Mykhaylo Kohut

Mykhaylo Kohut

Embedded Solutions Architect at N-iX

Mykhaylo is an IoT and embedded software expert with extensive experience in IoT consulting, embedded system design, and development. He plays a pivotal role in the research and development (R&D) of cutting-edge IoT solutions at N-iX. 

He is particularly involved in the creation of IoT platforms capable of handling large-scale data processing and analytics, essential for deriving actionable insights to enhance business operations. With his team, he creates platforms for asset management and tracking, smart lighting, and smart warehousing, to name a few. 

Mykhaylo excels at all levels of embedded systems, from monolithic to distributed ones, and ensures proper connectivity of these systems, be it wired, wireless, mobile, or mesh networks. Together with his team, he creates vast, low-power, and failure-proof networks that satisfy the needs of a modern enterprise.

With a background in serving international clients, Mykhaylo has a deep understanding of diverse market needs and a proven track record of solving complex technical challenges. He specializes in system architecture design and actively contributes to Proof of Concept (PoC) development for embedded projects spanning a wide range of industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, robotics, and more.

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