According to Accenture, data-driven organizations generate more significant annual growth as opposed to those that don’t use data-based insights. However, it is not that simple to integrate a data-driven approach into your organization. The same survey showed that over 48% of respondents rely on their gut instinct rather than insights gained with the help of Big Data and Data Analytics in the workplace. 

There are several ways to address this issue, one of them being partnering with a tech vendor that can help you make the most of your data. But how to choose a reliable Big Data service provider? And where to look for one? In this article, we will focus on Europe as your primary destination, as this region is known for talent availability and the high quality of services provided. 

We compiled a list of top Big Data companies in Europe to help you decide and choose among companies in these locations.

Big Data companies in Europe: market overview

The EU countries implement Big Data strategies both on governmental and private organizations’ levels. They require data-based insights to become more efficient. 

However, due to the high cost of services, they often opt for partnering with Big Data companies in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Let’s take a look at the leading players in the market. 

Main Big Data outsourcing hubs


With a talent pool of 9,400 Big Data experts (according to LinkedIn), Poland is known for its high-quality engineering services and reasonable pricing. Poland appears in the top position of numerous international rankings, including TopCoder and SkillValue lists, where it takes the 7th and 3rd places for first-class development quality. Local engineering vendors establish long-term cooperations with enterprises from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and many other Western European countries.

According to a Grand View Research report, Poland's Big Data outsourcing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.2% by 2028. The report cites the country's skilled workforce, competitive pricing, and favorable business environment as key factors driving this growth.

Outsourcing Big Data to Poland in numbers


In recent years, Ukraine has become a highly attractive outsourcing destination in Europe, known for its skilled pool of Big Data developers. 80+ Big Data companies in Eastern Europe are located in Ukraine and employ nearly 3,000 Big Data developers. Therefore, Ukraine offers a wealth of tech expertise for companies looking to bring their solutions to life. 

Despite the ongoing war in the country, Ukrainian IT specialists have continued to deliver top-notch services. In fact, up to 90% of developers in Ukraine have resumed work on their projects. This resilience has only strengthened Ukraine's reputation as a reliable outsourcing partner for businesses worldwide.

Outsourcing Big Data to Ukraine in numbers

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Another outstanding spot to look for Big Data companies in Europe is Romania. This destination is home to around 2,700 professionals that dedicate their efforts to outsourcing projects. Many international market leaders entrust the development of their solutions to Romanian developers. Among the most famous vendors that outsource software development to this country are Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle. 

Outsourcing Big Data to Romania in numbers

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Time zone alignment

Big Data companies in Europe and their contracting organizations are the same or close regarding the time zone. All European countries are separated from each other for a maximum of three hours. An even more convenient aspect of Europe as an outsourcing destination is that all the countries are just a short plane ride away. That makes in-person meetings all the more possible if you want to get to know your team face-to-face rather than simply through a video conferencing platform.

Talent overview

Partnering with a Big Data services provider from Europe allows you to access tech experts of all specializations and qualification levels. The local labor market is diverse, so you will be able to quickly find a candidate for a managing or technical role in your team. According to LinkedIn, more than 120,000 Technical Leads in the region have expertise in driving engineering projects. Moreover, Senior specialists make up a considerable share of developers in Europe. There are over 200,000 Senior software developers in the region. 

Big Data companies in Eastern Europe and beyond

We have analyzed various sources, such as,, and the Manifest to find the best Big Data companies in Europe. We have considered client reviews and testimonials, as well as the tech portfolio of the potential vendors, to choose the most reliable Big Data companies in Europe. 

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Also, we have listed midsize and large (250+ employees) vendors, as they are more likely to have enough internal capacityto satisfy your project needs.

1. N-iX

N-iX — global Big Data services provider and a trusted Big Data company in Europe

N-iX has 2,000 expert IT specialists that help businesses (including Fortune 500) and enterprises boost their software development capabilities. The company has helped 100+ clients implement and scale solutions in Big Data, Data Science, BI, Cloud, Embedded, Enterprise VR, DevOps, and many more.

With more than 20 years in the market, the company has built long-term partnerships with businesses from the USA, UK, Germany, Nordic countries, and other locations. Headquartered in Valletta (Malta), N-iX also has offices and delivery centers throughout Europe, as well as Latin America (Medellin, Colombia) and the US.

N-iX Big Data engineers work with tools like Apache Spark, Hadoop, Snowflake, EMR,  BigQuery, Synapse Analytics, DataFactory, DataBricks, Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Kubernetes, Redshift, Hive, Athena, Apache Pulsar, and more.

2. Ciklum

UK-based Big Data vendor

Apart from Big Data services, this provider offers custom software development, e-commerce development, application testing, and IT managed services. With over 3,500 professionals, the company can help you with data strategy and architecture, data modernization and engineering, business analytics, data exploitation, Artificial Intelligence, and more. The vendor builds Big Data solutions for industries such as healthcare, agriculture, insurance, and others. 

3. Sigma Software

Big Data service provider from Ukraine

This provider of Big Data services from Ukraine also offers custom software development, mobile application development, web development, and AR/VR development services. This vendor can help you with Big Data consulting, real-time and near-real-time analytics, data platforms for predictive analytics, BI reporting and data visualization, data warehouses, and data lakes. The company builds solutions for education, advertising, gaming, automotive, etc. 

4. Avenga

Polish Big Data services provider

This provider was formed through the merger of four companies in 2019. However, it has over 20 years of experience in providing IT-related services. For instance, the vendor offers CRM consulting services, IT staff augmentation, custom software development, UX/UI design, and Big Data services. The company can help you with predictive analytics, data analytics, business intelligence services, prescriptive data solutions, machine learning services, etc. 

5. Jelvix

Ukrainian Big Data services provider

This Big Data company is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and has offices in the USA, Germany, Canada, and Israel. The vendor offers Big Data consulting services, custom software development, and mobile application development. This provider can help you with consulting, application development, platform support, data engineering, data analytics, and data science. This company specializes in industries such as fintech, retail, healthcare, insurance, media, travel, etc. 

6. Exadel

 US-headquartered Big Data company from Europe

Being headquartered in the USA, this vendor has more offices in Europe and thus can be named a Big Data company from Europe. It has offices in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. This provider also offers custom software development, web development, mobile application development, UX/UI design, IT staff augmentation, and other services. With skilled professionals on board, this vendor can help you with Big Data analytics, customer journey mapping, designing, and implementing data warehousing systems. They build solutions for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and retail industries.

7. Future Processing

Polish Big Data services provider

With over 20 years of experience in the global IT market, this company offers custom software development, web development, cloud consulting, and Big Data consulting. This Big Data company from Europe can visualize data processing, design, and create a solution based on existing mathematical models and create a solution from scratch for industries such as financial services, healthcare, transportation, information technology, real estate, and manufacturing. 

8. Britenet

Polish Big Data services provider

This is another option if you are looking for a top Big Data Company in Europe. It has five offices across Poland and more than 700 professionals on board. They offer custom software development, IT managed services, IT staff augmentation, CRM consulting, web development, mobile application development, and Big Data consulting. The company employs over 50 Big Data professionals who can help you with Machine Learning, Data Integration, Data analysis, Data warehousing, and other Big Data-related services. 

9. Netguru

Polish Big Data service provider

This company is located in Poznan, Poland, and has representative offices in London, the UK, and Berlin, Germany. The vendor specializes mainly in Big Data consulting and Business Intelligence for marketing analytics, compliance, fraud and risk management, as well as operations and process improvement. Other areas of provided services include mobile app development, web development, and tech consulting. Its primary focus is cooperation with mid-sized clients, however, they work with businesses of all sizes. 

10. Baufest

Spanish Big Data vendor

This company offers many services, including custom software development, cloud consulting, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, and web development. The vendor has several offices across the globe with representative offices in the US, Argentina, Peru, and Spain. They offer Big Data consulting and Business Intelligence services to businesses from consumer products and services, energy, financial services, retail, manufacturing, media, and other industries. 

11. Softwire

UK-based Big Data services provider

Founded in 2000, this company provides custom software development, enterprise app modernization, and Big Data consulting services. Today, this vendor has offices across the UK – namely in London, Manchester, and Cambridge. They serve mostly midmarket and enterprise businesses from media, financial services, government, and other industries. 


Polish Big Data vendor

This Poland-based company offers custom software development services, data analytics, and outsourcing services for its midsized and enterprise-level customers. In terms of Data, this company can help you with information strategies, Data management, Data analytics, Data warehousing, Big Data, Data Science, Data Governance and quality, Data migration and integration, as well as fraud and risk management. 

13. Talan

French Big Data vendor

Headquartered in Paris, France, this company also has offices in London, Geneva, Luxembourg, New York, Hong Kong, Montreal, Toronto, and Tunis. Apart from Big Data services, the vendor offers digital strategy, IT strategy consulting, CRM development, IoT development, artificial intelligence, and other services. With over ten years of experience in Big Data, their professionals can help you with data visualization, machine learning, data science, data warehousing, data security, etc. 

14. Orange Business Services

Big Data services in France

The primary specialty of this company is Big Data consulting. However, it also offers cloud consulting, CRM consulting, and IoT development. The vendor is based in Paris, France. The vendor has been working in data recovery since 1992 and has experience in Big Data solutions for many industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, etc. 

15. Reply

Italian Big Data provider

Based in Torino, Italy, this Big Data company in Europe also has an office in the UK. The vendor offers IT strategy consulting, artificial intelligence, application management, and support, and Big Data services. Their professionals can help you process unstructured data, efficient data management, and team augmentation of Big Data specialists such as Data Scientists and Data analysts. 

16. Viewnext

Big Data provider from Spain

This Big Data company in Europe is based in Madrid, Spain. Big Data-related services of this company include Data management and integration, Data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. The vendor employs over 160 Big Data engineers who are skilled in building solutions for industries such as information technology, finance, retail, and others. 

17. BJSS

UK-based Big Data provider

Headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom, the vendor also has a few UK and USA offices. They offer various services, including custom software development, IT strategy consulting, IT staff augmentation, cloud consulting, cybersecurity, IT managed services, and Big Data consulting. This is another top Big Data company in Europe that can help you with enterprise data platforms, machine learning, and advanced analytics, as well as Data as a Service.

18. emagine Consulting

company that provides Big Data services

The primary specialty of this vendor is Big Data consulting. However, it also offers mobile application development, cybersecurity, and other services. The company builds solutions for industries such as business services, financial services, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing. With over 25 years of experience in the global IT market, it can help you with data analytics, data integration, and other services.

19. IT Researches

 UK-based Big Data company

This UK-based Big Data company offers expert MarkLogic implementations, Hadoop solutions designed by Hadoop-certified consultants, Big Data analytics, business-level Big Data strategy consulting, etc. Apart from Big Data services, the company offers IT strategy consulting, custom software development, artificial intelligence, and application testing. The vendor builds Big Data solutions for compliance, fraud and risk management, marketing analytics, operations, and improvement. 

20. MeritGroup

UK-based Big Data vendor

With over 15 years of experience in Big Data, this vendor offers Data collection services, Data transformation services, Data analytics, web watching, customized application development, and more. Big Data professionals of this vendor develop machine learning and AI tools that categorize and enhance data, thus making raw data coherent and usable.  

Why choose N-iX as a Big Data solutions provider?

  1. N-iX has solid experience in designing and developing strategic plans for utilizing Big Data and Data Analytics, with 200+ experts on board;
  2. N-iX engineers are experienced in the latest Big Data technologies and trends, capable of developing AI-enabled data solutions, building predictive modeling systems, and implementing custom Machine Learning algorithms;
  3. The company's data unit can provide comprehensive data analytics services, including designing and implementing data analytics strategies, data governance, legacy migration, cloud re-platforming, building and streamlining data and analytics platforms, and Data Science services, among others.
  4. The company adheres to industry-specific international regulations and standards, such as GDPR and ISO. On top of that, N-IX has the Hellios Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) certification, showcasing its reputation as a trusted and secure vendor for financial institutions.


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