Blockchain transforms different industries from financial services to government, thus, revolutionizing traditional business models. The total number of blockchain software development companies is rising rapidly.

According to Markets and Markets report, the blockchain market size is likely to grow from 411.5 million dollars in 2017 to 7,683.7 by 2022 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 79.6%. The investment in blockchain-based startups proliferates as well. Crunchbase reports that the total global venture investment in blockchain-based companies in 2018 has already surpassed 40% of a total number of 2017.

investment in blockchain startups

Source: Crunchbase

Meanwhile, with increasing demand for blockchain solutions, the need for software engineers proficient in blockchain development is rising as well. One of the most active regions with the large and constantly growing number of blockchain software development companies is Central and Eastern Europe. CEE countries can boast vast talent pools of software engineers and increasing expertise in blockchain technology.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the top blockchain software development companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The list is based on information from Clutch, Crunchbase, companies’ corporate websites, Linkedin profiles, and client references.

1. N-iX

blockchain software development companies. N-iX

N-iX is one of the leading software development outsourcing providers in Europe. The company has been on the market for over 21 years. It has been listed in different industry rankings such as Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies by IAOP, Software 500 Ranking, etc.

N-iX has extensive expertise in the digital transformation of businesses, data science, big data analytics, blockchain, BI, AI, cloud solutions, VR & AR, embedded software, and more.

The company has established long-term cooperation with more than 50 clients worldwide. Among its partners, there are such industry leaders as Lebara (global telecom company), Currencycloud (UK leader in Fintech), Gogo (global in-flight connectivity provider),  a global P2P lending platform, HotSchedules (US leading company in hospitality), and other companies.

N-iX has accumulated considerable experience in blockchain software development. The company develops blockchain solutions primarily for the Fintech industry. It specializes in a diverse tech stack and major blockchain-related programming languages (Java, Go, Solidity).

Moreover, software engineers at N-iX build custom blockchain solutions on Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. Its programmers are well-versed in smart contracts development using these major platforms. When it comes to Ethereum, development teams at N-iX are competent to utilize this technology in various domains including supply chain management, international trade, insurance, healthcare, remittance, etc.

2. 10Clouds

blockchain software development companies. 10Clouds

10Clouds is a software development and design company set up in 2009. Its experts develop mobile and web applications for businesses of different size. The company focuses on financial technology, online education, healthcare, and other industries.

This vendor has broad expertise in blockchain and has implemented several projects using this technology. It specializes in smart contacts development, Ethereum development, and crowdsale.

For instance, its software engineers built a Blockchain decentralized marketplace for Adshares. They developed a platform that connects advertisers and publishers and enables making deals using cryptocurrency. As a result, Adshares transactions are handled by Adshares tokens and the payments are based on ESC tool that has two-step verification and maintains around 8 million transactions every day.

3. Itransition

blockchain software development companies

Itransition is a global software development provider that offers a vast variety of consulting and software development services. It works on the projects in retail & wholesale, automotive, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, media & entertainment, and other industries. The company was included in a number of industry rankings such as The Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP, Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte, and others.

As blockchain software development company it mainly specializes in the blockchain, ICO, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts development. The vendor delivers solutions for marketplaces and digital asset transfers, distributed data management, digital identity, and trading desks.

For one of its customers, Itransition developed a blockchain trading desk tool that integrates the most recent data from three Bitcoin exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Kraken. This solution makes it possible to trade right from the tool using the most advantageous exchange rates.

4. Espeo Software

blockchain software development companies

Espeo Software is a software development firm that specializes in software product development, design, and testing. Its expertise includes web and mobile products development as well as blockchain solutions. The development team consists of the experts in JavaScript, PHP, Java, and other technologies.

Concerning its Blockchain competence, the company engineers and consultants may carry out the whole blockchain product creation process from consulting to product development. Also, it offers initial coin offering launch and related services.

The company has experience in launching several blockchain-based projects. It has worked with such companies as Giftcoin (a charity-focused cryptocurrency), Tiqpit (a blockchain-based trading system), Level01 (a Hohg-Kong based options trading platform), and others.

5. Good Media

blockchain software development companies

Good Media is a software development vendor that offers custom software development services. The company specializes in the development of mobile applications and games for iOS and Android platforms. Also, it has worked with top blockchain development companies in Belarus.

Good Media has got experience in cryptocurrency and payment systems development and 30+ experts on its board to develop blockchain solutions. The company also develops digital wallets.

For example, it provided full cycle development and project planning for HolyTransaction – a universal multicurrency wallet. Their software development team was involved in architecture planning and implementation of 20+ cryptocurrency types for the customer.

6. Limechain

blockchain software development companies

Limechain is a blockchain software development company specializing in blockchain consulting and development. This software development firm delivers many different blockchain solutions from technical development for initial coin offerings to decentralized applications. It offers both private and public blockchain development, blockchain audits, smart contract development and audit, and other services.

The company has successfully realized a number of the projects in this area. It was involved in blockchain development for Propy, a real-estate company. Also, the company helped IPChain implement blockchain technology for providing security at the first stages of patent applications. Moreover, its software engineering team developed a blockchain end for Healthbase, the company that uses blockchain technology to transform healthcare research.

7. S-PRO

blockchain software development companies

S-PRO is a software development agency that specializes in custom cross-platform mobile apps and blockchain development. It has got experience in such areas as logistics, healthcare, real estate, financial apps, and social networks.

The company also specializes in smart contracts and custom blockchain applications development. Its software engineers deliver blockchain solutions using blockchain-based ledgers, custom tokens, identity solutions, and smart contracts.

For instance, they developed the Climate Drops Platform for an environmental startup. This project involved developing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform using Solidity. Also, the team built a cryptocurrency exchange platform for ARBchange with ERC20 token standard, more than 20 smart contracts, and 5 cryptocurrency pairs.

8. Concise Software

blockchain software development companies

Concise Software is a Poland-based software development company with around 50 engineers. It specializes in blockchain solutions, smart contracts, dApps, mobile & connected vehicles, web development & more.

The company has experience in implementing blockchains, smart contracts, and simple automated decentralized apps based on Ethereum blockchain and other platforms. It offers cryptocurrency payments integration into e-commerce, secure cryptocurrency payment processors, dApps with smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum token systems, digital wallets, and more.

9. IT Svit

blockchain software development companies

IT Svit team are well-versed in DevOps, managed services, Big Data, and web development. Also, this Ukrainian company provides blockchain solutions.

The IT vendor offers blockchain integration and ICO organizations providing help for ICO registration, creating whitepapers with the project description, and issuing tokens for secure investments. The team uses blockchain technology to deliver PoCs and MVPs as well as solutions for e-government, logistics, and distribution.

10. Smartum Pro

blockchain software development companies

Smartum Pro is a software development provider with 5+ years’ experience in IT services. Mainly it specializes in enterprise mobile and web app development. The fields of its expertise encompass native mobile app development, MVP app development, Java/Oracle based enterprise solutions, PHP web solutions, responsive web development, and blockchain development services.

Smartum Pro’s development teams specialize in online transaction processing, the encryption algorithm to store and control documentation, and business web transaction processing. The company offers blockchain solutions in communications, research, financial services, healthcare, and other industries.


On the whole, Central and Eastern European countries offer a wide choice of blockchain solutions providers. Many blockchain software development companies in this region have deep expertise in blockchain technology and broad experience in blockchain-based projects. Therefore, a growing number of global companies from the USA and Western Europe choose blockchain software development companies in CEE region for developing top-notch blockchain solutions.