In 2023, businesses need to optimize processes and generate maximum ROI to withstand the recession. There are many means to achieve this – outsourcing, scaling down, and automation are just a few possible solutions. 

Many companies show their interest in robotic process automation (RPA), as it allows the creation of software “robots.” These robots can mimic how humans do specific tasks and follow pre-defined rules to fulfill certain business functions. This way, businesses can automate end-to-end processes requiring software and tools with little to no human interaction.

The technology, however, is still relatively new: less than 17% of businesses have been using it for more than three years. Nonetheless, the RPA market is growing. It is foreseen to reach $18B by 2030, with a CAGR of 22.5% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

how long businesses use RPA

The easiest way to introduce RPA to your business is to find an RPA service provider. In this article, you will discover the steps that will help you partner with a top RPA service provider. Also, you will learn about the processes you can optimize with RPA and a real-life RPA success story. Let’s start!

Why do you need an RPA services provider?

With RPA, you can forget about manually performing repeatable and predictable tasks that are prone to errors and are based on strict rules. RPA software is perfect for automating document processing, helping desk and IT support, data management, customer service, and more. Such processes should be automated with the help of RPA services not to drain your budget. That, in fact, is the reason why you need a trusted RPA services provider company. 

Top RPA service providers will also help you gain advantages of the key benefits of implementing RPA:

1. Cost optimization and prompt return of investment

68% of the economists surveyed by the Financial Times have agreed that there will be a significant economic decline in 2023. Therefore, businesses are faced with the need to optimize expenses. By partnering with a provider of RPA services, you could do just that, as RPA projects help reduce expenses and generate free cash based on the revenue that is already being generated. So, you save costs merely by going for robotic process automation. 

Another way you can cut expenses is by partnering with an RPA service provider. You do not have to look for talent yourself – a trusted vendor already has all the needed experts internally or can quickly find the experts for you. All these factors result in prompt project delivery and cost optimization.    

2. Enhanced scalability

An RPA services provider can make your business processes more flexible and easier to adjust to an ever-changing environment. However, you should remember that choosing the right processes for automation is vital. These processes have to:

  • Be repeatable, based on strict rules, and predictable;
  • Have an input that can be deciphered by and diverted to software;
  • Possess an accessible output system;
  • Bring benefits that overweight your investments.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes the processes that are vital to automate are not evident. RPA can be difficult when it comes to processes that are non-standardized and require frequent human intervention.

Meanwhile, your provider can help you identify which processes are better suited to automate. Also, they will help you find the processes that would bring significant ROI by establishing a framework for the process assessment that evaluates the Suitability, Value, and Risk of automating a specific process. They could also recommend reengineering the process to maximize the benefits of automation.

3. Increased productivity

Vendors that offer robotic process automation can help you accelerate workflows, ensuring more work is done within the same time. So, the overall productivity of your business processes can grow dramatically with the help of automation. 

Here are the tasks that can be automated across various industries

  • Insurance: managing policies, filing, and processing claims across multiple platforms.
  • Finance: financial planning and forecasting, tax reporting automation, client onboarding.
  • Utility: meter reading, billing, and processing customer payments.
  • Healthcare: data entry, patient scheduling, billing and claims processing, optimizing appointments, sending patients automatic appointment reminders, and mitigating human error in patient records.

4. Greater accuracy

Without the human factor, RPA allows you to achieve a nearly 100% accuracy rate of task performance. According to IBM, 72% of surveyed people report that their companies experience increased work accuracy after implementing it. 

key benefits of implementing RPA

However, you must find a trusted RPA services provider company to achieve these benefits. 

How can your RPA service provider help you?

Each and every software development project is a many-step process. RPA projects are no different from this perspective. So, your vendor should:

  1. Perform a complex analysis of your business case. Finding an out-of-box solution that will tick all your checkboxes is rare. Usually, your RPA vendor comes up with a customized approach or a completely custom solution.
  2. Decide on the tech stack. An RPA service provider typically suggests several solutions that might work for your case and gives their opinion on the best take. There might be some trade-offs, but you can choose what would bring your business the most value. 
  3. Develop and test your solution. Your vendor programs a solution that matches all requirements once they are gathered. They streamline the development and test your solution.
  4. Study the results of the initial phase. Based on the feedback from users and stakeholders, your RPA services provider introduces the changes to your tested solution to satisfy all needs. 
  5. Maintain and support your RPA solution. Even the best-developed RPA solutions might need some tweaks to bring the most value to your business. 

They also have to choose the best-fitted tools for your business needs. There are multiple automation tools on the market, with different capabilities and license fees. Most companies, though, find it challenging to choose the optimal tool, as their decision is based only on its cost.

make RPA benefit your business

Meanwhile, a top RPA services provider can help you to thoroughly analyze and assess each solution's capabilities; fit your specific business processes and operations; ensure that your investment is the right one for your automation needs.

Learn more about the most popular RPA tools 

Here are some RPA-specific steps that will help you find the optimal RPA services provider company. 

How to choose a top RPA service provider?

  • RPA experience and qualifications. As would be the case for any technology or software, you would want to work with someone who has vast experience implementing that specific technology. When evaluating RPA services providers, you should look for a partner with sufficient automation capabilities.
  • Industry-specific experience. While arguably any provider of RPA services can assess your unique business needs, having experience in your particular industry helps them understand your position better and suggest a tailored-fit solution to your specific pains.
  • RPA-related recognitions. Such recognitions usually validate that a vendor follows best practices in RPA implementation and provides high-quality services. For example, N-iX has joined Automation Anywhere Partner Program and become a Registered Automation Anywhere Partner. 

Partnering with an RPA service provider: success story

Our client, a large tech company, had over 60 recruitment team members and wanted to optimize their work. They decided to do it by reducing the number of manual tasks, such as streamlining the tracking of applicants and jobs. So, the client has contacted N-iX to help. 

Our client wanted to address the following challenges: 

  • Operational overhead. Due to the lack of integration between various systems and a large team, the company had to spend a lot of resources on manual tasks. Additionally, there was tons of communication involved.
  • Lack of integration between different systems. The client also had limited integration between their website and job posting platforms, which caused many errors and forced them to fix and double-check everything. 

Our team started with Product Discovery. N-iX experts carefully studied all use cases and interviewed stakeholders that helped us match the client’s business needs and business goals. After a complex analysis of the client’s needs, we decided to opt for UI Path. 

We created an RPA robot to deal with the multi-layer logic of the website and provide efficient automation. Now the recruitment team has an automated solution that allows them to set priorities and trigger any changes throughout the whole process automatically. 

Also, automation allows each team member to integrate applicant tracking software and Google services effectively. The RPA bot can create all the necessary artifacts and significantly reduce the time each specialist spends on manual work. 

Value delivered by N-iX:

By introducing RPA, the client was able to improve both the posting and updating of active jobs. As a result, they were able to utilize the full potential of their subscription plan on the hiring platform. The results were so successful that the client decided to upgrade to 150 job slots on their dominant platform, as it took little to no time to keep them up and running. 

We significantly reduced the number of man-hours spent on manual processes and related errors by creating an automation solution for a job posting website that does not have an API. 

Finally, we improved the communication between different departments within the company and reduced the need for overhead communication.

Unlock the value of RPA with N-iX as your RPA services provider

We can assist you on your RPA journey with the following services:

1. RPA consulting

Our RPA experts can help you identify your business automation requirements for you to gain maximum value out of RPA. N-iX has vast experience in delivering high-quality OpenText, SAP, and ECM solutions for various industries, including telecom, manufacturing, insurance, and more. For example, as part of cooperation with a top European tech company, our RPA engineers have implemented a custom automation solution for HR specialists that helped prioritize job postings and update information on the platform without manual interactions. As a result, the client enhanced workflow efficiency and accelerated the hiring speed. 

2. RPA implementation

By implementing RPA with N-iX, you can benefit from the automation of complex procedures, improve the accuracy of these processes, and achieve operational flexibility. Our RPA experts can create attended (with little human interaction) and unattended (no human involvement) automation solutions that will boost the effectiveness of business operations. Whether you know exactly what you need or are just considering automation, N-iX has the right skills and expertise to guide you through this journey.

3. Support and maintenance 

Our RPA experts can help you optimize performance or change your existing system. Even the best-designed solutions need some tweaks to bring the most value to your business. In addition to implementing technology, we will help you enhance management operations by tackling existing challenges. We aim to create a well-performing automation solution that will allow you to reduce or even eliminate the need for manual interference

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