Natural language processing (or NLP) is one of the most popular applications of AI these days. A business can gain a lot from developing and implementing an NLP solution, for example, reducing expenses and manual work by performing large-scale analysis, or quickly extracting accurate insights and putting them at the center of the decision-making process. What’s more, there are a lot of industries that can benefit from this technology, including finance, healthcare, retail, supply chain, and more. As a result, the immense $27.732B value reached by the NLP market in 2022 was just a starting point before the expected 40.4% CARG growth between 2023 and 2030.

As more and more companies are looking to jump on the NLP bandwagon, the need for a tech partner that can develop a reliable solution that matches specific business requirements increases. That’s why we have compiled a list of the 15 best NLP development companies to help you choose the right one

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Our selection methodology

During our rigorous research of dozens of NLP development service providers, we aimed to ensure that there are only top Natural Language Processing companies on our list. Therefore, we have outlined several strict criteria that each company had to adhere to. These are:

  • At least 10 verified client reviews;
  • 7+ years of experience in the market;
  • 250 employees on staff at the minimum;
  • Proven AI/ML/NLP expertise.

Also, note that this list does not include NLP product companies that offer ready-made solutions for different needs. Let’s begin.

1. N-iX

N-iX is a software solutions and engineering company with over 21 years of experience and a global presence. The company has offices and development centers all around the globe, including the USA, Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. N-iX has a strong Data Practice that counts more than 200 experts proficient in the full spectrum of data and AI services, including natural language processing. 

As one of the most experienced NLP companies on the list, it has a track record of successful cooperation with global leaders from a wide range of industries, including telecom, automotive, e-commerce, manufacturing, etc. 

N-iX company info


With over 30 years of experience in providing a wide range of software development services, the company has a presence in countries all around the globe, including Estonia, Ukraine, the US, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Approximately 26% of their AI expertise is dedicated to NLP. When it comes to domain specializations, the vendor focuses on partnering with businesses from the financial, medical, supply chain, retail, and automotive industries. 

Eleks company info

3. Waverly Software

Another experienced company on the list, it has over 30 years of experience and a global presence with offices in the US, Australia, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Bolivia. NLP takes about 20% of the company’s AI expertise, mainly focusing on providing their services for educational, medical, and financial businesses.

Waverly company info

4. DataArt

Even though NLP development takes a modest 10% of this vendor’s AI expertise, it is supported by over 25 years of experience in providing various software development services. As a result, it has rightfully earned its place among the best NLP companies. Additionally, it has relatively wide domain expertise, cooperating with businesses in finance, medical, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and retail.

DataArt company info

5. Apriorit

Founded in 2000, the company’s offices and development centers are mostly located in Eastern Europe. About a quarter of their entire provided services is dedicated to AI, which, of course, includes natural language processing. The vendor mostly focuses on cooperating with businesses from the IT and business service industries.

Apriorit company info

6. CHI Software

AI and natural language processing is a big part of this company’s services, making it a strong candidate for our list. Founded in 2006, it has offices in Ukraine, Japan, and the US. Furthermore, the vendor has formed long-lasting partnerships with businesses from a variety of industries, including finance, IT, media, education, real estate, and more.

CHI Software company info

7. Suffescom Solutions

Founded in 2013, this is a somewhat younger vendor as compared to the rest of the NLP implementation companies on the list. Its offices and development centers are mostly located across various countries in Asia, such as India, Singapore, and UAE. More than a third of the company’s services are dedicated to the various aspects of AI development, including natural language processing, machine learning, and chatbots. A big portion of their domain specialization focuses on the financial industry, which brings its own set of benefits and challenges. 

Suffescom Solutions company info


One of the largest vendors on the list with over 50,000 employees, it is unsurprising to find it among the top NLP companies. With deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies, it offers a wide range of AI-related services. The company has offices and development centers all around the globe, allowing it to partner with leaders from various industries. 

EPAM company info

9. Software Mind

This company, founded in 1999, has development centers in 11 countries around the globe, including Poland, Romania, Moldova, Argentina, and Brazil. With deep expertise in AI, it is unsurprising that it found its way to this list of top NLP development service providers. With over 1000 delivered projects, the vendor has experience working with businesses from various domains, such as finance, telecom, and IT. 

Software Mind company info

10. Sotatek JSC

The youngest entry on our list of NLP companies, this vendor was founded in 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam. However, their high expertise in AI development helped them earn a place on the list in a relatively short time span. This service provider is cooperating with businesses from a wide range of industries, such as finance, education, medical, e-commerce, and retail. 

Sotatek JSC company info

11. Softserve

Another juggernaut among NLP companies, the company had more than 13,000 employees at the end of 2022, with offices in countries all around the world, such as the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Singapore. The vendor has significant experience in a wide range of software development services and can provide skilled experts in cutting-edge technologies. 

Softserve company info

12. Icreon

This is an experienced vendor with 20+ years of experience that represents NLP development companies from India. It does not provide a wide range of AI-related services, choosing instead a narrower specialization focused mostly on machine learning and natural language processing. On the other hand, they have a relatively wide domain specialization, working with businesses from industries such as retail, media, and manufacturing, and even forming partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Icreon company info

13. MobiDev

With the heavy focus on various applications of AI development, which takes nearly 70% of all of their offered services, this is a rather obvious entry among the top NLP companies in the world. The vendor has offices and development centers in Ukraine, Poland, the USA, and the UK, and focuses on cooperation with financial, retail, hospitality, medical, and supply chain businesses. 

Mobidev company info

14. ITRex group

This company with offices in the USA, Ukraine, Poland, and Georgia, was founded in 2009. Over a third of its services are dedicated to AI, specializing in such applications as natural language processing, robotics, machine learning, and chatbots. This vendor has a high number of successfully delivered projects in the medical industry, as well as some in the supply chain, retail, education, and finance.

ITRex company info

15. Talentica Software

Last but not least on our list of the best NLP development companies, this vendor from India has been on the market for 20 years. They provide custom, AI, and blockchain development services to businesses that operate in medical, financial, consumer products, advertising, real estate, and media industries. 

Talentica company info

What makes N-iX a solid choice for developing your NLP solution

  • N-iX has profound expertise in applying AI to achieve various goals, including the development of reliable natural language processing solutions;
  • N-iX is a global software development company with over 21 years of experience and offices in the USA, Colombia, and multiple countries across Europe, allowing us to deliver NLP development services to businesses all around the world;
  • N-iX has formed long-lasting partnerships and delivered data and AI services to industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, Gogo, AVL, cleverbridge, Lebara, and more; 
  • N-iX has received multiple awards and industry recognition, such as the Rising Star in Data engineering by ISG, or the inclusion on the Top 100 Global Outsourcing list, which the company has achieved seven years in a row.

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