Whether you represent an enterprise using SAP products or an integrator helping companies implement SAP solutions, you must have faced the challenge of hiring SAP service providers. The demand for these professionals has always been high forcing businesses to fight for SAP talent and boost their pay.

Trying to deal with the shortage of consultants, companies now often explore nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing destinations and hire SAP consulting service providers in Eastern Europe. The countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary offer a vast pool of skilled IT specialists (over 700,000 people), quality engineering services, and solid SAP expertise.

Selection methodology

When creating this list we only considered official SAP partners that can be found on their website’s Partner finder. This criteria in itself would guarantee that the chosen companies have enough expertise to provide high-quality SAP services. In addition, to make sure that, besides expertise, each company also has sufficient experience behind their belt, we only considered companies that have been on the market for at least 10 years. Let’s have a look at the best SAP consulting providers in Eastern Europe.

SAP professionals in Ukraine

Unlike software development, SAP consulting is not the expertise you can easily outsource. So many companies prefer to keep their consultants in-house. However, the IT skills Eastern European countries offer, make them reconsider their strategies. Only Ukraine has nearly 300,000 professionals and over 900 companies involved in its IT industry. Many of them are SAP service providers and, currently, there are over a dozen Ukrainian companies that are official partners of SAP.

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global provider of a wide range of IT services with development centers in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv) and Poland (Krakow). The company has been on the market for over 20 years and now employs over 2,200 IT specialists. N-iX partnered with many leading global enterprises, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. It cooperated with such well-known brands as Gogo, Lebara, Fluke, and others.

N-iX company information

N-iX consultants have profound expertise in SAP and OpenText integration, ABAP development, SAP Hybris integration, custom Java development, etc. They possess domain knowledge in such industries as Utilities, Manufacturing, Telecom, Energy, FinTech, and many more. The company’s ability to deliver complex solutions to its clients and implement digital business transformations has earned it its place among the best SAP consulting providers.

2. Eleks

Eleks is another large Ukrainian SAP service company with over 2,000 employees and offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. The company has been more than 30 years on the market, during which they have delivered several hundred projects.

The company has a wide domain specialization but mainly focuses on the financial, supply chain and logistics, medical, retail, and automotive industries. Some of their most prominent clients include Aramex, ESET, and Russman.

Eleks company information

3. LeverX

LeverX is a software development and SAP services provider from Ukraine with over 1,500 employees and nearly 20 years of experience. The company has 14 offices in 10 countries worldwide, including Ukraine, the US, Latvia, and Poland.

SAP implementation, RISE with SAP, and SAP S/4HANA hold a big part of the services offered by LeverX. The company mainly focuses on the automotive, financial, manufacturing, retail, supply chain and logistics, and telecom industries. Some of their clients include British American Tobacco, Fuchs, and Retal.

LeverX company information

SAP consulting service providers in Poland

The Polish IT industry comprises over 490,000 professionals and over 1,000 IT companies. A lot of R&D centers of enterprise-level companies are located in the country. Therefore, Poland has a vibrant professional services market. According to Linkedin, there are over 17,000 SAP consultants. Also, there are 50 SAP service providers that are on the official list of SAP partners, making Poland one of the go-to places to search for the best SAP consulting providers.

4. Euvic

Euvic is a large IT software development service provider from Poland. Formed in 2005, the company already numbers over 4,500 employees. The company is a highly competent SAP consulting service provider, from implementation and configuration to training and support of the use of SAP ERP and SAP BW.

The company has a wide domain specialization, with partners from such industries as automotive, IT, medical, and telecom, to name a few. Some of their clients include Bonair, Geant, Energa, and Sygnity.

Euvic company information

5. SI consulting

SI Consulting is one of Polish SAP service providers that offers implementation and maintenance of SAP systems. As of 2022, it employs around 200 SAP professionals specializing in a wide range of services and solutions. The company has operated in the Polish market since 1998 but now it also cooperates with a number of European clients. It has completed projects for British American Tobacco, Impel, US-Pharmacia, Kompania Piwowarska, Logstor Ror, etc.

SI Consulting delivers SAP solutions for financial management, production and logistics, sales, staff management, etc. Its IT outsourcing services encompass SAP BASIS services using SAP Solution Manager, migration to SAP HANA, identity and authorization management in SAP system, etc.

SI consulting company information

6. Apollogic

One of the smaller SAP service providers on our list, Apollogic was founded in 2007 and numbers a little more than 120 employees. Nevertheless, the company offers a wide range of services for SAP, including SAP CX solution development, SAP BTP, SAP S/4HANA, and building financial and accounting solutions for SAP.

The company’s specialization covers a wide range of domains, including the automotive, manufacturing, medical, and retail industries. Some of their most well-known companies include Bosch, Volkswagen, and Allegro.

Apollogic company information

SAP specialists in Romania

Romania is another favourable destination for IT services outsourcing. There are over 190,000 IT professionals working in the country and over 350 IT companies in the local market. SAP partners list features 21 Romanian companies and there are around 7,700 SAP consultants with Linkedin accounts in the country. Let’s have a look at some of its prominent SAP services providers.

7. NTT Data Romania

NTT Data is a global software service provider represented in several countries. Its Romanian entity is one of the largest ones, which as of 2022 numbers over 2,000 employees and 6 offices across different towns in the country.

The company has extensive experience in SAP development and consulting, with many renowned companies, for example, McDonald’s and Verivox, benefiting from their services. NTT Data Romania has over 300 SAP experts on board and is the first SAP SuccessFactors and SAP S/4HANA partner in Romania.

NTT data company information

8. SkyConsult

SkyConsult is another rather small entry on our list of SAP service providers with up to 100 employees and 10+ years of experience. However, most of the company’s SAP experts have at least 10 years of experience behind their belt, making them highly skilled at providing various SAP-related services. In addition to SAP, SkyConsult also offers cloud development and migration expertise. When it comes to domain expertise, the company specializes in manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, retail, and waste management industries.

SkyConsult company information

9. Computer Sharing Bucuresti (CSB)

CBS is an IT business consulting company based in Bucharest. It provides consulting, software development, information systems design, installation and implementation, integration and testing, customization, training, warranties and post warranties services, upgrades, and outsourcing. Founded in 1994, the company has over 100 specialized professionals, many of whom are certified by SAP, IBM, and ISACA.

CSB delivered projects in utilities and manufacturing, public administration, telecommunications, banking and other financial institutions, food and beverages, etc. SAP implementation is the key expertise of the company, which delivers enterprise performance management and Business Intelligence solutions, business process management, information systems auditing, and development of custom-made software applications.

CSB company information

SAP service providers in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a large talent pool of almost 200,000 ICT professionals and over 100 IT companies in the country. Many qualified SAP consultants in the country working both on local and international markets. According to Linkedin, there are around 9,800 Czech SAP consultants. 28 Czech SAP services provider companies as well as Czech subsidiaries of big international IT consulting firms are listed as official SAP partners.

10. Mibcon

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Mobicon has provided SAP services for almost 20 years. The company has over 140 employees with multi-industry expertise. Mibcon is a certified SAP partner since 2001 and a member of United Vars – an international organization of leading SAP suppliers. Besides SAP services, the company also offers technological solutions in the areas of mobile applications, in-memory computing, and cloud computing.

Mibcon has cooperated with customers from various industry sectors and implemented a number of SAP projects. It has built expertise in SAP Analytics Support, SAP Business All-in-One Support, SAP HANA, SAP Cloud, SAP Hybris, etc.

Mibcon company information

11. Sabris

Sabris is an SAP service provider that offers solutions and services in the area of information technology to global clients and companies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is based in Prague and has representative offices in Brno, Olomouc, and Bratislava. Sabris was founded in 1994 and now it employs around 250 people. Professional services have always been the main focus of the company so it has accumulated a lot of industry-specific expertise and completed many SAP, OpenText, and Microsoft projects. The company has extensive experience with ERP SAP Business One. It has cooperated with Marvinpac, Continental, POS MEDIA EUROPE, and a number of other clients.

SAbris company information

12. con4PAS

con4PAS is a Czech SAP service provider and consulting company that has been on the market since 2003. It offers professional services in the areas of Customer Management, Call Center Management, Supplier Management, and Business Intelligence. The company implements both on-premise and cloud-based SAP solutions. It specializes in SAP Hybris C4C, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP Workflow, SAP BI, SAP ERP, SAP Hana platform, etc.

con4PAS SAP services encompass SAP licensing optimization and consulting regarding SAP licensing, SAP training, custom development in the SAP environment, implementation and upgrade of SAP systems, and 24/7 service support of delivered solutions and applications.

Con4pas company information

SAP consulting service providers in Hungary

The Hungarian IT market is not as big as the Ukrainian, Polish or Romanian but the country also offers quality IT services and attracts many international businesses. Over 175,000 professionals work in the local IT industry. Around 6,800 Hungarian SAP experts are registered on Linkedin and 22 companies are listed as official partnered SAP service providers.

13. Angyal Business Consulting Zrt.

Based in Budapest, Angyal Business Consulting provides IT services to Hungarian and European medium and large-sized enterprises. The company employs over 120 professionals specializing in consulting and custom development services. The focus areas of this company include SAP Consultancy, SAP logistics, SAP Warehouse Management (EWM), S/4HANA, Development of SAP enterprise mobile solutions, custom development (Java, .NET) for large enterprises, etc.

Angyal Business Consulting has operated for over 10 years and developed industry expertise in car manufacturing, public utilities, and the financial sector. The company has cooperated with such clients as The Hungarian Raiffeisen Bank, Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., DMRV Regional Waterworks, BorgWarner, and others.

AB consulting company information

14. BCS Business Consulting Services

BCS is an IT consultant based in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2003 and since then it has grown to 180 consultants. BCS professionals mostly focus on the implementation of SAP solutions as well as financial sector consulting. The company offers services all over Central and Eastern Europe. It delivered a number of projects in the energy, banking, finance, and aviation industries. BCS also provides front-end and back-end development of web solutions.

BCS company information

15. Techwave Hungary

Even though their headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, Techwave’s extensive presence is in Budapest, Hungary, where their development center is located. Numbering over 1,500 employees, the company has nearly 20 years of experience in the market and is one of the best SAP consulting providers in the country.

Techwave offers a wide range of SAP and SAP HANA consulting services, such as strategic planning, solution delivery and optimization, BW/CRMERP migration for HANA, cloud and operation services for HANA hosting, and more. The company has many prominent clients, such as AVON, L’OREAL, Pfizer, and Johnson&Johnson.

Techwave company information


The market of SAP service companies is mostly dominated by big IT consulting giants like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, etc. However, not every enterprise can afford their services and a lot of these companies don’t provide technical consulting and development. In this case, cooperation with providers of SAP services in Eastern Europe offers many benefits. These countries have vast IT resources, good technical education, and a lot of skilled SAP professionals. Mid-size professional SAP services providers we’ve presented in this article have solid experience in implementing SAP solutions and can bring a lot of value for your business.