Do you know what Meta, Netflix, WhatsApp, and Airbnb have in common? Sure, they are thriving businesses with billions of users, but there is also a very specific aspect that unites them. All of them are using ReactJS to make their platforms visually appealing, functional, and easy to use. Yes, there is a good reason why it is one of the hottest and the most wanted JavaScript libraries. It enables the building of cost-effective and eye-catching dynamic user interfaces.

But how to take advantage of what React has to offer? The answer is – to hire a ReactJS development company

In this article, we break down the reasons why you should opt for ReactJS development services, as well as figure out how to find a vendor that provides them. Sounds interesting? Keep reading.

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Why do you need ReactJS development services?

When we compare ReactJS to other front-end technologies, such as Angular or Vue, it gives you almost limitless possibilities. You are not limited by framework restrictions, as you can sometimes be with the Angular framework. Furthermore, if you don’t have time for custom ReactJS development services, there are out-of-box solutions you can benefit from. 

React also provides you with a rich ecosystem of ready-to-use solutions, both proprietary and open source, such as UI libraries, state management tools, and various tools to improve your build pipeline and application performance.

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Now, let’s review the key reasons why you should partner with a ReactJS development company and implement this technology. 

  • A vast talent pool of experts in ReactJS development services

As of 2022, React was one of the most used web libraries. According to the survey conducted by Statista, 42% of surveyed developers were using it. So, the talent pool you can tap into with this technology is vast. However, it is vital to know how to tell skilled developers from not so much. 

What skills make a successful ReactJS engineer?

Some may assume, React is simple and can be learned in a week, but it is a misconception. To make successful and commercially sustainable projects, you need experienced engineers in custom ReactJS development services. 

These professionals implement the features critical for user experience. In fact, they are responsible for everything a user sees on the web page or in the application. 

So, what makes a professional able to provide the best ReactJS development services?

  • Profound knowledge of the entire ecosystem (e.g., UI libraries – Material UI, tailwind, bootstrap, Ant design, state managers – redux, mobx, and bundlers – webpack, vite) as React is primarily not a framework but one of the links in the tech stack chain;
  • Universal front-end knowledge such as HTTP, networking, DOM, VirtualDOM, page lifecycle, repaint/reflow operations, and performance optimization;
  • Knowledge of the system and technologies that work well with React and how to combine them to achieve the client's goal, as well as knowing how to structure an application, both file- and component-wise.
  • It is pretty much a one-size-fits-all approach

The technology can be used when developing virtually any application – an e-commerce platform, a lifestyle application, or a cross-platform app. Moreover, businesses of all sizes, from enterprises to startups, can benefit from React. Yes, React fits all organizations regardless of their size & maturity as it can allow both complete freedom in building your solutions as well as enough rules to keep development consistent and scalable.

This list can go on, but these are just the most significant examples. However, to harness the benefits of this library, you need to find a ReactJS development company first. Let’s take a look at some steps to help you do it successfully.

How to find the best ReactJS development company?

steps to find the best ReactJS development company

1. Set clear selection criteria

There can be many aspects to the selection process, as many criteria can be important for your case. Here are some of the most common ones. 

  • Company size. You can hardly expect a vendor with 5 to 15 people to successfully deliver enterprise-level solutions. Larger companies, on the other hand, have the resources and processes to quickly staff, start, and scale your project.
  • Technical expertise. If you know the potential tech stack needed for your custom software, opt for a vendor with such expertise.
  • Understanding of the domain. Suppose your industry poses specific regulations or has peculiarities that can change how the work is done. In that case, it's always better to find a custom software development company with experience in your vertical. 
  • Price. For many businesses now, outsourcing is more about accessing rare or unique expertise and tapping into the global tech talent pool rather than cutting costs. However, choosing a custom software development company that can help you stay within your budget is still crucial.

2. Check vendor listings 

While searching for information is the first and most common path for outlining a list of companies, we would also suggest browsing through dedicated directories that provide verified reviews of B2B providers. For example, Clutch lists over 6K ReactJS development companies. 

You can find useful information about every company: the price tag, number of experts, HQ and locations, the share of custom development services in their portfolio, as well as verified reviews and contact information. 

N-iX Clutch reviews

3. Look for clients’ feedback and testimonials

Out of more than 6K companies listed on Clutch, only half of them have reviews. And while this platform is insignificant on its own, the lack of reviews from clients anywhere is a warning sign. 

Check the company’s website. Look for long text reviews, video testimonials, and specific details of cooperation. You can also google the company and check reviews online. This will provide an understanding of what a typical project for this firm looks like, how they handle things, and whether they can deliver the promised results.  

4. Assess their ability to staff experienced engineers in a timely manner 

Although compared to other frontend technologies React is the most accessible in terms of staffing, you should still consider ReactJS development companies with a strong employer brand. These companies will be able to staff your project quickly and attract the experts that will provide the best ReactJS development services out there.

5. Look for a vendor with strong tech communities

Tech communities are vital, as they promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. If you choose a vendor that has them, you can be sure that this vendor is interested in the professional growth of their experts. Hackathons, tech talks, and conferences are a perfect way to share experiences that can come in handy for future projects. 

For instance, at N-iX, there is a JS community that unites 215+ frontend experts, including professionals skilled in ReactJS development services. Our senior professionals consult and support other engineers, so the expertise that our developers have is essentially available to many customers, which helps to deliver the best ReactJS development services to our clients. 

The combined experience of these experts is utilized to deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions including those based on React.js. We use peer code review, internal knowledge sharing via tech talks, and regular internal audits to ensure compliance with best practices and the latest changes to achieve it.

Moreover, we have many specialists with excellent practical experience in how React works in enterprise systems. It is essential, as often projects based on this library can be relatively small-scale, and if your engineers only have experience in smaller projects, they will not have the expertise to deal with problems that may arise when it comes to larger or enterprise projects. 

partner with the best ReactJS developers

Businesses that opted for ReactJS development services: success stories

Now, let’s showcase some of our long-running projects that benefited from cooperation with N-iX as their ReactJS development company. 

1. Rebuilding admin tools and migrating to the web for cleverbridge

Our client, cleverbridge, offers a cloud-based e-commerce platform with comprehensive global compliance and payment capabilities. This platform allows you to automate global software sales to other companies on a subscription or one-time purchase basis. At some point in their business development, they decided to migrate their desktop application to the web and partnered with N-iX to accomplish this. 

So, our cooperation started in 2018: our experts migrated and rebuilt the admin and administrative tools in the web version. After careful project analysis, which is an integral part of N-iX Product Discovery, we have used ReactJS, as this technology provides access to ecosystems (libraries and tools) that allow us to save time and start delivering value effectively. 

The library allowed us to implement a user-friendly Admin platform interface from scratch. Also, we created a new UI for the Customer platform and made it highly customizable per customers’ needs. 

2. Increasing internal system performance with ReactJS development services for Boohoo Group

Boohoo Group is a British online fashion retailer. The business specializes in own-brand fashion clothing, with over 36,000 products. They grew very fast by acquiring leading fashion retailers in the UK. Therefore, the company needed to expand its development capabilities fast to keep up with the business growth.  

The client’s internal systems lacked performance because of the old technology stack. So, they partnered with N-iX to increase their performance. This partnership comprised several projects, such as a warehouse management system, a tax calculation system, and more. ReactJS, however, was used primarily on gift certificate management service.  

Our development team started rewriting the gift certificate management service from PHP to Node.js. Also, the client lacked the UI for the gift certificate management system. As a result, most processes were done manually in CSV files without involving the gift certificate management service. Therefore, the team has started the development of the front-end part of the web-based gift certificate management system written in ReactJS. We have used AWS Amplify to efficiently build, ship, and host the application on AWS. This eliminates the need to host the app on the server and, subsequently, saves maintenance costs.

3. Migrating a solution to ReactJS for the world’s largest electric vehicle charging provider

Our client is the largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations operating in the USA and 13 other countries. They provide a smooth EV charging station usage experience with 24/7 support. The company decided to expand its business and enter the EU market. However, the client’s system, which originated as a startup, has expanded, and the charging technology became more complicated, the load increased, and the system became difficult to support. Therefore, our client needed highly qualified experts to build new solutions with the help of React and keep ahead of the competition in the market. So, they decided to hire a ReactJS development company and chose N-iX for the role. 

N-iX team started by migrating the product UI from PHP and Angular to React. They are responsible for enhancing the existing SaaS driver portal. The portal provides drivers with all the necessary information, such as a charging map, various how-to guides, the ability to schedule charging when energy is cheapest, etc. 

Our experts have helped the client expand its business and enter the EU market. In turn, by growing the world’s leading EV charging network, the company helps drivers switch to electric vehicles, thus, reducing tons of harmful emissions.

Thanks to our expertise, we have created new and enhanced the existing solutions making them more convenient for drivers, administrators, and station owners.

Why choose N-iX as your ReactJS development company?

  1. N-iX is a trusted European software development vendor that has over 21 years of experience helping businesses in manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, and other industries make the most of their tech investments;
  2. We have a tech community of 215+ top-notch professionals in custom ReactJS development services that can help you make your solution to be more efficient;
  3. N-iX provides a wide range of custom ReactJS development services, including version migration – application migration, modernizing tech stack, and Cloud migration, etc.;
  4. Our professionals have experience working in blended teams, providing remote ReactJS development services, as well as profound knowledge of React since its early versions;
  5. We have earned industry recognition: N-iX reached top positions in the CRN Fast Growth 150 ranking, CRN Solution Provider 500 ranking, IAOP Global outsourcing 100 lists, EMEA Inspiring Workplaces ranking, and many more.

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