2,200 tech specialists are well-versed in Business Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, data analytics, cloud development, AI and ML, as well as other services;
  • Among our clients are top global players such as Currencycloud, Ringier, PrettyLittleThing, Deutsche Post, and many Fortune 500 companies;
  • N-iX is a one-stop shop enterprise providing full-cycle development services from Product Discovery to the final release;
  • The company adheres to international data protection standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR;
  • N-iX is well-recognized in the industry: the vendor repeatedly appeared on the IAOP Global Outsourcing ranking and the CRN Fast Growth List and was shortlisted by Forrester.

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