Dedicated Development Team for a Private Investment Company

Axis Strategic Partners is a private investment company based in the United Arab Emirates that connects issuers and investors through their web platform.

Axis Strategic Partners is a financial advisory firm that provides investment banking services to customers in its core markets in the Middle East & Africa. The company focuses on assisting their customers in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering, and underwriting.

Partnership overview

N-iX partnership with Axis Strategic Partners started in June 2017 with a 2-month discovery phase. Within several months, a dedicated development team at N-iX rapidly grew from 5 to 16 team members. Ultimately, it consisted of several front-end and back-end developers, a DevOps engineer, a QA specialist, an Android developer, and a project manager. 

N-iX provided full-cycle software development services, from conducting business analysis and developing tech infrastructure to testing the software and managing a team. 

Software developers at N-iX worked on several projects for Axis Strategic Partners. Together, we developed a web platform based on microservices where issuers who have great business ideas can connect with investors who are looking for budding startups to support. N-iX team was also responsible for building web portals for all strategic partners of Axis Strategic Partners where they can upload their issuers’ and investors’ databases. 

Apart from web development, our specialists provided mobile application development services. They built an Android application for investors and issuers. It enables them to receive necessary updates on the projects and investors on time.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Partnership period
June 2017 - April 2019
Java .NET JavaScript React

Product overview

A platform for investors, issuers, and advisors

N-iX collaborated with Axis Strategic Partners on a web platform for issuers and investors. On this website, issuers can publish their projects, while investors can choose a project for investment. All the customers go through the customer check that proves their level of reliability. All the projects must be published by issuers and confirmed by an admin. There are also advisors – trustworthy members who give their recommendations to investors. 

Besides, N-iX experts developed an Android application with an intuitive user interface to ensure better communication between investors and issuers.

Strategic partners’ portals

All strategic partners have their own web portals. They can use them to upload their issuers’ and investors’ databases. Moreover, they choose whether the information is public or visible only for the portal members.

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