“Both large enterprises and SMBs say their top requirement from MSPs is the right price, followed by industry knowledge and experience,”- said Bill Martorelli, an analyst with Forrester Research, at the NexGen 2018 conference.

What percentage of the company’s allotted IT budget do you spend on the OpenText application maintenance? You are lulled into thinking that you take control of your costs. Do you? Maybe it’s high time you reconsidered your pricing model. What if we told you that your overall expenses on OpenText Application Managed Services could be predictable without exceeding your budget. Here we disclose bare facts about the subscription-based pricing that can bring you greater control over costs, shield you from risks, and yield better business results.

What do the numbers tell us?

As the data from Indeed.com shows, the average salary of an OpenText specialist in the USA ranges from $85,000 per year to $130,000. Suppose, your company employs a team of 2 technical consultants, a solution architect, and a business analyst who handle all the issues with OpenText application support. 4 employees working 40 hours per week would cost the company more than $400,000 per year.

By partnering with an OpenText Managed Services provider and shifting to the subscription-based pricing, you receive the possibility to access a wide range of expertise without your costs going through the roof. The average price for OpenText application maintenance at N-iX amounts to $12,500 per month and this makes up about $150,000 per year.

By doing simple math, you can save roughly $250,000 of your budget annually if you reconsider your pricing model. Wondering how it works? Here is the what and how of the solution we offer.

Pay only for the expertise you need

By our subscription model, we hammer home the message that it makes no sense for enterprises to employ some experts full-time when they need their expertise on a temporary basis only. To keep an OpenText application up and running, you should have technical support consultants always available to take care of per-incident and proactive support of the solution. A business analyst and a solution architect, by contrast, are only needed when new business scenarios are being implemented.

Our professional team at N-iX consists of more than 35 certified consultants. Your account will be serviced by a team of 3 technical support consultants managed by a lead consultant who is in charge of the project. Other experts such as a business analyst and a solution architect are engaged in the project only when their assistance is needed. This way, you pay only for the expertise you need at the moment.

The pricing model we offer covers 160 work hours per month. It ensures that no less than 50% of the overall workload per month goes to per-incident and proactive support. And the rest can be used either for the new software development backed by experts who are involved on a temporary basis or for additional technical support. According to this flexible model, the correlation between technical support and the new software development can vary depending on the number of support tickets per month and your specific business needs. For instance, for the peak periods when the volume of support tickets is high, we can allocate our 100% effort available on the project to ensure timely resolution of tickets.

N-iX subscription model for OpenText application maintenance

Alleviate the cost burden

Running an internal OpenText team entails hidden costs of training, onboarding, and professional development. Plus, you experience the burden of payroll-related costs such as a social package, taxes, insurance, etc. All this bloats the total cost.

On the other hand, the issue with cost management only bubbles up when you decide to scale a team with a service integrator to help you with new development according to the T&M model. With this approach, you are likely to suffer uncontrolled cost escalations, as it’s difficult to estimate the budget in advance.

In comparison to contracting a service integrator on a T&M basis, partnering with an MSP under the subscription model ensures that the project stays within the budget. You get greater visibility into your expenses and the possibility to access specialized OpenText expertise at no additional cost.

With N-iX clear-cut pricing model, businesses can better see the value per cost and it is easier to track the progress on the project. As a result, you can significantly improve your KPIs. From our experience, we know that this model brings the most tangible results for our clients when they choose to outsource their OpenText application maintenance.

Mitigate risks with a trusted OpenText MSP

Risk management is another issue many enterprises find challenging. Due to the insufficient experience in OpenText application maintenance, technical consultants may not be able to identify risks, resolve them in a timely manner and prevent them from ever occurring in the future.

We believe that maintaining an OpenText application can be a hassle-free experience. Having accumulated a wide range of best practices and industry know-how, our technical consultants know how to reduce risks and prevent common problems with OpenText support.

Under the subscription model, our team of experts commits to mitigating risks and ensuring the uninterrupted performance of your OpenText solution at the predictable and reasonable cost. What’s more, we are ready to take financial responsibility for not delivering on your business goals. This way, we guarantee to provide high-quality application managed services making sure you get the maximum value from your investment.

Manage risks with a trusted OpenText MSP


If you want your investment into OpenText application maintenance to pay off, consider revising your pricing model. Now that you realize the benefits the subscription model brings, you can better plan and spend your IT budget.

For any further queries, you can always reach out to our expert via email or schedule a meeting to talk one-on-one. He would be happy to advise you on effective OpenText maintenance leveraging our experience acquired from similar projects.

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