Recognized as a mother country of many talented Java developers, Ukraine has become extremely popular as an IT outsourcing destination. It is shortlisted in Clutch Leaders Matrices as one of the leading software engineering centers in Eastern Europe. There are many reasons to outsource your software product development to Ukraine such as guaranteed quality, reasonable pricing, good command of English, just to name a few. Most of the Ukrainian IT companies offer full-cycle software product development services for various industries and use a wide range of technology stacks. 

Java is the most popular language among Ukrainian developers, according to the results of the survey conducted by Moreover, Ukrainian Java community is big and active. They organize many meetups and events to discuss latest Java news, hacks and updates. Since 2011, JEEConf – the largest Java conference in Eastern Europe – is annually held in Kyiv, turning Ukraine into a real Java hub.

Also, this programming language is in high demand at the IT outsourcing market. Clients from Western Europe and the USA cooperate with Ukrainian software development companies to get access to the huge talent pool the country offers.

This article names five established companies of different size that have taken advantage of outsourcing software development to Ukraine. What these businesses have in common is their leading positions in the corresponding industries, location in Western Europe or the US, and cooperation with Ukrainian Java developers.

1. Lebara

Industry: MVNO

Founded: 2001

Location: UK

Company size: 501-1000 employees

Outsourcing partner: N-iX

Lebara cooperated with Ukrainian Java developers

Lebara is a global telecommunications company using the mobile virtual network operator business model and providing services to 5 million active customers. Lebara offers prepaid mobile SIM cards to fulfil the needs of migrant communities. In 2016, the company was named Best MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), thus holding its leading position for the seventh year in a row.

Lebara has developed many of its products in cooperation with N-iX, a top Java development company, according to Lebara and its dedicated development team at N-iX, located in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, are partners since December 2014. Having expertise in delivering Java-based software solutions, N-iX successfully uses it for both web and mobile applications. Thus the two companies cooperated in building backend components on Java for a variety of Lebara software products. Now N-iX is responsible for the code quality, stability, performance and support of such Lebara products as LebaraPlay, Bluepipe, BundleManager, Remittance and TopUp.

2. Book2Meet

Industry: Hospitality

Founded: 2014

Location: Belgium

Company size: 11-50 employees

Outsourcing partner: N-iX

Book2Meet cooperated with Ukrainian Java developers

Book2Meet is the marketplace for online booking of meeting spaces and event management in Europe. The company’s meeting planning team provides a transparent and flexible environment where one may choose from more than 32,000 rooms to book in Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

Quick reservation and perfectly matching search results are the fundamentals of Book2Meet’s success. Highly skilled Java engineers at N-iX have developed the project from architecture design to quality control. Also, N-iX Java developers have built the backend components that power the booking system.

3. PrismTech

Industry: Computer Software

Founded: 1992

Location: US

Company size: 51-200 employees

Outsourcing partner: Sigma Software

PrismTech cooperated with Ukrainian Java developers

PrismTech operates worldwide delivering performance and cost advantages to their customers by software integration solutions. PrismTech provides software platforms, tools and services to a wide range of customers in such market sectors as healthcare, finance, transportation, industry, aerospace, and defense. In 2015, Annual Internet of Things Awards announced PrismTech a Must-Follow IoT Company.

PrismTech outsourced Java-based solutions to a company headquartered in Ukraine. The task was to design and develop a system providing capabilities to create test scenarios and launch tests on different hosts with different operating systems.


Industry: Telecommunications

Founded: 1997

Location: Belgium

Company size: 501-1000 employees

Outsourcing partner: Infopulse

BICS cooperated with Ukrainian Java developers

BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services) is the global telecommunications company that provides connectivity, roaming, voice and messaging services to over 700 operators. The company’s international network includes more than 500 direct connections in 160 countries, 75 submarine cables with 200 landing points, Eutelsat and Intelsat satellites.

For BICS, Ukrainian Java specialists developed tools and solutions to support work with traffic management and more than 3,000 suppliers. It allowed to save costs, reduced time to market and enhanced efficiency of traffic and resource management.

5. Netpulse

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness

Founded: 2001

Location: US

Company size: 51-200 employees

Outsourcing partner: Cogniance

Netpulse cooperated with Ukrainian Java developers

Netpulse is a fitness technology company, that offers branded mobile applications for health clubs. Netpulse mobile apps serve as hubs for communication and engagement purposes and are used by industry leaders all over the world. Club members can also use the apps to track results, register for group workouts and access club’s news and updates.

Netpulse partnered with the Ukrainian IT firm to build the Netpulse One platform. The engineering part of the project included J2EE backend, AngularJS web application, native mobile applications for iOS and Android powered by Objective-C and Java.

Summing up

Java is a beloved programming language of Ukrainian developers. They have already created a great amount of Java-based solutions and earned a reputation of qualified professionals among clients all over the world. For these reasons, such global leaders as BICS, Book2Meet, Lebara and many others have chosen Ukrainian IT companies to work with. Also, Ukrainian software companies have established themselves as reliable partners with a large pool of talented and experienced professionals.

In Ukraine, the number of Java developers grows each year. Young and active IT community participates in local events and in those held abroad sharing and gaining knowledge, and so continuously improving the services provided. Local IT market is very dynamic, thus there is no doubt, we can predict more and more software development to be outsourced to Ukrainian Java developers.

This article uses materials collected from companies’ corporate websites and LinkedIn profiles.


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