N-iX provides full-cycle development of instructional management solutions. We create educational and e-learning software applications for corporate education and general use.
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According to forecasts, education technology spending will reach $250bn by 2020. Most of that cash will go to e-learning projects that provide unlimited access to professional training courses. Ed-tech solutions will transform education into a more flexible and cost-effective tool, tailored to specific needs of individuals.

N-iX will help you greatly improve the quality of educational programs. Our extended teams deliver educational software development services for a variety of industries. We build custom e-learning courseware with Adobe Storyline, online training software, natural language processing tools, VR & AR solutions, predictive analytics software, and other education technology apps.

Diverse services for ed-tech

Companies and educational institutions increasingly invest in the newest technologies. Ed-tech solutions help businesses handle the growing demand for skilled workforce. The range of software for education includes e-learning courses, visualization tools, gamification solutions, and much more. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Data analytics background including AI

Data analytics and artificial intelligence have immense potential in ed-tech. Machine learning is behind adaptive learning systems that evaluate user’s knowledge to suggest the next educational steps. Machine learning experts at N-iX write AI algorithms with Python & R. We effectively integrate innovative libraries such as TensorFlow, Theano, and many others. Learn more about our AI expertise.

Let’s educate people together

We are a reliable partner in educational software applications development. Our engineers deliver various e-learning projects and web-based instructional management solutions. We create educational solutions of any scale and complexity that unleash the power of digital learning and create new models of teaching.

VR and AR for ed-tech

Our experts create unique VR simulations for educational and training purposes. Since 2017, N-iX has been cooperating with Sports VTS to build an exclusive training platform for the professional and college quarterbacks. This virtual reality software combines real-life objects with realistic simulated environments. The platform allows educating players on various tactics without involving the whole football team and, thus, saving cash.

Software engineers at N-iX have massive experience with immersive educational applications. Apart from the Sports VTS project mentioned above, we also created an augmented reality mobile application for a Swedish healthcare provider Brighter AB. This app is a visual simulation that educates people to use a custom insulin injection tool. We helped Brighter with other immersive projects, too, see the case study.

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Expertise we offer

Custom educational apps
Virtual reality applications
E-learning platforms
Robust solutions for data analytics
Machine learning and AI
Enterprise VR and AR simulations
Skills measurement solutions
Instructional management platforms
Gamification solutions

Why us

E-learning experience

Our e-learning developers create custom online courseware for various industry and education fields. We are proficient with key development software and tools, such as Adobe Storyline.

Data analytics expertise

For multiple projects, N-iX engineers design and implement diverse data analytics solutions. We are experts in manual data science and automated analytics with machine learning and AI.

VR and AR proficiency

N-iX offers a leading VR and AR expertise in the Eastern European region. We have a broad portfolio of immersive solutions for educational, training, and gaming domains.

Diverse technological experience

Given a magnitude of educational solutions, N-iX offers you a broad software development expertise. We are proficient with many technologies that power disruptive ed-tech solutions.

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