Development of a Mobile Client to Control Energy Networks

Clayster (formerly part of KTC Control AB) is a company that develops systems, services and applications to improve energy efficiency and security of buildings.

Clayster (formerly part of KTC Control AB) delivers solutions that enable energy companies, large enterprises and private real estate owners to monitor and manage property’s energy and security networks both onsite through a control panel and remotely through a web application.

Partnership overview

The growing use of smartphones created the need to make a very complex KTC solution also available through a mobile phone. Dedicated team at N-iX fully delivered mobile competency to architect, develop and deploy mobile client to support KTC Control solutions. As a result of cooperation all complex KTC Control solutions are fully available for remote control via an Android phone. Clayster dedicated team successfully solved a range of technical challenges during the project.

The team managed to deliver a complex application in spite of many limitations of the Android operation system. It created a solution to generate complex screens with multiple elements and controls without prior knowledge of screen elements. Furthermore, the team reached a desired application response time of less than 1 sec., created smooth transitions between the screens and found a solution to change skins in real-time.

Product overview

KTC mobile client

The KTC mobile client is a native Android application designed to monitor and control property’s energy and security networks in real-time. The mobile client interacts with the KTC Control server using multiple communication channels to illustrate customized server data on the phone. The illustrated data may include past and real-time technical equipment data such as gas, water and electricity meter data, door lock systems data, as well as third party apps data. It also enables illustration of data manipulations: customers are able to estimate the cost of spending by every meter, predict energy expenses over time and schedule customized reports.

The mobile client also enables remote control over the property network. It allows for full control over the technical equipment, as well as scheduling and customizing network actions. Unlike most mobile clients that allow only a part of features on mobile, KTC Control’s mobile client makes the features available in the web app also available on mobile.

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