With digitalization on the rise, an acute tech talent shortage became a pressing issue for businesses. In search of skilled engineering experts to extend their teams, Western companies rely on the workforce from foreign locations. In the UK, for example, around 32% of all respondents plan on increasing IT outsourcing in the next two years [1].

But what is the most effective way to staff and manage your remote team? Most enterprises seek for quick staffing opportunities and reliable business environments. From this perspective, IT outsourcing to the USA can be quiet hard due to the high demand and even higher competition for this talent. An ultimate solution might be a partnership with a company that has a legal entity in the US, but can offer staffing options elsewhere. While operating under the US jurisdiction, these vendors provide access to top-notch expertise around the world. Yet, how to differentiate your perfect tech company among a myriad of top IT outsourcing companies in the USA? And who are the most reliable digital enablers in the country? Let’s find out together.

IT outsourcing in the USA: the current state of the tech industry

The US tech sector is thriving with revenue growth of 6% annually [2]. As of the moment of writing, the American IT market is the largest in the world, making up more than 33% of the total. It is unsurprising that the country’s business potential is recognized in many international rankings. For instance, the USA ranks 6th on the Doing Business list and reaches the top three in the Tholons Global Innovations ranking. Numbers show that IT outsourcing providers are behind the industry’s continuous growth. As stated in the US technology services report by Statista, outsourcing is the industry’s major segment with $144.8B of market volume. 

Tech vendors in the USA: a brief overview

Many tech vendors from across the globe have set up their representative offices in the USA while leaving the possibility to augment your team with experts from other locations, for example, Eastern Europe. That way, you kill two birds with one stone—get access to a global talent pool, and handle the project under the American jurisdiction.

According to Clutch, the US tech market boasts over 7,940 software development companies that vary in size and industry specializations. Let’s dive deeper into the topic of IT outsourcing in the USA and analyze the local tech vendors according to several criteria:

American engineering vendors: the size of IT companies

The size of the potential outsourcing company is one of the crucial factors to define your initial choice. Larger enterprises provide access to extensive talent pools, enabling quick project launch. Moreover, such engineering vendors usually have well-optimized development processes, which ensures smooth project implementation. Thus, you should focus on companies with more than 250 tech specialists on board.

As of June 2022, large and midsize enterprises make up around 8% of all American outsourcing firms. The vendors with less than 250 IT experts on board dominate the US market—the country is home to around 7,300 small-size businesses.

IT companies in the USA, by size

IT outsourcing companies in the USA: industry focus

American tech enterprises provide full-fledged solution development for a wide range of domains. The most popular industry vector is healthcare—more than 15% of IT companies are involved in software development for medical providers. Business services and finance come next with approximately 1,200+ tech vendors handling projects for each of the industries. Some other commonly serviced domains are manufacturing, consumer products and services, as well as retail. Education, government, e-commerce, and legal industries have also made it to the top ten most common domains in the USA. The number of engineering vendors with relevant experience is roughly estimated as 450 for each of these domains.

Key industries serviced by the American IT vendors

The US tech companies: key service lines

No matter how complex your business challenges are, engineering vendors from the US can satisfy any of your business needs. IT outsourcing companies in the USA can assist you with IT strategy and Cloud consulting, custom software development, BI and Big Data solutions, and other services. A considerable number of American companies (1020+) provide assistance with web app implementation, mobile app development (around 780 vendors), and team augmentation (over 700 companies). Artificial intelligence and enterprise app modernization close the list of the most popular service lines among the US tech vendors. There are around 300 companies from the US that cover each of these expertise areas.

IT companies in the USA, by provided services

IT companies in the USA: analysis by client type

The image of an average client can tell you a lot about the country’s current market state. According to Clutch, the US tech industry is well-balanced: American IT firms deliver projects for all types of businesses. The lion’s share of IT outsourcing vendors in the USA solves tech challenges for midsize businesses (up to 2,100 companies). Partnerships with small vendors make up around 25% of all engineering cooperations in the USA. At the same time, a considerable number of outsourcing companies in the US implement solutions for large international enterprises with >$1B of revenue.

Top IT outsourcing companies in the USA: a golden selection

The local technology market boasts around 8,000 engineering companies of various sizes, expertise specializations, and industry focuses. To help you choose the right partner that will respond to your particular business needs, we created a list of the most reliable engineering companies with representative offices in the US. While selecting, we referred to Clutch as a trusted source of reviews for IT companies from around the globe and based our choice of vendors on the following flow:

  1. First of all, we searched for the top IT outsourcing companies in the USA. Our list includes only midsize and large tech firms employing over 250 tech experts. 
  2. To provide you with the most trustworthy IT outsourcing companies in the USA, we selected only vendors with 5+ reviews on Clutch. Moreover, all enterprises on our list have high review scores (4.7+/5).
  3. The catalog is made up of companies with 10+ years of experience in outsourcing software development.
  4. Our selection includes IT companies with offices in the US as well as development centers all across the globe. 
  5. All of the engineering vendors on the list have a proven record of fruitful cooperation with recognized clients.

IT outsourcing in the USA: a list of the trusted software development vendors

1. N-iX

N-iX is a reliable European software development company with over 21 years of international market experience. Over this time, the engineering vendor has opened offices in 8 locations, including R&D centers in Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, and presence in the USA. This makes it possible to establish a partnership with N-iX in compliance with the American enterprise regulations. 

The company’s team counts more than 2,200 well-versed tech experts that implement full-fledged products for manufacturing, logistics, retail, fintech, telecommunications, and many other domains. Its client list includes top players such as Gogo, AVL, Fluke, Currencycloud, and many Fortune 500 companies. Due to the high service quality and strong employee brand, N-iX has earned global industry recognition: the vendor took the leading positions in the EMEA 50 Inspiring Workplaces list, IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 selection, and more. One of the vendor’s latest and most notable achievements is the CRN’s award—the channel has mentioned N-iX among 2022 Solution Provider 500 leaders.

N-iX: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

2. Forte Group

Another example of top IT outsourcing companies in the USA, this tech enterprise employs over 800 skilled engineers. Over 20+ years in the tech market, the vendor delivered more than 300 successful projects for finance, e-commerce, retail, education, logistics, and other domains.

Forte Group: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

3. Icreon

This software development vendor has been on the international market for over 20 years. The company’s team is experienced in IT strategy and consulting, custom software development, Cloud engineering, Big Data implementation, and many other service lines. The vendor has 350+ IT experts on board that deliver innovative tech solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education, entertainment, and many other business verticals.

Icreon: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

4. Fingent

Founded in 2003, this is another midsize custom software development company with a solid industry reputation. Its portfolio counts more than 700 projects delivered for clients mainly from fintech, real estate, education, and logistics. The vendor’s key focus areas are custom software development, digital advisory, as well as infrastructure integration.

Fingent: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

5. iTechArt Group

This is a reliable Eastern European company represented in the USA, UK, and Poland. The vendor’s experience in digital encompasses 20+ years and spans numerous industries including e-commerce, real estate, fintech, marketing, and more. The company’s specialists are well-grounded in web and mobile app development, Cloud implementation, and UI/UX design.

iTechArtGroup: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

6. Waverley Software

Since the company’s foundation in the early 90s, it has built fruitful partnerships with numerous clients across the robotics, healthcare, fintech, smart home, and other industries. The IT vendor offers assistance with digital transformation, Cloud implementation, Embedded development, Data Science, AI, and other services.

Waverley Software: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

7. Andersen 

One more notable name in IT outsourcing in the USA, this software development company is one of the largest on our list. The vendor’s team consists of 3,300+ tech professionals well-versed in mobile and web app implementation, DevOps services, Business Analysis, IoT, and Cloud development. During 15+ years on the market, this outsourcing firm has opened offices across the USA, UK, Poland, Lithuania, and Germany.

Andersen: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

8. ScienceSoft

This vendor is among the most experienced in our selection of top IT outsourcing companies in the USA. The company was set up in 1989, and since then has handled projects for 30+ industries: from healthcare and manufacturing to banking and retail. As of 2022, the tech enterprise has applied its expertise in custom software development, Data analytics, and digital transformation projects.

ScienceSoft: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

9. Sedin Technologies

Another midsize company on our list, this engineering vendor has more than 300 skilled professionals on board. Its area of expertise spans Data Analytics, enterprise app development, robotic process automation, and technology consulting.

Sedin Technologies: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

10. Ciklum

This large digital solutions company employs over 4,000 skilled developers in more than 20 locations across the globe. Headquartered in London, UK, the vendor also has offices in the USA, Ukraine, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, and Germany. Their technology team offers help with custom solution development, robotics process automation, cybersecurity services, DevOps development, and more.

Ciklum: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

11. Kin + Carta

This enterprise stands out among the IT outsourcing companies in the USA for its vast engineering experience. The company was established in 1964, and since then has delivered projects to clients from agriculture, finance, insurance, and public sector industries. The company’s service list includes Cloud development, Bid Data, AI, and other services.

Kin+Carta: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

12. Beyondsoft Consulting

This IT firm boasts a high talent capacity—the company employs over 26,000 engineering experts. During 25+ years of its market presence, the vendor has dealt with tech challenges mostly for e-commerce, finance, automobile, retail, and logistics providers. Its key expertise areas span AI implementation, Big Data, IoT development, and IT consulting.

Beyondsoft Consulting: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

13. Affirma Consulting

A trusted tech company on the international scene, this representative of IT outsourcing companies in the USA has over 20 years of market experience in providing solutions mainly for finance and manufacturing. Their tech experts provide assistance with custom software development, Cloud implementation, DevOps, and Data Analysis.

Affirma Consulting year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

14. Innovecs

The youngest vendor on our list, this software development firm was set up in 2011. Even though its client list is shorter, the company has earned an industry reputation for the quality of its services. The vendor’s engineering team applies their knowledge of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud development, and DevOps to implement solutions for supply chain, logistics, media, and other domains.

Inovecs: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

15. Coherent Solutions

This IT outsourcing firm has offices in the USA, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, and Poland. The company’s software development experience covers e-commerce solutions, Cloud and DevOps engineering, and mobile app implementation. The majority of their clients are healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and wellness enterprises.

Coherent Solutions: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

IT outsourcing to the USA: how to select the right partner?

Finding a software development company for IT outsourcing in the USA may be a challenging task, due to the relatively high hourly rates and a smaller local talent pool. However, the alternative solution is to partner with the US vendor that will staff IT experts from other locations for you. But how to choose your perfect match among dozens of top it outsourcing companies? You should go through our checklist of key criteria when looking for a partner in tech:

Service quality

The first thing to pay attention to when selecting among several outsourcing vendors is the destination and the quality of local engineering services. We recommend staffing experts in the countries that take top positions in the expertise evaluation lists, such as Top Coder or Skillvalue. Many Eastern European countries are leaders in global service quality selections. For example, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland have made it to the top five of the Skillvalue list. In addition, look for the vendor’s industry recognitions, like IAOP or CRN mentions—international awards will add up extra points to the company’s reputation.

Tech education

Research the educational background in the location of your potential outsourcing team. The number of universities that provide CS and STEM education directly influences the number of skilled developers in the area. The 2020 Times Higher Education ranking shows that Eastern European specialists have the highest access to tech courses among the most prominent outsourcing locations.

World University Ranking 2020

English proficiency

Good command of English is one of the key components of fruitful collaboration without any language hindrances. In this aspect, Eastern Europe reaches the leading position among the popular outsourcing destinations— the English proficiency in the region varies from high to moderate. At the same time, a smaller number of tech experts from South America and South-East Asia speak English fluently.

English language proficiency among developers around the world

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Why choose N-iX for your long-term engineering cooperation?

  • N-iX is a reliable engineering vendor with 21+ years of market experience in telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, agritech, retail, and many other business domains;
  • The tech enterprise has a legal entity in the USA, and offices in Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria;
  • Over a third of the our clients are North American companies; 
  • N-iX tech experts are well-grounded in Cloud development, Business Intelligence, Embedded software implementation, Internet of Things, Big Data, and UI/UX design;
  • The company partners with international market leaders providing high-quality engineering services to Gogo, Fluke, AVL, and many Fortune 500 companies;
  • The company’s specialists comply with the recognized standards of data protection, namely, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, PCI DSS, and more;
  • N-iX is recognized in the industry: the tech enterprise has reached top positions in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 and the CRN Fast Growth 150 lists.

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  1. 2022 The UK IT Sourcing Study, Panconsulting
  2. 2022 The US Technology Services report, Statista

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