StarBreach: Graphical Assets for Xenko Demo Game

StarBreach is an immersive demo game that was built to showcase the impressive graphical possibilities of Xenko – an open-source cross-platform game engine developed by Silicon Studio. Its wide tool suite can be used to create mobile and PC games with C#. Xenko is highly compatible with VR as it features forward clustered rendering which allows to deliver quality virtual reality experiences and games.

  • art production for StarBreach demo game
  • creation of PBR graphical assets
  • integration of art assets into the engine
Japan, Tokyo
Partnership period
July 2016 - December 2017
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Enterprise Virtual Reality Production Virtual Reality Solutions Concept art, 2D/3D art, character animation
CloudBees, Xenko, Photoshop, 3Ds Max

Success story in detail

Facts and Features
  • Immersive demo game
  • VR and non-VR gameplay options
  • 2D and 3D art development and animation
  • High quality graphical assets
  • Exploiting the possibilities of Xenko game engine
From Idea to Implementation

Silicon Studio was looking for an experienced art production team that could create high quality game art for the StarBreach demo game. At the same time, the client wanted to demonstrate the technological possibilities of Xenko game engine.

Following the client’s requirements, our team worked on 2D concepts for the ‘StarBreach’ demo game. Based on them, our 3D artists created PBR graphical assets for the game presentation at GDC 2016.

Value Delivered by N-iX:

N-iX professionals were able to establish effective communication with the client, which helped them to attain the stated objectives. They delivered a number of appealing assets that reveal the benefits of Xenko game engine, and especially, the potential it has in VR domain.

  • Compelling game art for the ‘StarBreach’ game that showcases the opportunities Xenko offers to game programmers.
  • Enhanced user experience of the engine thanks to the insights provided by the team.


N-iX started cooperation with Silicon Studio in June 2016. The Japanese company that provides services in media and entertainment was looking for an experienced game development team that would work on one of their key products. As N-iX game programmers have wide experience in working with Unity3D and Unreal Engine, they were happy try out the new engine and offer their expertise.
The team provided the client with valuable insight about the performance of Xenko game engine. Additionally, the game artists created compelling graphical assets for the StarBreach shooter game to demonstrate the capacities of the product and attract new users. Thus N-iX and Silicon Studio established effective partnership which brought major benefits for both companies.


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