Nowadays, plenty of companies choose to outsource .NET development to Eastern European countries. The rapidly developing IT industry, convenient geolocation, and cultural proximity to the USA and Western European countries have made the region a lucrative option for outsourcing software solutions. The main advantage, though, is the workforce accessibility—Eastern Europe boasts a diversified talent pool of over 90,000 .NET experts.

As long as the demand for the .NET workforce is increasing and EE countries have strong teams specializing in .NET development, many companies cooperate with tech vendors from this region. Clutch lists over 700 tech firms that offer .NET-based mobile application development, cloud and enterprise app implementation, and more. But who are the most reliable engineering vendors in Eastern Europe that will make most of their .NET expertise for your custom software development project? Let’s find out.

Selection criteria

Eastern Europe boasts a multitude of engineering vendors that leverage .NET technology to handle projects for various industries. To help you augment your team with the best .NET developers, we have studied the Eastern European IT services landscape and compiled a list of the top 10 .NET development companies with development centers in the region. In our selection, we relied on Clutch as a credible source of B2B reviews for tech enterprises. First of all, we searched for “top .NET development companies” and here are some criteria that we considered while choosing the most reliable companies in the destination:

  1. 250+ tech experts on board. Midsize and large vendors usually quickly provide tech talent and have established processes;
  2. 5+ reviews on Clutch and high review scores (4.7+/5) that prove the vendor’s credibility; 
  3. 10+ years of industry expertise in .NET development;
  4. A strong portfolio of .NET projects with client references and testimonials.

.NET development companies in Eastern Europe: the most reliable tech providers in the region

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the top .NET development companies in Europe that employs over 2,200 well-versed tech specialists. Over 21+ years on the international market, the vendor has opened several offices across the region, namely, in Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The enterprise has earned a solid reputation in the industry due to long-term partnerships with top global players in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, fintech, and many other industries.

N-iX: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

N-iX engineers apply their extensive expertise in .NET to provide assistance with building the enterprise software, web and mobile app implementation, as well as cloud and microservices development. The engineers have hands-on experience with .NET-related tech stack and profound knowledge of the latest ASP.NET and Entity Frameworks. In addition, the company’s in-house team sticks to Agile methodology and ensures the high-level quality control of the delivered .NET solutions. 

2. Future Processing

The large .NET development company has been on the international market for more than 20 years providing tailored solutions for automotive, finance, healthcare, logistics, and many more domains. The vendor’s team counts around 1,000 specialists, with 40% of them having solid knowledge of the .NET technology (such as .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and other tools). Their list of successfully delivered projects spans the implementation of custom .NET systems and the migration to .NET platforms.

Future Processing: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

3. iTechArt Group

Another notable name among top .NET development companies, this IT vendor boasts a talent pool of 3,500+ IT experts. Since its foundation in 2002, the tech enterprise has established fruitful partnerships with clients in finance, marketing, healthcare, and other industries. The company’s .NET specialists apply their expertise to build custom IoT and Big Data applications, as well as migrate the legacy systems to .NET platforms.

iTechArt Group: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

4. Altoros

This midsize engineering vendor has around 400 well-versed tech specialists on board. The .NET development company specializes in mobile app development and custom software implementation for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and logistics service providers. Their .NET experience covers full-cycle .NET application development, system modernization, app migration and containerization, and many other services.

Altoros: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

5. Sigma Software

This tech vendor was set up in 2002, and since then the software development firm has successfully delivered over 25 products for automotive, real estate, telecommunications, and other business verticals. Microsoft .NET is among the most commonly used technologies among the company’s experts—around 50% of their projects are based on the framework. Their team predominantly applies .NET for web app development, custom enterprise software and mobile application development. 

Sigma Software: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

6. Solwit SA

Although this .NET development company is the youngest on our list, during 10+ years on the market it has earned a solid industry reputation. The IT vendor handled over 1,000 engineering projects, mainly for finance, manufacturing, retail, and utilities enterprises. Its .NET service list comprises the development of mobile applications, enterprise server software, and large-scale microservices.

Solwit Software: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

7. DCSL GuideSmiths

One of the midsize firms on our list of top .NET companies, this engineering vendor has been on the market for more than 25 years. Their portfolio spans collaborations with clients from finance, construction, retail, e-commerce, education, and many more domains. Its main .NET focus areas are enterprise solution implementation, cloud software development, and microservices migration.

DCSL GuideSmiths: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

8. Elinext

This engineering company is among the region’s top .NET development companies that have multidimensional industry experience. Their in-house team successfully delivered projects for finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and other domains. The tech vendor offers assistance with .NET consulting, custom application development, .NET app optimization, as well as the maintenance of .NET applications. The company’s .NET specialists dedicate their efforts to developing gaming solutions, accounting applications, as well as inventory and warehousing systems.

Elinext: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

9. ASSIST Software

A reliable .NET development company with long market history, this IT firm has been delivering high-quality solutions for 30+ years. During this timespan, the vendor has solved technical challenges for healthcare, education, finance, and other business verticals. The company’s .NET team applies their solid command of ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and other .NET platforms to develop mobile and web applications and build cloud enterprise solutions.

ASSIST Software: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

10. MobiDev

Another well-known player among the top .NET companies in Eastern Europe, this outsourcing vendor has offices in Poland, Ukraine, the UK, and the US. Their key industry expertise areas cover retail, hospitality, healthcare, and supply chain. The vendor’s experts have developed a considerable number of projects leveraging .NET technology—50% of their case studies have .NET on their technology list. The vendor’s team applies their knowledge of .NET mostly in mobile solutions implementation and web application development.

MobiDev: year of foundation, number of employees, clients

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Why choose N-iX for your long-term .NET partnership?

  • N-iX is a reliable Eastern European engineering vendor with 21 years of experience in .NET development for automotive, banking, telecommunications, automotive, and other domains;
  • Our .NET team counts over 200 experts skilled in enterprise software development, web application implementation, mobile app development, Cloud development, microservices, and more;
  • The company’s client list spans top global enterprises vendors, including Lebara, Orbus Software, AVL, OVO, and many Fortune 500 companies;
  • N-iX has a dynamic community of .NET developers that have Cloud certifications issued by AWS, Microsoft, and Google;
  • N-iX specialists comply with the international cybersecurity standards, including GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 9001:2015;
  • The tech vendor is well-recognized in the industry: N-iX has reached top positions in the CRN Solution Provider 500 ranking, IAOP Global outsourcing 100 list, and many more.

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