Automotive testing is a highly regulated industry in terms of security standards, functional safety, and international compliance. Moreover, the quality assurance process is extremely complex and has to cover every part of the process and adhere to multiple compliances. If you are looking for a reliable automotive testing company, here are ten vendors with both expertise and an understanding of the domain. 

Selection methodology

To create this list, we analyzed dedicated directories and listings for vendors that have experience in delivering automotive testing services. We narrowed down this list  based on the following criteria:

  1. Strong automotive and quality assurance expertise;
  2. 5+ years on the market;
  3. Over 500 employees to ensure scalability potential and effective processes;
  4. Public case studies and client’s testimonials.

For this list, we have selected the companies that specialize in software testing, LIDAR, radar, and real-life simulations – everything related to both in-vehicle and cloud parts of the automobile infrastructure. 

10 best automotive testing companies

We have compiled a list of international companies that have delivery centers in one of several established outsourcing destinations and have enough resources to deal with even the most challenging project.

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the top automotive testing companies in Eastern Europe

N-iX is one of the top Eastern European automotive testing companies. The firm partners with Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies, providing full-cycle services: from analysis of the system, requirements preparation – all the way to qualification support. This automotive testing company has experience in delivering in-vehicle and cloud testing services, specializing in Automotive SPICE framework and ISO-29119 and ISO-26262 compliant tests. Moreover, the company’s specialists have experience with LIDAR, radar, and camera simulations solutions.

2. intive

intive in an automotive testing company with HQ in Germany

Despite being headquartered in Munich, Germany, the major development facilities of this vendor are located in Poland and Argentina. The company partners primarily with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and has some widely known brands in its portfolio. Their service list includes AUTOSAR-compliant development and testing, HMI and infotainment systems, as well as software testing for the automotive domain in general. 

3. Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a.s.

Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions

This Czech automotive testing company is one of the smaller vendors on our list. The Clutch profile of Cleverance indicates that 30% of the company's clients are representative of the automotive industry. The firm has partnered with several OEMs and Tier 1 automotive clients, providing development and testing services. They also have experience in DevOps, CloudOps, and security and possess a Tisax certification.

4. Luxoft

Another Eastern European automotive testing company

This is a large vendor with delivery centers all over Eastern Europe and Asia. Having strong automotive expertise, the company specializes in IVI testing, validation, and sensors and systems testing. While there is very little information about the clients that have used the services of this vendor, you can find a lot of information about their partnerships: e.g., the company worked with AWS on the Robotic Drive Cloud.

5. FPT Software

FPT Software is an Asian automotive testing company

With multiple delivery centers across the Asia-Pacific region, this firm helps automotive manufacturers to ensure that their software and applications function correctly and according to specifications. The company's service list includes functional and non-functional, system, configuration, and security testing throughout multiple testing phases. This vendor also has experience with autonomous driving systems and simulations. 

6. Etteplan

One of the oldest Polish automotive testing companies

It is one of the oldest automotive testing companies on our list. With over 30 years of market presence and 3,000+ employees, this vendor specializes in both software and lab testing. Over the years, the company has developed and tested driver-assistance systems for some major OEMs. They also provide HVAC testing and support with technical documentation needed for further certification.

7. eInfochips

Indian Automotive testing companies

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA, this automotive testing vendor has the majority of its delivery centers located in India. The firm partners with OEMs and Tier 1 companies. The service list of this vendor includes software and application engineering, feature modeling, simulation, verification and validation (MIL, SIL, HIL), and consulting services regarding functional safety. 

8. Global Logic

An automotive testing company from Eastern Europe

The company has delivery centers across Eastern Europe, India, and Argentina. This vendor has strong automotive expertise, delivering services to manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry. Their service lines also include engineering, advanced driver assistance systems, and connectivity solutions. They have experience with building automotive applications and UX design. 

9. Spyrosoft

Polish vendor with strong automotive expertise

Despite having only 5+ years of market presence, this vendor has an impressive portfolio and in-depth automotive expertise. The company has several delivery centers in Poland and Croatia, as well as representative offices in the US, the UK, and Germany. Apart from software testing, they specialize in V2X and V2V software, IVI solutions, software integration solutions, and functional safety. 

10. NTT DATA Romania

Romanian comfy with automotive testing expertise

Concluding our list of automotive testing companies, this Romanian vendor has over 20 years of market presence. The company partners mainly with the UK and European clients. However, its website claims the presence and operations in 50+ countries. NTT Data delivers its expertise in test design, architecture, and testing process automation. 

How to choose the best automotive testing company? 

Despite a relatively short list of automotive testing companies, the process of selecting the right tech partner can be rather complicated and tedious. Here are four things to look for: 

1. End-to-end services

It is always easier to deal with a single vendor that serves as a one-stop shop, especially if the company you choose can fulfill all your needs: from analyzing your business case to automatic report generation for future certification. 

2. Strong embedded, Data, and DevOps expertise 

  • Embedded development and testing. The majority of automotive testing is related to testing embedded systems or system components. Choose a vendor that has hands-on experience in embedded testing. 
  • Data expertise. If you plan to gather and use data about the performance of your systems, opt for a company that has a strong data analytics expertise. 
  • DevOps expertise. If you don't have the in-house expertise or need help setting CI/CD pipelines, check if the potential vendor can deliver this type of service. 


Certification is a complex process with a lot of details and aspects. You are more likely to succeed with a partner who knows how to gather, process, and further implement all the requirements within the testing strategy. 

3. Experience with requirements management

Any reputable automotive testing company should be acquainted with the industry regulations, such as Automotive SPICE, ISO 9001, ISO 29119, ISO 26262, and ISO 33050. This will allow them to deliver top-notch services and help you  to pass the certification process successfully. 

4. Understanding of standards, regulations, and compliances

Outsource your automotive testing now

Why choose N-iX among other automotive testing companies? 

  1. N-iX provides an in-depth analysis of system and software requirements.
  2. We design the test concept and develop the testing framework.
  3. Our experts carefully handle every aspect of the testing process, including MiL, SiL, HiL, and PiL.
  4. We build our automotive testing process based on the Automotive SPICE framework.
  5. The company adheres to the highest standards and complies with the required regulations of the automotive industry.

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