2022 has put the tech market in an uncertain position: massive layoffs and a considerable decline across the stock market left tech companies scrambling for cost optimization. While traditional software outsourcing destinations in Asia begin to lose their luster, new tech hubs arise, offering high-quality service, geographic proximity, language proficiency, and opportunities for cost optimization. And that is why Latin America rapidly grows into one of the world’s largest technology hubs as more and more US businesses rethink their approach to custom software development

A drastic spike in interest in the region results in an increasing number of software development companies in Latin America. With the increasing number of companies on the market, it becomes increasingly challenging to pick the right vendor for the job. Today, we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing to LATAM and how you can hire Latin American developers without risking the quality of your project.

Why should you consider outsourcing in Latin America in the first place?

The year 2022 has not been good for tech companies, with the stock market across the tech sector plummeting by 24.04%, the worst drop since the dot-com bubble. Though 2022 has not been a disaster for the tech market, it surely left boards of directors across the tech sector scratching their heads looking for ways to optimize costs. That is exactly why major tech companies laid off thousands of employees, but leaving the talent off board might not be the best course of action for the business with plans for growth and expansion. 

For US-based businesses that lack technical experts in-house, the best solution is to look for experts in nearby locations. One of the popular solutions is to hire Latin American developers. But what can software companies in Latin America offer to the North American business compared to traditional outsourcing destinations in Asia? Let’s see.

  1. Geographic proximity. Latin America is located close to the US and in the adjacent time zones. For instance, Colombia is located in the same time zone as New York and Washington, and only has a three-hours difference with PST. The problem of communication gap and enormous travel distances is as old as outsourcing itself, and working with a software partner in Latin America solves it for you.  
  2. Language proficiency of local talent. There are 5.4M English speakers in Latin America, most of them in Argentina (2.8M) and Colombia (1.9M). IT professionals traditionally speak good English as it is a mandatory requirement for most IT-related positions.
  3. Quality with respect to your budget. The core goal of outsourcing as a whole is to optimize cost, and working with software development partners in Latin America helps your business achieve that goal.
  4. Vast talent pool. There are over 1M software developers in Latin America, most of whom reside in the region’s most populous countries: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. 

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Why is it challenging to choose the right vendor in Latin America?

As the number of software vendors in Latin America increases, so does the complexity of choice. If you have prior experience outsourcing your software development projects overseas, you know how difficult it is to pick a trustworthy vendor. With most companies blatantly promising outstanding results, speed, quality, and low prices, it can be hard to determine who you can trust. 

If you go to ranking websites like Clutch, you will see more than 2,100 listed software companies in Latin America. Choosing a reliable partner with such a wide selection may seem to be a daunting task. It can be made easier, however, if you start by defining your search criteria. Having a general idea of a development partner you need for the job will help you narrow down your search list and focus on the best possible options.

Technology and service focus in Latin America

How to compile a vendor list?

Each business is unique and has different requirements for the potential software development partner. Big enterprises tend to work with larger vendors with enough talent to support a complex project that may go on for a long time. For mid-sized companies, a smaller vendor might suffice too. What unites all businesses in search of a reliable technology partner is the need for reliability, robust business practices, and high-quality solutions with respect to their budget. 

To help you find the best partner for your upcoming project, we have compiled the list of the best software vendors in Latin America based on the following criteria:

  • No less than 250 tech experts on board;
  • At least 10 years of market experience;
  • Proven track record of successful projects;
  • Clutch rating of 4.8 or higher with multiple reviews.

Top 10 software development companies in Latin America

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global technology company that operates across the US, Latin America, and Europe delivering technology consulting and custom software development services to partners around the globe. The company operates a development center in Medellin, Colombia, while maintaining a talent pool across Latin America. The team comprises 2,000+ experts who cover a wide range of competencies, including Data Analytics, IoT and Embedded, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud, and more. N-iX delivers software development services across such industry verticals as manufacturing, fintech, retail, healthcare, automotive, and telecom, to name a few.

N-iX is a globally recognized vendor working with such industry leaders as Lebata, Gogo, Fluke, AVL, and other Fortune 500 companies. The company maintains a network of tech partnerships, being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Platform Partner, and Microsoft Gold Certified partner. The vendor also complies with international security regulations and standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, and GDPR.

N-iX Latin America

2. BairesDev

This is one of the bigger software development companies in LATAM, with a global talent pool of around 4,000 experts. The company offers staff augmentation and software development services across such industries as healthcare, fintech, education, media, and more. This vendor offers a wide range of services such as web development, cloud consulting, Big Data consulting, and more. 


3. Gorilla Logic

This is one of the bigger software development companies in LATAM, with a global talent pool of around 4,000 experts. The company offers staff augmentation and software development services across such industries as healthcare, fintech, education, media, and more. This vendor offers a wide range of services such as web development, cloud consulting, Big Data consulting, and more.

Gorilla Logic

4. 10Pearls

This vendor is also a large software development company in LATAM that delivers its services globally across the US, Europe, and Asia. It specializes in custom software development, in addition to other services such as cloud consulting. The company has an impressive track record, with a portfolio of successful projects in various industries, such as education, healthcare, energy, and fintech.


5. Pentalog

This vendor provides a range of services, including IT staff augmentation, custom software development, e-commerce development, web development, UX/UI design, digital innovation, testing, marketing automation, security, DevOps, and more. This is also a large software development company in LATAM, which means they have a large talent pool to match your needs.


6. Vates

The company has been providing software solutions to customers in a range of industries for the last three decades, making it one of the oldest vendors in LATAM. The vendor has built strong and lasting relationships with customers, resulting in high customer satisfaction rates. Their team provides software development services across such industries as telecom, fintech, customer products and services, and more.


7. Forte Group

For the past two decades, this software development vendor has been delivering top-notch solutions to customers from multiple industries, establishing itself as one of the leading Latin American developers. They have developed strong, long-term relationships with their customers, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. Their team provides software services for sectors such as fintech, eCommerce, hospitality, and more.

Forte Group

8. Waverley Software

This software development firm has worked closely with customers from a variety of industries for over three decades, making them one of the most experienced companies in Latin America. The company works with such technologies as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud, and more to deliver innovative solutions to its clients. Their primary industry focus is on financial services, education, and healthcare.


9. Objective Group Inc

This vendor is one of the long-standing hubs for software developers in Latin America, providing such services as custom software development, staff augmentation, and IT consulting. The company primarily works with mid-sized businesses leveraging a variety of programming languages and technologies. Though the company does not have a vast pool of talent to satisfy a larger need to hire Latin American developers, it offers the technical prowess to make up for it. 

objective group

10. Dev.Pro

This vendor is the youngest on our list of Latin American developers, but it has already proven its capacity to deliver exceptional results. The company primarily works with mid-sized businesses across such industries as healthcare, hospitality, fintech, and more. With a growing potential and an increasing clientele, you may consider this company to hire Latin American developers.


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How do you choose the right software development partner?

Narrowing down your search list allows you to save time when initiating negotiations with potential vendors. Choosing a great partner, you need to learn more than just a Google search can give. That is the stage where you need to dive deeper, so here are the essential steps you need to take:

See what their industry focus is

You need to know the industry focus on your potential partner when looking to hire Latin American developers. Domain knowledge is as important as technical expertise, so you need to look for vendors with experience working in your industry vertical. That is why you need to partner with a vendor who has experience working with the technology you need and the industry you work in. 

Check their portfolio

When it comes to selecting among the best vendors, it’s important to understand what types of projects the vendor has already worked on. Taking the time to research the vendor’s portfolio, understanding what industries the vendor specializes in, and speaking to previous partners can help ensure that the right partner is chosen. Do not hesitate to contact their previous clients to discuss the details of their cooperation, the strengths of the vendor, and the value they have delivered. 

Discuss the cooperation models

It is important to research the vendor’s customer service model. You need to focus on the partners that offer cooperation models that match your needs. Some businesses need team extension services to boost their technical capabilities, the others require a custom software solution developed nearshore. And you need to know what your potential vendor can do for you. Take the time to understand the vendor’s pricing model, their payment terms, and the overall cost of the project. Select a partner who can deliver results with respect to your budget.

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  • N-iX is a global software development company, providing solutions for clients in telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, retail, fintech, healthcare, and agritech industries, to name a few.
  • The company boasts a team of over 2,200 tech professionals experienced in software development, QA, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Cloud development, Business Intelligence, IoT, Embedded software development, Artificial Intelligence, and more. 
  • The team works with US-based industry leaders like Fluke, Cure Forward, gogo, and other Fortune 500 companies in North America and around the globe.
  • N-iX complies with the highest security standards like ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, and HIPAA.
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