Business intelligence and analytics are booming in the digital transformation era, and so is the demand for Business Intelligence development services. According to Computerworld’s list of 10 hot IT skills for 2017, Business intelligence and analytics rank number 5 for the second year in a row. The demand for BI professionals is especially high in such industries as healthcare, insurance, financial services and retail where the use of BI is more mature than in many other sectors.

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Source: BARC BI Survey 2016

A myriad of companies actively look for qualified BI developers who can turn their data into valuable insights. This information enables decision makers to better understand their customers and create stronger business strategies. Oftentimes, they consider Eastern Europe as the most favorable outsourcing destination. Due to the growing pool of talented BI specialists, the region has become the popular choice for many US and Western European companies. Such countries as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania are some of the most promising BI outsourcing destinations in this region.

However, even if you’ve already considered the benefits of nearshoring to Eastern Europe, the question remains: “Which country to choose and how to find a reliable BI outsourcing provider?” In our analysis, we’ll try to find out which Eastern European country offers the best nearshore BI developers to meet the ever growing demand for this expertise. We’ve reviewed the data on the BI talent pool in each country on Linkedin and popular job search websites such as Glassdoor. In addition, we’ve analyzed Clutch rankings and corporate websites of the companies offering BI services. The article also gathers information on Business intelligence events and BI community development in each country.

Business Intelligence providers and developers in Ukraine

As the interest towards BI developers is skyrocketing, more and more BI experts arise on the Ukrainian software development market. According to Linkedin, over 430 BI developers are already engaged in the IT sector in Ukraine and this number grows day by day.

Numerous events for BI, Big Data and Data Science professionals take place in Ukraine including such international conferences as AI Ukraine Conference. Ukrainian tech life is really vibrant and BI is one of the trendiest directions on the IT market. Such organizations as Power BI Ukraine community, OBI Ukraine, and others are aimed at spreading knowledge and know-how from leading European and Ukrainian experts. They organize various discussions, debates, press conferences on the latest Business intelligence practices.

Competing vigorously in a crowded marketplace, Ukrainian IT companies are offering a great variety of data-driven services. The major Ukrainian IT players who can boast availability of expertise in BI are N-iX, SoftServe, Ciklum, EPAM Systems and Infopulse. Also, N-iX was featured in the international list of Top 50 Big Data & BI Consulting Firms according to It’s worth noting that besides N-iX there are only 3 other Ukrainian companies with BI expertise featured on Clutch, namely SoftElegance, SpdLoad, and Vacoms.

As for the Business intelligence expertise at N-iX, this Ukrainian company specializes in various types of BI services including custom ERP solutions, data profiling, and warehouse development, testing and QA for BI, ETL development services etc. N-iX BI developers have extensive experience in working with global telecom and fintech companies employing a diverse BI tech stack including SQL, AWS Redshift, Spark, Hive, Power BI, Tableau, Cognos, QlikView etc.

Business intelligence expertise in Poland

Poland can boast a decent talent pool with around 650 BI developers engaged in the IT sector according to Linkedin. BI and big data professionals have been some of the most sought-after positions in this region lately. According to Glassdoor, around 45 companies are currently looking for BI developers in Poland and over 200 of them are seeking BI specialists in adjacent fields.

Leading communities organize various international BI and big data events such as Big Data Technology Summit 2016, Big Data Tech Warsaw, Devoxx Poland, etc. Furthermore, numerous workshops are being organized in Poland including IDC Business Intelligence Executive Workshop. Such events generate more interest in this sphere in Poland and foster the development of BI community.

What’s more, global consulting companies such as Accenture, Atos Consulting, and the international market intelligence company IDC have their offices in Warsaw. They are actively hiring BI developers, consultants and analysts. Additionally, Polish IT companies like QBusrst, SoftwareMill, Codeheroes, ClearCode, featured on Clutch Top List of Top 50 Big Data & BI Consulting Firms, are also constantly extending their teams with BI specialists.

BI development services in Hungary

Hungarian IT specialists are also adopting new trends quickly and BI is not an exception. According to Linkedin, almost 400 BI developers are engaged in the software development sector in the country.

Hungarian IT community organizes international Business Intelligence and analytics events like Budapest BI Forum and BI MettOFF. Moreover, leading data specialists regularly arrange various meetups such as Budapest BI Meetup, Budapest Big Data Meetup (including BI Edition), Budapest Data Science Meetup, etc.

Additionally, more and more companies provide complex BI services and build data warehouse solutions and BI applications in Hungary. For instance, such companies as Pactera, Ness, Iqor, Neoris and others have expertise in providing different types of BI services.

BI developers in Romania

Along with the above-mentioned countries, Romania is also known for its solid IT talent pool. The country’s IT market has already engaged around 600 BI developers according to Linkedin. As for the demand on Glassdoor, around 50 companies are currently seeking BI developers In Romania. They include such companies as Microsoft, ING, ISDC, Oracle etc. What’s more, around 160 companies are actively looking for BI experts in related fields including BI consultants and BI analysts.

Romanian BI specialists network at various meetups to discuss latest trends and news. For instance, Bucharest BI & SQL User Group arranges regular meetups to discuss topics related to BI, SQL Server, OLAP, SSIS, SSRS, and big data. Such organizations as Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence aim to create an excellent business environment and ignite BI cooperation and research. Moreover, a number of IT outsourcing companies in Romania which offer BI services is rapidly growing. They include such software development companies as Qubiz, Ropardo, Incrys, Softelligence, etc.

To sum up, the demand for nearshore BI developers increases since they may bring many tangible benefits to businesses. Furthermore, Eastern European companies, including N-iX, specialize in BI and offer a broader range of data analytics services, making them versatile partners for your data-driven business needs. Ukraine and Poland in particular offer a great number of engineering talents with solid IT background and vast experience in providing BI services to many global companies. Therefore, outsourcing Business intelligence development and consulting to Eastern Europe opens many opportunities to any business.

Nearshore BI Developers: Talent Distribution in Eastern Europe

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