According to Statista, .NET is an ultimate leader in use among the development frameworks. Despite the keen interest in the technology and its numerous applications, finding a well-versed expert in a field may require a lot of effort.  In search of skilled .NET developers, businesses from the US and Western Europe opt for outsourcing as one of the possible ways to fill in the talent gap. 

.NET developers are all-rounders of the IT world—they facilitate mobile solution development, enterprise software development, web software implementation, and many more. But how to select top specialists in .NET that will be able to implement their knowledge for your tailored solution development? And what features do all trustworthy .NET development companies have in common? Let’s take a closer look at the .NET industry and highlight the key criteria to guide your choice of .NET vendors and engineers.

What characteristics define a skilled .NET software developer?

In February 2022, .NET had a twenty-year market anniversary. During the timespan, .NET developers have mastered their skills to implement all kinds of solutions: from mobile apps to IoT devices. Some of the most prominent outsourcing locations for .NET development outsourcing, such as Eastern Europe, boast talent pools of around 100,000 .NET developers. However, it might be challenging to select well-versed professionals among such a multitude of engineers. We prepared the checklist with vital selection criteria to help you find the right candidates:

Practical tech skills

Technical competency is the first thing to look for when hiring a .NET developer. Here is a checklist of must-have technologies every .NET specialist should possess:

  • Profound knowledge of one of the programming languages: C#, F#, Visual Basic .NET;
  • Solid command of .NET frameworks and platforms (latest versions of ASP.NET, in particular);
  • Practical experience with clouds (AWS, Azure, etc.) and containerization tools, such as Docker;
  • Hands-on experience with databases: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmosDB, and others;
  • Deep understanding of CI/CD.

.NET tech stack

Up-to-date technology expertise

With the new versions of .NET platforms released every year, the list of new functionalities and optimizations within the framework expands. Security patches and new features influence the development quality and speed as well as ensure better system security. Therefore, make sure that you are hiring a .NET developer that keeps up with the most recent technology updates and industry trends. As of June 2022, the latest words in the world of .NET are .NET Core 5.0 and .NET Core 6.0 platform versions.

Recognized Cloud certifications

Web solution development makes up a considerable part of .NET applications. Since web apps are hosted on all major cloud platforms, sound knowledge of Cloud computing is an essential skill for a .NET developer. A certified Cloud specialist will set up a resilient infrastructure and manage the budget efficiently. The most valuable Cloud certifications that will add to a .NET developer’s expertise are AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. 

High qualification level

The average seniority level of your .NET team members is directly linked to your project’s outcome. Experienced engineers are more likely to have advanced problem-solving and managerial skills and provide the highest product quality. To avoid hindrances during the project, try to augment your team with Middle and Senior .NET software developers with 5+ years of proven experience with the technology.

For example, at N-iX, the average Middle specialist has at least five years of experience, and Seniors – around eight. The company’s Lead and Principal developers have at least 10 years of experience in .NET development.

Qualification level of .NET developers at N-iX

Experience with Agile methodology

Using an iterative approach to software development will help you build a flexible .NET solution step by step, fully controlling every SDLC stage. Therefore, hire .NET developers that have experience in working on Agile projects. If your .NET team is familiar with Agile methodology, you are less likely to experience headaches fulfilling requirements and meeting project deadlines.

Partner with top .NET developers today

How to choose a reliable .NET development company?

.NET engineering vendors around the world vary in size, industry focus, and service lines. To guide you through the complex selection process, we prepared the list of key assessment criteria that will help you choose the right .NET development company among competitors:

1. .NET-related services 

During the initial selection stage, you need to figure out your business goals. Since .NET expertise is applicable for a wide range of services, you have to get clear on what exact type of development you should go for. Then, narrow the list of potential .NET partners, by comparing their featured services and related case studies for the required service.

Applications of .NET

2. The vendor’s size

Focus on the large and middle vendors with 500+ employees on board. Such enterprises usually have access to more .NET talent and optimized engineering processes. When combined, workforce accessibility and well-orchestrated development ensure prompt and seamless project launch. Moreover, larger companies tend to follow the best development practices and pay more attention to quality control. 

3. Multidimensional .NET expertise

Look for the list of industries covered by your potential remote .NET team. A proven track record in the domains related to yours, is a sign that your .NET developers will transform your idea into measurable business value.

4. Vibrant .NET community

When researching your potential .NET development company, make sure that your offshore .NET developers are integrated into a single ecosystem. Regular knowledge sharing sessions, seminars, and other .NET initiatives help experts to boost their competency level and keep abreast of the latest updates.

5. High-standard cybersecurity policy

Attention to information security is a must. It is vital that your organization’s sensitive information is protected from malicious attacks and security breaches. One of the key criteria that differentiates a trustworthy .NET development company is compliance with recognized international cybersecurity standards. The most reliable are ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. It would be a huge plus if your partner had a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan to rely on in case of any incidents.

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Why embark on your .NET development journey with N-iX?

  • N-iX is a trustworthy Eastern European software engineering company with 20+ years of experience in agile .NET development for banking, telecommunications, automotive, and other industries;
  • The company’s .NET team counts over 200 professionals well-versed in enterprise software development, web application implementation, Cloud development, microservices, mobile app development, and more;
  • N-iX has a vibrant community of .NET developers that have Cloud certifications, namely AWS, Microsoft, and Google accreditations;
  • Our client list includes top vendors such as Lebara, Orbus Software, AVL, OVO, and others. In addition, N-iX has established cooperations with many Fortune 500 companies;
  • N-iX ensures high-level quality control of delivered .NET solutions;
  • The company adheres to the international cybersecurity standards, including GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 9001:2015;
  • The enterprise has earned industry recognition: N-iX reached top positions in the CRN Fast Growth 150 ranking, IAOP Global outsourcing 100 list, EMEA Inspiring Workplaces ranking, and many more.

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