Companies that are not investing in Machine Learning risk losing their momentum. Machine Learning developers can help your business stay ahead of the game by incorporating algorithms into your solutions to help you make informed decisions. Let’s discover why the technology is gaining popularity, the critical steps to hiring developers to help you make the most of Machine Learning on your project, and more.

Machine Learning expertise is in high demand 

According to Forbes, 97M jobs involving AI and ML will be created by 2025. AI has a significant presence in our daily life, and Forbes expects AI to be everywhere soon. Smart cars leverage facial recognition algorithms to detect if we are paying attention. Smartphones use AI algorithms to maintain call quality, help us take better pictures, and are generally packed with apps that use AI to help us do just about anything. And the list can go on and on. 

The global Machine Learning market is also not lagging behind. According to Fortune Business Insights, it is estimated to rise to $209B by 2029, at a CAGR of 38.8%. 

Thus, the demand for hiring machine learning developers is high, and many businesses face an acute shortage of Machine Learning developers. Google, IBM, and other tech powerhouses allure the best talent, and the competition is quite fierce. As of July 2022, LinkedIn shows 106,303 jobs in the US that list Machine Learning expertise as a required skill. 

The race for Machine Learning and AI talent is on, and the industry leaders often struggle to hire Machine Learning professionals. Outsourcing offers a solution to a talent shortage problem. However, you need to find a trusted vendor to hire dedicated ML developers from.

Steps to hiring skilled Machine Learning experts

A high number of options leads to the difficult task of picking the right partner for your next project. To hire Machine Learning developers from a reliable vendor, you need to know who your partners-to-be are, what services they offer, and whether they can deliver the results you expect. So, let's look at the main steps you should take to hire Machine Learning engineers. 

Check their portfolio of ML projects

Your first step is to narrow down the list of potential partners. You can go to the rating platforms like Clutch and filter companies by expertise. Select the expertise in AI and Machine Learning and choose from the companies with the highest score. 

Once you have shortened the list to just a few top-rated software development companies, check their portfolio of AI and Machine Learning projects.   

Choose large and mid-sized companies

The scope of your project may change with time, as you might want to add new features or expand the functionality of your product, so the composition of your team also may also change. Even if, for now, you want to hire a Machine Learning developer, you want to be sure your vendor has an internal talent pool to accommodate your changing needs. 

When partnering with smaller companies, you might find it challenging and time-consuming to scale your team up. Larger vendors, however, can scale their development teams much faster. 

find top AI and ML experts at N-iX

One-stop-shop development

Some software development companies focus on a few aspects of the entire development process. In contrast, a full-cycle partner ensures that you have all the development stages covered by a single team of developers.

These stages are: 

  • Ideation and discovery;
  • Development;
  • QA and testing;
  • Deployment;
  • Maintenance and upgradation.

Full-cycle outsourcing allows you to have all the project-related operations in one place. Such an approach maximizes communication efficiency, optimizes spending, and reduces redundant managerial effort. It makes the project delivery process more convenient for you and the Machine Learning engineer you chose to hire. Full-cycle development includes after-development support and maintenance as well.

full-cycle software development


You will surely share some of your sensitive business data when you partner with a vendor. You will need a partner who follows all the relevant security standards, including PCI DSS and ISO 27001 and guarantees total safety of your data. 

Top 5 companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers

We have come up with a list of companies with extensive ML and AI expertise. Our list comprises only midsize and large tech firms that employ 250+ tech experts. We selected vendors with 5+ reviews on Clutch. All vendors on our list have high review scores (4.7+/5).

The catalog consists of companies with 10+ years of experience in outsourcing and a proven record of cooperation with recognized clients.

  1. N-iX 

companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers: N-iX

N-iX is a trusted European software development company with delivery centers in Poland, Bulgaria, Malta, and Sweden. N-iX has a proven track record of successfully delivered AI and Machine Learning projects. 

Over 20+ years of international market presence, the vendor has established long-term relationships with market leaders in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, fintech, and many more industries. For instance, the N-iX team worked with a German A-list tech supplier with 700+ warehouses worldwide to automate manual labor, streamline inventory management, create a mobile app for warehouse operators, and develop an embedded Computer Vision system that allows for no-touch tracking of goods. 

ML has been used extensively throughout this project, especially for the Computer Vision system. For this particular project, N-iX Machine Learning experts have developed a system with the following features:

  • Pallet detection
  • Label recognition
  • Box counting
  • Damage detection
  • Fuzzy information matching

The Machine Learning solutions helped reduce the amount of human labor across all warehouses, which allowed the client to cut costs and streamline warehouse operations.  

  1. SoftServe 

companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers: SoftServe

This company specializes in Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, DevOps, security, experience design, and more. The company provides software development and consultancy services to leading ISVs and Fortune 500 enterprises. OBH, Panasonic, Pearson, Kony, Blackberry, and Spillman are among its key clients. 

  1. Software Minds

companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers: Software Minds

This vendor can help you with custom software development, enterprise app modernization, Artificial Intelligence, and other services. If you hire dedicated ML developers from this company, they can develop Machine Learning and cognitive computing solutions, chatbots, as well as NLP and robotics solutions. 

  1. STX Next

companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers: STX Next

Based in Poland, the vendor employs over 500 experts, including Product Designers, QA and DevOps experts, Machine Learning developers, Data Engineers, and business communication professionals. Their engineers can help you with ML and NLP solutions. The vendor works with clients from the US, Canada, Western Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

  1. QBurst

companies where you can hire Machine Learning engineers: QBurst

This company has 2,400+ employees, including developers, designers, UX engineers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and project management professionals.

Their portfolio includes Machine Learning, mobile and web development, CRM development, Big Data and Analytics, and Cloud-based solutions. 

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Businesses around the world have already realized that data is the new gold. Thus, they gather valuable customer data, analyze it and turn it into actionable insights. Flying blind is no longer an option when there is a possibility to leverage analytics tools to identify problems and find opportunities. 

​​The race for Machine Learning talent is on, and the US and UK talent pools are running dry. For that reason, outsourcing becomes more attractive to many industry leaders. Fortunately, you can hire AI developers and ML specialists from one of the best software development partners and access the industry’s best talent quickly and easily.

Why opt for hiring Machine Learning developers from N-iX?

  1. We are a strong tech company of 1,900+ experts offering expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, BI, DevOps, and more; 
  2. N-iX has a proven track record of successful Machine Learning projects, such as cooperation with Ringier and Redflex;
  3. N-iX is a reliable tech partner with industry recognition from CRN’s Fast Growth 150, the UK IT Industry Awards, IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, and more; 
  4. We work with industry leaders, tech giants, and enterprise clients from the US, UK, and Europe.

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