10 trusted software development outsourcing companies in Europe

"The real power of outsourcing is its ability to increase an organization core capacity for change and growth. The business challenges over the next decade& are going to be very different than anything we’ve seen so far and the companies that weave a powerful network of global partner...

10 trusted software development outsourcing companies in Europe
"The real power of outsourcing is its ability to increase an organization core capacity for change and growth. The business challenges over the next decade& are going to be very different than anything we’ve seen so far and the companies that weave a powerful network of global partners through outsourcing will be the winners."
Michael Corbett, Chairman of the IAOP

Outsourcing is an inevitable part of the modern business world. It helps companies overcome current obstacles, plan their growth, and improve their products and services. Research shows  that around 89% of the clients are satisfied with their cooperation with European outsourcing service providers. Moreover, 80% of the respondents confirm that they will continue to outsource at the same rate or more. So how do you find the right partner among the thousands of companies in Europe? In this article, we are going to look at:

Software development market in Eastern Europe

Software development in Europe is a huge market with a distinctive potential for growth. With a little over $100B revenue in 2016, it is supposed to reach $127.4B in 2021. The overall number of professional software developers in Europe has reached 6.1M (compared to 4.3M in the US). Germany, the UK, and France are the top three locations by the number of professional developers, but these countries are also the ones with the most fierce competition for this talent.

Number of professional software developers in Europe

Outsourcing companies in Europe: Statistics

The estimated number of software development companies in Europe varies between 4,000 and 6,000 vendors. For example, Clutch lists almost 4,650+ vendors that provide IT outsourcing services. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of these companies by their country. Number of outsourcing companies in Europe by country

However, it is important to understand that the majority of these companies are small vendors comprising 50 people or less. If we filter the results, showcasing only midsize and large firms, the final picture will be quite different.

IT companies europe by size: mid-size, large companies, and enterprises

Now, the overall number of companies hardly reaches 400. But it’s still a lot of firms to choose from. So how can you find the most reliable vendor to become your reliable partner?

Best software development companies in Europe: What should you look for? 

With that many companies to choose from, how do you find the one that will be the most reliable partner that will help your business thrive? In our article 15 сriteria for choosing a software development company, we have discussed the myriad of factors that can help you make a well-grounded decision. However, let us recap the main aspects here. Looking for the best vendor among the outsourcing companies in Europe, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Location of the company’s delivery centers and headquarters;
  • Expertise in your domain and technology, as well as overall experience on the market (very young companies are more likely to have less experience);
  • Its portfolio, case studies, and client references;
  • Available resources to scale your team if needed (thus, the number of employees is important);
  • Industry recognition and awards.

10 trusted software development companies in Europe

Compiling our list of IT outsourcing vendors with development centers in Europe, we’ve gathered all this information to choose the best companies. We've analyzed many vendors to define whether their European development centers have enough capacity to deliver top-notch solutions to their customers. To shortlist top software development vendors in Europe, we have:

  • Analyzed over 100 software development companies in Europe. They all were either established in Europe or have a significant presence in the region, as well as development centers in one or several European countries
  • Selected the companies in two categories: 250-999 and 1,000+ employees or companies reaching those numbers, as they have established processes, capacity, and scalability to work on the solutions of any complexity.
  • Chosen the strongest European outsourcing companies listed in the Top IT Outsourcing Companies and Top Custom Software Development Companies on Clutch.co. Their selection methodology is based on service providers’ areas of focus, their client reviews, and proven ability to deliver. Also, we have considered the companies featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 ranking by IAOP and other industry awards.
  • Examined the vendors' technical competence, industry expertise, and portfolio using the public information on their websites, social media, news, etc.
  • Additionally, we’ve examined the company’s websites and Linkedin profiles to provide essential information about the companies such as the number of employees, major clients, years on the market, key services, and industries.
  1. N-iX

N-iX - software development company in Europe with 20+ years of experience

N-iX is one of the leading Eastern European software development outsourcing providers with more than 20 years of experience and over 1,800 tech experts on board. N-iX has solid expertise in custom software development, Cloud solutions and DevOps services, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, data science, BI, VR & AR, enterprise mobility, embedded software, and much more.

N-iX is a top European software development company with one of the most diverse portfolios

N-iX partners with midsize and enterprise-level businesses to provide all-time support on their digital transformation journey. The company’s track record encompasses long-term cooperation with over 50 clients across the globe, including technology leaders such as Lebara (renowned telecom brand), Currencycloud (global payments platform), Gogo (world’s leading in-flight connectivity provider), HotSchedules (US hospitality leader), and many others.

N-iX clients include well-known European, UK, and US companies

The company was featured among Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies by IAOP and European IT & Software Excellence Award by IT Europa,  as well as shortlisted for the Global Sourcing Association UK Awards. It is also regularly listed in the Clutch Leaders Matrix in different categories.

  1. Itransition

Next, on the list of software development companies in Europe  is Transition with dev centers in Belarus and Poland, and office in the Uk

The software development company delivers full-cycle software development services to customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Its services range from customization and integration of enterprise-level solutions to web & mobile application development. 

This company partners with midmarket and small companies representing healthcare,  retail, telecom, and finance industries. Their client list includes such names as Expedia, Xerox, Toyota, eBay, Shell, and others.This software development company in Europe works with clients in healthcare retail, hi-tech, telecom, and other industries

iTransition clients are from Europe and US

  1. ELEKS

Eleks is a trusted software development company in Europe

Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, the company provides a variety of software engineering and consultancy services. ELEKS has several delivery centers across Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe, the US, and Japan. This vendor specializes in Data Science, mobility, QA and testing, IoT, and technology consulting, with around 50% of projects related to financial and retail industries. The company designs, builds, and delivers products to Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and other technology organizations. 

This European software development company works with clients in logistics, retail, automotive, and fintech Like other outsourcing companies in Europe, Eleks has some famous clients on their list

  1. IBA Group

Like other  outsourcing companies in Europe, Eleks has some famous clients on their list

This award-winning company was founded in 1993 and has more than 2,500 professionals abord. Headquartered in Prague (the Czech Republic), IBA Group has software development centres in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. This vendor specializes in custom software development, managed IT services, mobile app development, and Cloud computing.

This vendor partners with companies from the USA, Western Europe, Belarus, and CIS, helping the companies in finance and banking, telecom, manufacturing, and transportation industries. The list of their clients includes Coca-Cola, McBride, Panasonic, T-Mobile, and Belavia.

IBA Group, similar to other outsourcing companies in Europe, helps clients in transportation and logistics, energy and utilities, telecom, and other industries

Among the clients of this software development company in Europe are Panasocis, McBride, and T-mobile

  1. Cegeka

This software development company in Europe has presence in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Romania

With their HQ in Hasselt (Belgium), this European software development company has offices and delivery centers in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, and Romania. Their expertise includes Cloud Consulting, CRM Consulting, IT managed services, and Blockchain.

The company partners with companies from different industries, including energy and utilities, healthcare, banking, retail, telecom, etc. Their work with small and midsize European companies. 

This vendor helps companies in agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and retails with software development in Europe Clients of this software development outsourcing vendor include: QPark, KMDA, and Transavia

  1. iTechArt Group

itechartgroup is a great european software development company with development centers in Belarus

This vendor has been on the market since 2002, helping startups and fast-growing tech companies build custom software solutions. Their portfolio includes custom software development, web and mobile application development, QA,DevOps, and Cloud computing.

It has over 200 active clients and focuses mainly on software development for financial services, healthcare, medical services, and real estate. The list of their clients includes ClassPass, ZEFR, Gain Capital, Merkle, Barchart, CareDox, BuildingLink.

Similar to other software development companies in Europe, this vendor specializes in e-commerce, real estate, and fintech solutionsitechart client list: one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Europe

  1. EPAM Systems

Epam is one of the largest outsourcing companies in Europe with development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Hungary

Founded back in 1993, this is one of the oldest outsourcing companies in Europe. Its expertise includes software product development, IoT, application & Cloud management, as well as IT consulting services. It has development centres in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Hungary.

This company works with a variety of clients in industries, such as fintech, media and entertainment, hi-tech, travel, automotive, and others.  Among their clients are such companies as Ansel, Edmunds, Liberty Global, RaySafe, Sephora, and Telefonica.

Epam provides software development in Europe, specializing in manufacturing, financial services, and automotive industries

Epam clients include Ansel, Edmunds, and Telefonica

  1. Godel Technologies Europe

another software development company in Europe with delivery centers in Belarus with offices in the UK

This European software development company has several delivery centers in Belarus and is headquartered in Manchester (UK). Their technical expertise includes software development across .NET, Java, and PHP, quality assurance and test automation, DevOps, Cloud migration, as well as Data Science and Business Intelligence. This vendor works primarily with small and midmarket companies. Key clients are Virgin Holidays, The White Company, Jet2.com, Intelliflo, Feefo, Boden Clothing, Shell Energy, and OEConnection. 

Godel, similar to other software development companies Europe, has experience with E-commerce, financial services, and automotive industries

Godel's clients include companies from Europe and the US

  1. p3 Digital Services 

European software development company with presence in Germany and Romania

Headquartered in Düsseldorf (Germany), this vendor also has a delivery center in Romania. With over 20 years of experience on the IT market, this company developed strong expertise in mobile app development, cybersecurity, Cloud consulting, and system integration. 

This vendor works with companies of various sizes, helping companies in energy & natural resources, aerospace, telecom, automotive, and public sectors. Their client list includes Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Vodafone, Sodexo, and Heat NL.

This vendor helps European companies that represent automotive, insurtech, and energy industriesThis German and Romain software development company lists Volksvagen and Deutsche Bahn among their clients

  1. Coherent Solutions 

A company that offers software development services in Belarus, Bulgaria, and US

Founded in 1995, this company specializes in software product development and consulting. They also specialize in Big Data, Quality Assurance / Testing, mobile app development, DevOps, and Blockchain.

Working mainly with midsize clients and enterprises, this vendor developed strong industry expertise in healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Among their clients are such companies as LifeTime Fitness, WEX Health, MTS Systems, LiquidSpace, Wildflower Health, and Anytime Fitness.As software development companies in Europe, this vendor lists health tech, manufacturing, and e-commerce amount their expertiseCoherent solutions lists many healthcare clients

Start building my outsourcing team in Europe now!

Bonus list: 5 small and midsize software development companies in Europe 

There are also a few honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the original list because of their size. They’ve built strong expertise and an excellent reputation. Let’s take a look at these companies.

1. STX Next

European software development company with multiple locations in Poland

Despite its relatively small size (350 experts), this vendor has been recognized by Clutch in the European Leaders Matrix as a reliable and trusted partner.  Based in Poland, this software development company provides full-stack web development and cross-platform mobile app solutions. Their expertise also includes DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and QA. This vendor cooperates with clients from the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Western Europe.

A software development company in Europe that specializes in transportation, fintech, and marketing & advertising software solutions

this award-winning vendor has many well-known clients

2. Qulix Systems

One of the most trusted software development companies In Eastern Europe and the UK

This European software development company has over 400+ IT professionals. 

This vendor is particularly known for its strong expertise in the finance and banking sector. Additionally, nearly a third of the company’s services are related to IoT application development. Company’s teams have already created IoT solutions for smart homes, telematics, connected cars, wearables, AI, and e-health.

This vendor works with different customers, from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations. Their key clients are Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Vodafone, Mozido, iHeartMedia, Alcatel-Lucent, UNICEF, and others.

This company lists the following areas of specialization on their website: financial services, e-commerce, telecom, and healthcareThis European software development company has many fintech and telecom clients

3. MentorMate

Trusted software development company in Europe

Having more than 18 years of experience, the company provides native and hybrid mobile and web application development services to its international clients. With the European offices in Sweden and Bulgaria, this vendor manages all stages of the software lifecycle, including ideation, architecture, design, development, and quality assurance.

Over 40% of the company’s services are focused on developing solutions for the healthcare industry. This software development company works with mid-market and enterprise-level clients, and their portfolio includes software development for companies like  AstraZeneca, Jostens, SafetyNet, World Marrow Donor Association, Questar, R POPS! Diabetes Care, and  Societe Generale.

This software development company in europe works with clients in agritech and financial servicesMentorMate clients

4. Intellectsoft

European software development company present in the US, UK, Norway, Finland, UAE, Ukraine, and Belarus

This is one of the youngest firms on our list, with a little over 13 years on the market. This vendor was shortlisted among leading companies in the Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP and Inc. 5000. The company specializes in custom software, web, and mobile app development. This vendor’s industry expertise covers hospitality and leisure, Information technology, and financial services. Having established seven development centers, the company has helped over 300 international clients improve their products and bring new solutions to market. 

Intelectsoft industries include fintech, automotive, and retail software development for clients in Europe

this vendor lists Harley Davidson and Jaguar among their clients

5. Future Processing

A software development company Europe with offices in Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and UK

Concluding our list of trusted outsourcing companies in Europe, this vendor has 20 years of experience. The company provides custom software development services to a number of market leaders. Its services also include web development, BI, and cloud consulting. 

Almost half of the company's projects are related to developing fintech, medical, and supply chain solutions. Among their clients are Tenneco, The Linde Group, Ista, Credit Agricole , Valeo, TechSoup, and Thomas Miller.

Future processing helps clients in Media and publishing, financial services, and retails with software development in Europe

Future processing clients

Without any doubt, these are some of the best software companies in Europe. The main challenge rests in choosing the best one for your specific business needs. We hope this list has helped you on your journey to finding a reliable partner.

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N-iX is an Eastern European software development service company that helps businesses across the globe expand their engineering capabilities and develop successful software products. Founded in 2002, N-iX has formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, including OpenText, Fluke Corporation, AVL, Lebara, Currencycloud, TuneIn, and many others. With more than 2,000 professionals, N-iX offers expert solutions in software engineering, cloud-native services, data analytics, embedded software, IoT, machine learning, and other tech domains covering a wide variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, telecom, supply chain, to name a few.

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