Retail and OmniChannel Ecommerce

We help companies across the globe implement omni channel retail software solutions and deliver contextual, consistent, and personalized customer experiences reshaping the future of the industry.

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Omnichannel retail software solutions to connect with your customers

N-iX is an innovation-oriented company which provides end-to-end retail software development services starting from warehouse management solutions to omni channel digital marketing platforms. We aid businesses in adopting, maintaining, and integrating the most suitable retail software to meet increasingly exacting expectations of tech-savvy customers.

N-iX developers implement omni channel point of sale solutions which allow businesses to integrate offline and online selling touchpoints and enable conversions across all channels.

Furthermore, we build retail software systems to help companies leverage predictive customer analytics, advanced inventory management, marketing automation, retail accounting software, and SIEM, as well as integration with third-party services (Shopify, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PayPal etc.), and social media.

N-iX software engineers have solid expertise in implementing retail software solutions to enhance supply chain management, loyalty program management, and trade promotion management thus streamlining processes and increasing profits.

We build omnichannel marketing systems bringing in more depth of services and helping retail businesses provide highly targeted, timely, and consistent experiences getting them closer to their customers.

  • Platform-based development

  • Delivering POS solutions

  • CRM implementation

  • Marketing system integration for retail

  • BI and Data Analytics

  • Mobility solutions

  • AI and chatbots

  • Blockchain development

  • IoT applications for retail

Our Retail and Omnichannel Ecommerce Expertise

Omnichannel Solutions

N-iX engineers have solid experience in retail software development. We  leverage the latest technologies to help companies consolidate all customer-facing touch points, including web, mobile, social media, physical stores, etc. N-iX developers build omnichannel solutions which enable businesses to capture, store, process, and aggregate customer data and inventory information updates. That allows you to identify relevant insights, promptly act upon them, and deliver seamless, contextual, and meaningful experiences to your customers.

CRM Integration and Development

Our engineers build custom CRM systems and perform integration with third-party systems such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM systems help retail businesses track their sales processes, streamline business transactions, prevent communication bottlenecks, make well-founded decisions, and boost the overall productivity. To ensure effective CRM performance, we implement customer database management systems, sales lead tracking systems, order management systems, analytics and reporting solutions, contact appointment schedulers, and many more.

Ecommerce and Marketing Automation

N-iX engineers implement comprehensive ecommerce marketing automation for retail which comprises website management, social media personalization, automated e-mailing, sales process automation, omnichannel marketing reports. What’s more, we ensure seamless integration of marketing automation with your enterprise ecommerce system (Magento Enterprise, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, WebSphere Commerce, Intershop Commerce Suite, Hybris-based platform, etc).

SAP Hybris Development

SAP Hybris is one of the leading e-commerce platforms. It is scalable, flexible, and easily customizable to meet specific demands of various businesses. What’s more, the technology allows to handle multiple streams of big data and retrieve actionable data insights. N-iX Hybris developers have hands-on expertise in implementing omnichannel SAP Hybris projects which provide a 360 degree view on your customers and business processes.

ERP and Sales Processing

ERP systems track business resources, improve overall workflow, and bring in integrity to the processes. N-iX engineers implement highly efficient ERP systems which help to orchestrate daily business activities such as accounting, procurement, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Furthermore, we help retail businesses build omnichannel POS applications providing flexibility across a wide range of payment devices and delivering a seamless, personalized experience to your customers.

BI and Data Analytics for Retail

N-iX experts have solid experience in leveraging BI, Data Analytics, AI, and chatbots. Our solutions enable real-time data streaming, storing, scaling, processing, and timely reacting to the strategic business decisions. N-iX specialists help companies build cloud data warehouses, orchestrate different types of databases, and transform unstructured data into insightful, actionable visuals. Furthermore, we aid retail businesses in using Big Data, implementing Artificial Intelligence and effective predictive analytics systems.

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