Igor Tymchuk

Igor Tymchuk

Head of Delivery Department, VP Delivery

Igor has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, currently leading multiple projects at N-iX as VP Delivery, with a special focus on Data & Analytics. His profound technical knowledge spans data engineering, big data, cloud services, database design and architecture, AI, neural networks, and more.

Igor’s journey in technology began with a foundation in security engineering, specializing in Cisco products. Later, he worked as a software engineer in various tech companies. Igor's path then led him to N-iX, which he initially joined as a senior Data Engineer It was here that Igor's career took a remarkable turn, as he grew to the role of Vice President, leading the company’s Data Analytics and Digital Transformation initiatives and helping its clients harness the power of data.

In his current role, Igor’s strategic oversight and technical proficiency are key to initiating and scaling numerous projects, underpinning both his individual success and the growth of N-iX’s Data & Analytics practice.

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