As the year draws to an end, let's take a look back and reflect on the achievements of 2019. This year, N-iX has become a home for 150 more experts. We introduced even more opportunities for professional development, participated in numerous tech conferences and events, started a lot of new partnerships, and delivered dozens of projects. Apart from that, we opened several new offices.

Let's take a closer look at:

Company Growth in 2019

During  2019, N-iX grew from 850 to 1,000 people and formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders. The number of employees in Lviv delivery centre has increased by 20% whereas our development centre in Kyiv grew by 25%. Read our company story here. 

Industry Recognition and Certifications

For years, N-iX has been listed in numerous industry ratings. In 2019, for the third consecutive year, N-iX was named one of the best IT outsourcing vendors by IAOP. Also, we were the first Ukraine-based software development company listed in Software 500.  

N-iX is a member of numerous local and international organizations, such as European Business Association, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and others. Learn more about our awards and partnerships.

New Partnerships Started in 2019

N-iX started a number of new partnerships in 2019 and strengthened the ongoing ones. We have built on our expertise in embedded software and IoT as well as significantly expanded our Big Data and Data Science direction. In 2019, we started working with over 50 new clients and several Fortune 500 companies delivering projects in manufacturing, telecom, retail, finance, energy, supply chain, and other industries. Here are just a few examples of the new partnerships we started this year.


Our partner iCabby is an Irish technology company that provides cloud-based taxi dispatch services in Ireland, the UK, the United States, and Canada, powering more than 75,000 vehicles. We started our cooperation early in 2019 and since then we have refactored the back-end of their solution and moved to the microservice architecture. Also, we have started the Data Science direction.


Locinox is a global manufacturer and supplier of outdoor access control products. Locinox partnered with N-iX to design and develop an efficient and secure outdoor hardware for fences and gates from the ground up. The scope of our cooperation encompasses prototype design, firmware development, and hardware development.

Weinmann Emergency

Weinmann Emergency is a Germany-based company that develops high-quality ventilation and defibrillation solutions for emergency medicine.  N-iX team has been collaborating with the IT department of Weinmann Emergency on MEDUCORE Standard², a defibrillator with monitoring functions. 

American Fortune 500 Retail Leader

Our partner (under NDA) is a Fortune 500 industrial supplier with hundreds of offices and thousands of employees across the globe. We started our cooperation in 2019 with helping our clients start their Data direction. Together, we are working on moving the existing solutions to the cloud, so currently we are building the infrastructure architecture on AWS.

UK-based Financial Services Provider

Headquartered in the UK, our partner (under NDA) is one of the leading providers in the finance industry who has pioneered prepaid credit cards in the region. In 2019, our client’s team at N-iX has grown from 9 to 27 people. For many years, N-iX has been a strategic technology partner for a number of fintechs, including Currencycloud and a leading UK lending platform.

British Energy Supply Company

Our client (under NDA) is an England-based energy company that supplies gas and electricity to over 600,000 domestic and business customers. N-iX has expanded our client’s engineering capabilities and together we have been working on a number of software products. 

Global US-based Telecom Technology Provider

Our client (under NDA) is a global company that provides technology services for a wide range of telecom businesses. It has developed the first mobile video broadcast service that works across different platforms, devices and networks. In 2019, our partner’s team at N-iX grew from 9 to 22 professionals collaborating on a number of projects. 

Spanish Multinational Clothing Company

Our client is one of the biggest fashion groups in the world that works in over 90 markets around the world. In 2019, we have set up a dedicated development team that is working on a number of our partner’s software products.

Expertise and Service Quality

Since 2002, N-iX has built strong expertise in multiple areas. We always try to be at the forefront of innovation, so we adopt new technologies and start investing in them early on. Apart from years of experience in software product development, we specialize in embedded software and IoT, Big Data and Data Science, Business Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, DevOps, Enterprise VR, and more.

Centres of Excellence

In 2019, N-iX has set up and invested heavily in developing our Centres of Excellences. N-iX CoEs are a cross-company team of professionals who focus their efforts on growing the company expertise in different areas. Also, they provide our clients with expert consulting when they face a bottleneck or a non-trivial problem. 

N-iX CoEs comprise a number of teams such as the Solution Group, the Engineering CoE, the Quality CoE, the PMO, the UI/UX CoE, the DevOps CoE, the Product Development CoE, and the Data Science Group, which are run by the Center coordinators. Each team has a specific set of services they provide and a key focus area they support. However, all of them work together to provide our clients with maximum value across all stages of the project delivery process, from the product discovery stage to the delivery phase. Learn how our CoEs work.

Solution Group

Established in 2019, N-iX Solution Group unites top-notch tech experts who help our clients transform their ideas and business problems into feasible projects with detailed roadmaps. The Solution Group helps our clients to kick off their project by performing a Product Discovery Phase, building a prototype, and validating a product concept. The experts provide a high-level architecture plan, the suggested technology stack, the design of the product, time and cost estimates, expert consulting, and more.

Professional Development

N-iX has always put special emphasis on the professional development of our employees. We offer a range of professional development tools (PDTs). They include technical evaluation, a mentorship program, internal training, professional certification as well as professional conferences and programs. 


32 pairs took part in N-iX mentorship program in 2019. Our personalized cross-company mentorship program is aimed at helping anyone in the company address their biggest challenges and benefit from working in a large company with over 1,000 specialists.  

Professional Certifications

N-iX supports its employees in getting international professional certifications. We fully reimbursed 24 certifications, successfully taken by 22 N-iXers this year. The most popular have been ISTQB and Scrum certifications. Moreover, our professionals attended 173 conferences, workshops, and tech events in 2019.

Tech Conferences

IT Arena

N-iX was an exclusive partner of the IT Arena, the biggest tech conference in Ukraine. During the IT Arena 2019, the company organized seven meetups with N-iX experts sharing the insights about the company's projects and latest tech trends.

Garage 48 Hackathons and startups support

Together with the Estonian Partners, N-iX hosts Garage 48 hackathon five years in a row, bringing world-class mentors to Lviv. The winners of the last hackathon received a special prize from the N-iX Fund. The winning team was awarded with €1,000 as well as all-inclusive travel to Estonia, supported by Archimedes and Study in Estonia. Also, we had a special prize for the Most Educational Solution and the winning team was awarded with $1,000 from N-iX Charity Fund.

In 2018-2019, N-iX took part in and supported a number of conferences, such as JS Fest, .Net Fest, Games Gathering, Engineering Job Fair, EduHack, UCU Job Fair, etc.

SQLSaturday Lviv 2019

SQLSaturday is the largest free data conference in Western Ukraine that covers 3 lecture streams and 15 experienced speakers from Europe. N-iX supported SQLSaturday Lviv 2019 as a silver sponsor. 

Data Science UA

Data Science UA conference brought together enthusiasts and experts passionate about Data Science. N-iX was glad to attend the conference as a Silver Partner and talk about our projects. Also, our expert Ihar Rubanau gladly shared his experience and discussed best practices with the community.

IT Awards

Two N-iXers got in the finale of 2019 Ukrainian IT Awards. This independent award chooses the best professionals in the Ukrainian IT industry. Our experts have made it to the final stage of the selection in the Project Management nomination and in the DevOps nomination.

Developing Local Communities

N-iX cooperates closely with schools and universities, promotes the IT profession among youth, and supports professional training. Our broader goal is to make Lviv, Kyiv and other cities where we operate comfortable places for young engineers to live and work.

N-iX Innovation Labs

N-iX Lab at  Lviv Polytechnic opened in 2019. Also, the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University launched a GameDev and VR club and we supported them in this initiative by providing the VR equipment.

Scholarships for UCU Students in 2015-2019

The company and N-iX CEO Andrew Pavliv personally established scholarships to support the best students at the Computer Science Program of the Ukrainian Catholic University. We are inspired to help gifted teens receive education in one of the best universities in Ukraine. Several students got scholarships in 2019.

Hour of Code and Join IT

N-iX regularly joins educational initiatives that promote the IT profession among children and teenagers. Every year, N-iX mentors take part in the Hour of Code. Also, this year, we joined the initiative organized by our partner IT Ukraine Association. The association organized meetings of IT professionals with high-school students around the country to tell young people about the benefits of working in tech.

Infrastructure Projects

N-iX also contributes to local infrastructure projects. The biggest one is the Innovation District IT Park. It is stretching forth 10 hectares and is designed to host up to 14,000 people. It will consist of 6 class A office buildings, with a total area of around 164,000 m2, three business centers, a 200 keys hotel, and a designated multi-functional area for leisure and social needs. The budget amounts to $160M. N-iX is one of the companies that drive this massive project.


N-iX partnered with LvivMozArt - a festival of classical music that takes part in Lviv.

Preparation courses for External independent evaluation (ukr. ЗНО)

N-iX collected funds for talented young people who dream of entering the university but cannot afford a preparation course. Thanks to many generous people at our company, we covered the program at the Ukrainian Catholic University for several college applicants.

IT Mykolay

IT Mykolay is the annual charity initiative of tech companies dedicated to the St. Nicholas Day, aimed to help young cancer survivors and children with special needs.

Already seven years in a row the charity fund “Kryla Nadiyi” is organizing IT-Mykolay together with Lviv IT community. Every year, the fund is raising money to buy medical equipment for the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre to improve the quality of medical services, the chances of timely diagnostics, adequate treatment and fast recovery of little patients.

Life at N-iX

Winter Company Day in Lviv & Kyiv

Our winter parties in Lviv and Kyiv were a blast! Besides having fun, we held charity lotteries at these annual events. All the money raised were transferred to the scholarships for talented UCU students who can't afford the education in this university. 

Summer Company Day in Lviv & Kyiv

Another most important annual event at N-iX is the Summer Company Day. So we had two big parties in Lviv and Kyiv. Traditionally, we organized a charity initiative. Anyone could buy our branded merch, which we produced in collaboration with popular Ukrainian brands. All the money raised were used to fund the preparation course for the entrance exams.

Business Trips

From the US to India, from Norway to Ghana - N-iXers have travelled the world this year. With over 725 business trips in 2019, we've visited 32 countries and spent 3,677 days in business trips.

Making N-iX a Better Place to Work

N-iX nurtures the culture of openness, sharing, and trust. Thanks to each and everyone at the company, we have a friendly and comfy environment, so we can be our best selves at work. To support this, the company continuously introduces improvements to the workplace, new benefits and perks, engaging events, and more. 

In 2019, N-iXers had numerous in-house events, such as Vyshyvanka day (charity market), Children’s day, egg-painting masterclasses, tree planting, a yoga day, and a lot of fun team building activities. 

Also, in 2019, N-iX significantly improved our Healthcare&Sports Program offering generous reimbursements and introduced a new competitive medical insurance. So now all N-iXers and their families can benefit from it. A lot has been done this year to make sure everyone at the company feels valued, and we are proud to say that this year employee satisfaction improved by 5%. In 2020, we'll keep our focus on quality and growth becoming better every day.

It's been quite a year for all of us at N-iX. We are grateful to all N-iXers, our friends and partners for your support and trust. We are looking forward to our shared success in 2020 and beyond!

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