Software Product Development for Masmovil - a Leading Spanish Telecom Provider

Client background

MASMOVIL Group is the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Spain that provides telephony, mobile, and broadband Internet services to households, businesses, and operators via its key brands: Yoigo, Pepephone, MASMOVIL, and Llamaya.

Business challenge

MASMOVIL Group needed to extend its technological capabilities to build efficient and secure software products that would streamline document management workflow and cross-selling to customers.


N-iX gathered a dedicated development team with the necessary skill set. Our specialists cooperated with the client’s on-site team developing solutions for the CRM that integrates Yoigo, Pepephone, MASMOVIL, and Llamaya to manage customer relationships in a general scope of the MASMOVIL Group.

Value delivered by N-iX

  • Gathering a team of skilled software developers within a short time frame
  • Seamless integration with an on-site team
  • Development of two solutions to ensure effective customer relationship management
  • Efficient maintenance of the project documentation

Partnership period
August 2018 - April 2019
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Java Scala JavaScript Node.js; frameworks: SpringBoot, Spring WebFlux, Spring Data, Express.js (Node), ReactJS, Redux; databases: Google Cloud DataStore; cloud solutions: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker; continuous integration tool: CircleCI; UI/UX: MaterialUI

Success story in detail

Client's goals

MASMOVIL Group teamed up with N-iX to achieve the following objectives:

  • extend the in-house team with specialists who have strong engineering skills in Java, JavaScript, Scala as well as experience in developing similar projects in the area of telecom;
  • develop a solution that would ensure effective document management;
  • build a cross-selling platform that would help their employees offer various tariff packages and discounts to their customers.
  • Developing an intuitive UI using JavaScript (React)
  • Developing back-end for the Producto app with Java
  • Ensuring the interaction of front-end and back-end through Apigee
  • Building a Java project with Maven and Docker on the CircleCI platform
  • Deploying applications to Kubernetes with the help of Helm
  • Developing new microservices
  • Designing Data Structures on the persistence layer
  • Integration with an external CMS (Contentful)
  • Working on improving the system’s performance

N-iX team consisted of 14 specialists. There was a large software development team on the client’s side that consisted of 40+ specialists. We seamlessly integrated with the core team. We had a 2-week trip to Spain to visit the client and establish effective communication with the on-site team.

Our specialists worked on two applications. We developed an intuitive UI with good user experience using React & Redux and delivered back-end with Java for Producto app, a document management system that tracks and stores invoices, welcome letters, and contracts. Also, our team collaborated on the Portfolio app, a cross-sale platform that helps employees offer various tariff packages and discounts to customers. The app was built in partnership with Qvantel who developed mainly back-end with Scala. Our team at N-iX worked on front-end development with JavaScript, using React for this product.

The source code was stored on GitHub. Our team applied a GitHub flow for managing feature development, release preparation, and maintenance. A Java project was built with Maven and Docker on CircleCI platform. We deployed applications to Kubernetes with the help of Helm and monitored the system with Sentry.

Also, we adopted several Google Cloud Platform services such as Cloud Datastore and  Cloud Storage for effective storage and querying of documents; Pub/Sub for flexible real-time messaging between independent applications; and Cloud Schedule for automating various jobs with generated documents.

Additionally, our team developed new microservices that allow building the UI for generating, searching, and previewing documents in Producto. We continuously built, tested, and deployed microservices and reactivated back-end microservices with Java Spring WebFlux and vert.x.

As a part of our services, we also made integration with an external content management system Contentful, which allows creating, managing and distributing content to any platform.

Value delivered by N-iX

N-iX successfully gathered a strong dedicated development team of DevOps engineers, Java, JavaScript, and Scala software developers to deliver high-quality solutions to our partner. 

Establishing healthy communication from the outset contributed to the success of our further cooperation with the client. N-iX team easily integrated with the client’s team and delivered on the client’s expectations.

N-iX managed to build partnership relationships with the MASMOVIL Group, which resulted in the development of two software products that help manage customer relationships in an efficient way.

Continuous maintenance of the project documentation on Confluence eliminated the project knowledge loss, the risk of miscommunication and ensured smooth knowledge transfer during the project closing phase.


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