The age of innovations has brought new challenges for businesses. With technologies constantly emerging in the IT market, you may struggle to stay up-to-date with all digital trends. Here’s when experts in technology consulting come to help. These professionals can offer valuable insights and guidance, ensuring your business leverages the latest advancements effectively and remains competitive.

But how can you select a partner among top technology consulting firms that will elaborate a custom digital strategy to suit your particular business needs? Which vendor can guide your digital journey from Product Discovery to the final release? We analyzed a dozen vendors around the globe and prepared the best technology consulting firms that will make the most of your tech potential.

Best technology consulting firms: Selection methodology

To help you choose a trustworthy vendor from hundreds of technology consulting firms, we prepared a list of top global enterprises ready to enhance your digital experience. While selecting, we considered the technical consulting companies that meet five key criteria:

  1. We focused only on large technology consulting companies with more than 1,000 employees on board. Such enterprises usually have access to more tech talent and optimized development processes, which ensures prompt project launch.
  2. All the enterprises presented have over 20 years of experience in digital consulting and tailored solution development.
  3. Our selection includes only IT consulting vendors that provide an extended list of digital transformation case studies and client reviews
  4. At least 10% of the company’s services needed to be related to IT strategy consulting (BI and Big Data consulting, cloud consulting, or others).
  5. Finally, we only covered technology consulting companies that provide services to midsize and large clients

Most reliable technical consulting companies in the world

The business consulting tradition can be traced back to the early 20th century, and some prominent advisory companies have been on the market ever since. Our list is divided into two subcategories: emerging and established vendors. Long-established enterprises like McKinsey, PwC, and Accenture have considerable experience in tech consulting yet limited engineering potential. Along with the most famous market players, you will find emerging tech consultancy leaders on our list. To fully experience a custom approach to digital transformation, we recommend considering rising stars in tech consulting. Since emerging vendors are smaller in size, they are more likely to focus directly on your project and have it tailored. When collaborating with these vendors, you also get access to software development services, all in one place. Finally, since such vendors have lower rates for tech consultancy services, choosing growing enterprises over industry pioneers will reduce your project costs.

Emerging tech consulting companies

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the prominent tech consulting companies with 21 years of experience in the industry. The enterprise has a talent pool of more than 2,200 IT professionals, well-versed in end-to-end solution development, cloud-native transformation, data analytics, and other service lines. The company’s team has multidimensional domain expertise—healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and agritech are only a few of the industries they cover.

Digital acceleration, technology modernization, technology advisory, and other services make up a considerable share of N-iX services. The in-house specialists apply their expertise in Big Data consulting, Business Intelligence, and cloud to enhance your digital performance. Moreover, N-iX provides support throughout all stages of SDLC, including the Product Discovery phase. The company’s experts in business analysis, IT architecture, and UI/UX team up to prepare the product roadmap, the solution’s prototype, and the architecture, all customized according to your project needs.

N-iX: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

2. SoftServe

This representative of top technology consulting firms has been providing professional engineering and digital transformation experiences since 1993. Their service list includes BI and Big Data consulting, IT strategy consulting, and cloud consulting. The vendor’s consultancy record spans numerous cases for midsize and large clients in healthcare, life sciences, finance, retail, energy, and manufacturing domains.

SoftServe: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

3. IBA Group 

This is one of the prominent Czech technology consulting vendors that has offices in Eastern and Central Europe, South Africa, and the US. Apart from over 30 years of experience in custom software development, the vendor has also handled BI, Big Data consulting, and SI projects. Within the scope of its digital consulting services, the company also offers SAP consulting and support. The most popular industry verticals serviced by the vendor are finance, manufacturing, and retail.

IBA Group: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

4. iTechArt

This is another example of the best tech consulting firms with around 4,000 dedicated specialists on board. Since the vendor was founded in 2002, it has set up fruitful collaborations with more than 350 clients. As for IT advisory, the company’s tech experts have experience in consulting, predominantly in the fintech domain. The in-house specialists will help you facilitate fast and effective digital transformation using go-to-market tech strategies, architecture assessment, streamlined accounting, and upgraded cybersecurity.

iTechArt: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

5. TATA Consultancy Services

One of the largest technical consulting companies on our list, this Indian enterprise employs over 387,000 specialists. Since the vendor’s foundation in 1968, it has cooperated with market leaders in banking, finance, education, insurance, manufacturing, and other domains. Their consulting experts help clients transform and grow by applying automation, robotics, cybersecurity, IoT, and blockchain to business processes. In addition, the vendor’s team assists with product discovery, primarily through applying Big Data in algorithmic retailing.

TATA Consultancy Services: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

6. Capgemini

Another notable figure in the world of tech consultancy, this French vendor provides tech advisory services for more than 50 years. The company’s consultants specialize in IT strategy development, finance digitalization, Big Data analysis, and CIO strategy devising. The tech consulting company offers partners smart transformation mainly by integrating cloud, data, and cybersecurity initiatives.

Capgemini: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

Established tech consulting companies

7. Accenture

With over three decades on the global market, this Fortune Global 500 company has provided cloud strategy and advisory, design and development of intelligent operating models, and complex tech transformation services. The company’s experts are also well-versed in the best practices of resilient architecture and tech ROI assessment. This representative of top tech consulting firms deals predominantly with clients in the aerospace and defense, energy, banking, and healthcare industries. In its approach to tech modernization, the vendor relies on top platform providers such as Atlassian, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Accenture: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

8. KPMG International

This is a respected international enterprise with over 236,000 ICT specialists on board. Their tech experts will boost your digital potential by providing high-quality IT advisory as well as cybersecurity consulting services. Over more than 30 years in the digital market, the company’s team has supported clients, mostly from finance, retail, industrial manufacturing, and energy, on their journeys to becoming tech-savvy. 

KPMG International: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

9. Gartner

Having provided top-notch consulting services to more than 14,000 enterprises, this vendor has earned the status of one of the best technology consulting firms in the world. The company has been in the digital transformation market for more than 40 years, focusing on benchmark analysis, strategic consulting, and contract optimization. Moreover, their digital consulting team implements security and risk management models and provides advisory services on enterprise-level innovation enablement. Their tech recommendations are based on your current offerings and your capabilities as well as the in-depth competitors’ analysis.

Gartner: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

10. Deloitte

Compared to other firms on our list, this vendor has the richest history in business advisory that can be traced back to the 19th century. Now, their consultancy experts are solving digital age challenges utilizing IT transformation, unstructured data and machine intelligence, and cloud implementation. The vendor’s team is skilled in analytics and information management, core system transformation, tailoring of enterprise applications, and cybersecurity strategies.

Deloitte: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

11. PwC

Another major player in our selection, the enterprise boasts a talent pool of more than 223,000 experts in digital consulting. The company’s team offers deep expertise in cloud transformation, predictive analysis, Machine Learning, performance optimization, and more. As a part of your innovation journey, you can choose product discovery on their service list. The vendor’s experts provide high-quality end-to-end workflow automation, security integration, and implement flexible operating models.

PwC: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

12. McKinsey & Company

This is one more prominent vendor that specializes in technology-enabled transformation. The company’s IT advisory specialists are well-versed in digital core technology modernization, end-to-end customer journey redesign, and many other related services. Moreover, the in-house specialists have deep knowledge of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence best practices, which they use to optimize business operations. 

McKinsey & Company: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

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How do you choose a trustworthy tech consulting company?

When selecting among a myriad of technology consulting firms that offer first-rate digital experiences, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Research the company’s technology list. Make sure that your digital consulting experts have sound knowledge of the cutting-edge tech stack. When investing in state-of-art technologies, you may be sure that your business won’t fall behind competitors.
  • Look into the potential partner’s services. Make the list of required services based on your expected business outcomes. Once you do, scan the tech consulting company profile to find expertise that resonates. With the increased interest in IT consulting, tech companies offer a broad spectrum of digital transformation services, from digital risk management to Business Intelligence implementation. If you aren’t sure what exact service line you need, contact the vendor’s consultants directly with this question. 
  • Assess the vendor’s experience in digital transformation. Before shaking hands, don’t forget to read client reviews and testimonials to find out more about previous projects.

Why rely on N-iX in pursuit of your digital goals?

  • N-iX is one of the reliable technology consulting firms with 21 years of experience in digital consulting and custom software development for healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, and other industries;
  • The company’s 2,200 IT specialists have robust experience in cloud, Business Intelligence, IoT, data analytics and Big Data, embedded development, and more.
  • Our client list includes global market leaders such as Gogo, Messer, Currencycloud, and Fluke, as well as many Fortune 500 enterprises;
  • N-iX complies with the international cybersecurity standards, including GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 9001:2015;
  • The vendor is well-recognized in the industry: N-iX reached top positions in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 and CRN Fast Growth 150 lists, EMEA Inspiring Workplaces ranking, and many more.

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