Ukraine is one of the major IT-destinations in Eastern Europe and, thanks to MappedinUkraine project, soon it will become more visible.

IT map

AVentures Capital and Hybrid Capital have recently joined their efforts for the development of online-map of Ukrainian startups, product and outsourcing companies and other IT-related organizations called MappedinUkraine. The aim of the project is to gather all Ukrainian software companies, startups (more than 2000 startups are expected), venture capital funds, business incubators, co-workings and creative spaces – those companies which shape the future of IT-industry of the country on one map. MappedinUkraine is a nonprofit project based on crowdsourcing principles. Every startup or N-iX IT-company may point itself on the map and provide its description and contact details. According to project founders, Ukraine has very powerful IT community, but the problem is that it is quite disconnected. MappedinUkraine simplifies access to the information about numerous Ukrainian projects and companies and therefore helps to consolidate Ukrainian tech community and integrate it into the world one. More information about the project could be found in the article on AIN.

A Map Gathers Ukrainian Software Companies and Startups

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