Choosing among SAP consulting and implementation companies to set up effective SAP processes for your business can be a daunting task. It is important to pick the right SAP implementation partner that offers a broad range of services and can provide the right expertise to match the needs of your business. SAP itself partners with numerous companies of different sizes across industry verticals, and each company offers different types and combinations of SAP-related services. That is where the complexity of choice comes from, and that is where you would require a list of SAP implementation companies. 

Today, we are going to take a look at the top SAP implementation partners who provide a broad range of SAP services, rather than particular aspects of SAP implementation. Also, we will focus on the companies that do not engage exclusively in SAP-related services and can perform supplementary tasks utilizing a wider range of tools to further boost the capabilities of your ERP and CRM or other enterprise solutions like OpenText, etc.

Focus on your goals and narrow down your search list

If you go to the official list of companies that officially partner with SAP, you’d see that there are more than 2,800 vendors around the world providing such services as solution building, consulting, outsourced solution management, and more. How do you know which of the available SAP implementation companies is the best partner for your business? Well, it would depend on what your business needs exactly.

Each enterprise has unique goals, industry specifications, budgets, and technology requirements. The best course of action is to always begin with analyzing your goals and needs. For instance, some enterprises have smaller goals, such as integrating SAP products with third-party platforms, such as OpenText. Such companies would need a vendor with experience in SAP and OpenText development services. The others might need custom software development services, requiring a different type of partner. However, if you shoot for a broader target with future goals in mind, you would need a partner who can do all that and more.

The company you would ultimately choose should be experienced in all aspects of SAP, including system consulting, custom development, rollouts, Cloud services, application management, third-party integrations, and more. Finding a company that will work closely with your business to develop and customize the system to meet your needs with respect to your budget is essential. Doing the necessary research is the best way to ensure you select the right SAP implementation partner for your business.

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The selection criteria for picking the best SAP implementation partners

To help you select the best SAP vendors, we suggest the following selection criteria. This will help you narrow your search list down to the most prominent and suitable SAP implementation companies that match your project requirements:

  1. Experience: Look for SAP implementation companies that have at least 10 years of market experience and who have worked on projects similar to yours in size and scope.
  2. Industry Expertise: Choose a partner who understands your industry and has experience working with other companies in your sector. 
  3. Cooperation models: Select a vendor offering different cooperation models that account for both short-term and long-term projects. Look for vendors who provide such services as team extension, custom solution development, and managed teams.
  4. Reputation: Check references and reviews to ensure the partner has a good reputation in the market. Contact their previous clients for feedback.
  5. Network of technology partnerships: SAP can be integrated with a variety of third-party solutions such as Salesforce and OpenText. You will need a partner who has experience working with both platforms. SAP can be hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, so if you plan to move to Cloud, your vendor should have partnerships with those providers. It will help to deliver Cloud Migration effectively and with less costs, as usually Cloud providers give considerable discounts to their Partners and it will reflect on your costs of Cloud. That is why it is best to select a vendor who works with these solutions and can help with the integrations.

With these criteria in mind, we have compiled a list of the top SAP implementation companies that match the search requirements and can deliver a broad range of SAP-related services.

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Check our list of top SAP implementation companies

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global provider of SAP consulting, custom development, and application management services. The company also offers a wide range of SAP-related services that include but not limit to SAP integrations with third-party solutions like Salesforce or OpenText, SAP rollouts, BI/BO, BW development, and SAP cloud services. 

N-iX offers its clients the capability to digitally transform their businesses and maximize the value of their SAP investment. Furthermore, the company helps its clients extend the functionality of their SAP ecosystems, optimize costs, process change requests, and roll out global templates efficiently. With 20+ years of market experience and over 2000 technology experts on board, N-iX works on large enterprise-grade projects and delivers tangible value to clients in industries like manufacturing, logistics, automotive, fintech, telecom, retail, and more.

N-iX SAP partner

2. SoftServe

This vendor’s ERP and CRM consulting practice enables businesses to integrate their core processes with SAP, gain valuable business intelligence, and drive enterprises’ growth. The company partners with customers to help them utilize the power of SAP to become more agile, dynamic organizations. This vendor leverages a broad range of tools offered by SAP and provides a comprehensive set of services that allow for the fast and efficient adoption of SAP tools.


3. LeverX

This company has been a reliable SAP implementation partner for more than two decades, providing businesses with the opportunity to maximize their investments in SAP solutions. The team has successfully completed numerous projects for clients operating in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, retail, financial services, and more.


4. 10Pearls

This SAP implementation partner provides comprehensive services to help organizations optimize their procurement processes, optimize costs, and manage spending categories. This is one of the SAP Ariba implementation partners that offer SAP Ariba solution implementation and post-implementation maintenance, as well as planning, execution, delivery, and user support. Their extensive experience in applying the Ariba platform to a range of industries has enabled the company to develop an effective and efficient approach that delivers assured outcomes.


5. Chetu

This is a reputable SAP implementation company offering more than 2,800 experienced developers with industry and technical expertise to provide high-quality SAP solutions. Their experts offer the skills to maximize the value of your SAP platform with tailored integration, customization, migration, and maintenance services. The vendor provides specialized and non-specialized maintenance services for SAP systems as well.


6. Stridely Solutions

This company provides end-to-end technology solutions tailored to the requirements of the client. The team has expertise in developing custom software solutions using a wide variety of technological tools. This is a global company providing services in SAP, IoT, RPA, and other services with a team of developers located around the world.

Stridely solutions

7. Sabris

This vendor delivers comprehensive SAP services to help businesses optimize their resource planning, reduce costs, and manage their spending. They are one of the best SAP implementation partners and have a good reputation with the clients, and as a result, have developed an effective, efficient approach that guarantees results. They are also an SAP Ariba implementation partner that offers full-cycle development services, including post-implementation maintenance, as well as planning, execution, delivery, and user support.


8. Techwave

This is one of the top SAP implementation partners that delivers high-quality services to clients across numerous industries. The vendor helps its partners to optimize resource planning, reduce costs, and achieve higher operational efficiency. They provide strategies to employ the capabilities of SAP, making businesses more agile and dynamic. The company supplies a variety of SAP tools and services to facilitate fast and effective changes.


9. NTT Data Group

This global vendor offers SAP implementation services to clients mostly situated in Asia but also cooperates actively with western businesses. The company utilizes the broad capabilities of the SAP platform to help its clients capitalize on their investment in ERP and CRM. The company operates globally, delivering high-quality solutions to clients in industries such as automotive, public services, telecom, and more.


10. Euvic

Established in 2004, Euvic is a versatile IT software development service provider from Poland that also offers SAP development services. They are an experienced SAP consulting company, providing services ranging from installation and setup to training and support in SAP ERP and SAP BW. 


Final thoughts: Expand the value of your SAP investment with a reliable partner

SAP is one of the most widely used enterprise resource planning systems in the world, providing businesses with the tools they need to manage their operations and resources. By implementing SAP, companies can gain real-time insight into their key performance indicators, streamline their processes and operations, and increase their overall efficiency. N-iX can become a valuable SAP implementation partner, providing its clients with solutions designed to match their specific business needs. With our experienced team of SAP consultants and developers, we help enterprises get the most out of their investment in ERP and CRM, providing a complete suite of SAP services.

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