Where and how to find skilled machine learning developers?

Companies that are not investing in Machine Learning now risk losing their momentum in 2020. Machine Learning developers can help your business stay ahead of the game by incorporating algorithms into your solutions that will help you make informed decisions. Let’s discover the top 5 Machine Le...

Where and how to find skilled machine learning developers?

Companies that are not investing in Machine Learning now risk losing their momentum in 2020. Machine Learning developers can help your business stay ahead of the game by incorporating algorithms into your solutions that will help you make informed decisions. Let’s discover the top 5 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software companies in Ukraine that can help you make the most of Machine Learning on your project.

Machine learning expertise is highly in demand 

The demand for Machine Learning developers on Linkedin reaches record 100,000 queries. And it is not going to take a plunge in 2020. In the Forbes’ list of Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2020, AI and ML occupy one of the leading positions and are expected to become the key drivers of digital transformation. 

The global Machine Learning market is expected to reach $8.8B by 2022, according to a recent Research and Markets report. Although the demand for Machine Learning developers is high, there is an acute shortage of Machine Learning developers in countries across the globe. Google, IBM and other tech powerhouses allure the best talent, and the competition is quite fierce. In the UK, there are 2.3 jobs for every AI expert with an average annual salary of $65,043. In the USA, Machine Learning engineer job openings grew 344% between 2015 to 2018, and have an average base salary of $146,085. Due to a growing demand and high salaries, Machine Learning engineers take the lead in the Indeed’s list of top jobs of 2019.

Source: Indeed

Three steps to finding skilled Machine Learning developers

  1. Choose the outsourcing destination

The choice of a destination for Machine Learning outsourcing depends heavily on the talent pool, the local IT market, Machine Learning developer salaries, and business ethics. Among the most popular destinations for outsourcing Machine Learning development are India, China, and countries in Eastern Europe. 

Software developers in Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Poland are more Western-oriented and share the same business values. They have developed an entrepreneurial mindset and are always ready to share their ideas, take action and pursue initiatives. 

The IT industries in these countries are booming and average hourly rates are much lower than in the USA or the UK. According to Clutch there are 160 Machine Learning companies in Eastern Europe with Poland and Ukraine taking the lead. LinkedIn shows that there are about 4,000 and 2,000 software developers in Poland and Ukraine respectively specializing in Machine Learning.

  1. Consider hiring dedicated Machine Learning developers

The dedicated development team model works best for companies that do a lot of software development in-house and want to extend their team with Machine Learning developers for a long period of time to delegate a variety of tasks. In comparison to other cooperation models like Fixed Price and Time & Material, you get control of your budget, the ability to manage the workload of Machine Learning developers, and change requirements as the project evolves. 

  1. Do the research on potential vendors

Before choosing a Machine Learning software development company, you need to check their portfolio of successfully delivered projects, gather references from existing clients, and review a potential vendor in terms of industry recognition. You can visit some popular review platforms such as Clutch, Goodfirms, and AppFutura to gather real customer feedback about different vendors. Also, you need to check whether a potential provider has experience working in your industry with clients similar in size to your company.

When looking for a Machine Learning company, it is critical to choose the one that can help you turn your idea into real KPIs. It is important that you know whether you want to develop a machine learning solution from scratch, use a third-party machine-learning solution, or need to focus only on big data engineering. Depending on the case, your list of potential vendors may significantly differ. 

For example, if you need mere collection of data and lucid visualization, you have to look for a vendor with profound Big Data and BI expertise. If you need to apply the ready algorithms and models developed by Google or IBM, you will require machine learning engineers who can implement the system focusing on your specific data and business domain. However, in specific cases, businesses need to build a custom machine learning solution. Thus, they have to set up an R&D team consisting of at least 8 people: a Solution Architect, a Big Data Architect, a Big Data Engineer ,a Back-end Developer, a Front-end Developers, a Data Scientist, a Machine Learning Engineer, and a Business Intelligence Expert. So it is essential to make sure that the companies you are considering provide such services.

Top 5 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software companies in Ukraine

N-iX is a trusted software development company in Eastern Europe with delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria. N-iX has a proven track record of successfully delivered AI and Machine Learning projects. Among the most recent are Vable, a UK-based content automation platform, where ML, AI, and BI were applied to implement powerful search capabilities and provide advanced analytics of the content sent; Mercanto, a London-based company that has cooperated with N-iX to develop an ML-enabled email marketing platform; and Gogo, a global in-flight connectivity provider who decided to extend their team with N-iX specialists to turn raw data into valuable insights to facilitate quick and continuous service improvements. With the help of Data Science and Machine Learning, Gogo can now find reasons for ill-performance and equipment failures, reducing the number of not-fault-founds by 8 times.

ChatBots.Studio is an innovative technology company that provides professional AI chatbots development services across a variety of industries including banking, insurance, telecom, retail, media, healthcare. Their bots handle about 4270 conversations per hour across different channels such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Skype. Among the company’s clients are Titanium Technologies, Prostir, Visa, ALDI, and others. Deep Knowledge Analytics, a leading DeepTech-focused analytical agency, has recently ranked Chatbots.Studio in the list of top AI companies.

eTeam is an IT outsourcing company that provides professional software development services since 2009. The company offers teams of Machine Learning experts who can enrich the capabilities of your product with the help of Machine Learning algorithms. eTeam has recently been featured by a trustworthy analytics company TechReviewer.co as a leading software development company in 2019.

SoftServe is an offshore software development company that specializes in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, DevOps, security, experience design, and more. The company provides software development and consultancy services to leading ISVs and Fortune 500 enterprises. Among its key clients are OBH, Panasonic, Pearson, Kony, Blackberry, Spillman, and others. 

V.I.Tech is a technology company that helps companies deal with large volumes of data to design and build effective data processing and analytics solutions. The company primarily specializes in System Architecture Consulting, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science, and is recognized as a leader in Digital Health. For more than 11 years, top healthcare brands have been partnering with V.I.Tech to improve people’s health and enable better outcomes.


Businesses around the world have already realized that data is the new gold. Thus, they are gathering valuable customer data, analyze it and turn it into actionable insights. Flying blind is no longer an option when there is the possibility to leverage analytics tools to identify problems and find opportunities. So, regardless of what industry you’re in, Machine Learning expertise will be in demand in 2020 and beyond.

Here we have outlined the top 5 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software companies in Ukraine where you can find professional Machine Learning developers. Should you have any questions regarding hiring Machine Learning developers in Ukraine, please contact our experts


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By Marta Hlova September 03, 2019

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