Microservices equip digital companies with tangible benefits such as higher scalability of the software products and faster code delivery. This is especially crucial for enterprise-level businesses and large development teams that often lack agility and proper workflow distribution.

However, successful migration to the microservices architecture requires advanced expertise in software design and development. Before choosing an IT outsourcing partner, an enterprise should make sure that their dedicated software developers have the necessary skill set.

This article looks at the established tech companies which outsource microservices development to Ukraine. This country has become one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations, and in 2017 GSA named it ‘Offshoring Destination of the Year’. Therefore, we’ve selected some viable partnerships of notable digital companies and Ukrainian IT vendors which involved microservices development.

When choosing the companies and their joint projects we also took into account such factors:

  • trusted companies with strong position on the market;
  • relibale Ukrainian vendors that provided microservices architecture expertise;
  • successfully delivered projects that required microservices expertise;
  • case studies describing the projects;

There are a number of nearshore software development companies in Ukraine that are experienced in building the microservices architecture. And here are some of the projects they delivered in cooperation with Western European and US companies.


Industry: FinTech

Location: UK

Outsourcing provider: N-iX

Case study: Fintech Solution Microservices Development for a London-based P2P Lending Company

ratesetter fintech microservices development

RateSetter platform enables more than 400,000 of its borrowers to take peer-to-peer loans quickly online. The UK-based service is recognized as a worldwide fintech leader that matched over £1.6 bn in P2P loans.

The UK company partnered with N-iX, a large Ukrainian software development vendor to extend its engineering capacities. RateSetter dedicated development team at N-iX resolved a number of engineering challenges and implemented a microservices architecture. This has helped to accelerate the development process as well as introduce innovations and new functionality faster. The team is now actively working on complete transition to a microservices architecture.


Industry: Consulting

Location: UK

Outsourcing provider: N-iX

Project: Software Product Microservices Development for Efficio – UK-based Management Consulting Company

efficio outsourcing microservices development

Efficio, a UK-based procurement consulting company, was looking for a dedicated development team capable of building a realiable solution based on the microservices architecture to automate their research and analysis processes.

Efficio teamed with N-iX engineers to enhance its existing digital products, as well as to tailor brand new systems. Ukraine-based engineers mostly worked on the backbone technology of Efficio’s solutions. They have developed centralized authorization, background processing system with an integrated monitoring tool, and other parts of the architecture.

N-iX specialists coped with the tasks following the best practices in microservices development. The microservices architecture made it possible to launch a system uniting consulting specialists from all over the world.


Industry: FinTech

Location: UK

Outsourcing provider: N-iX

Project: Cloud-based Payments Platform Microservices Development for Currencycloud – a Renowned FinTech Company

outsource to Ukraine fintech microservices development

Currencycloud is a widely-used B2B payments platform that heavily exploits cloud-based solutions. Microservices are a cloud-native technology, so it perfectly fits the platform. Currencycloud has cooperated with N-iX for over 4 years, and the dedicated development team has considerably optimized and modernized the system.

The application takes advantage of both cloud technology and microservices. N-iX developers were involved in rebuilding the legacy application. The application architecture is already service-oriented and the services are completely cloud.

From the very start, N-iX developers faced a complex task of refactoring the monolith into cloud-hosted microservices. The experience of the architects has helped them to identify the weak parts of the monolith to refactor them first. Also, the engineers split and transferred these code parts to microservices.


Industry: Healthcare

Location: USA

Outsourcing provider: SoftServe

Project: YourCareCommunity for MedHost

MedHost, a healthcare solutions provider, intended to build a reliable platform connecting patients with their caregivers online. The company wanted to build a data exchange portal based on AWS cloud service and the microservices architecture.

MedHost cooperated with the Ukrainian outsourcing company on the development of the infrastructure. Microservices allowed them to distribute the workflow among a number of separate teams, including the remote specialists. The Ukrainian vendor leveraged agile methodology, which ensured quality code and quick delivery of the project.

iTEAM Network

Industry: eGaming

Location: USA

Outsourcing provider: TEAM International

Project: B2B platform for Daily Fantasy Sports

iTEAM Network is a US-based network company providing services since 2013. The company provides a B2B trading platform which connects Daily Fantasy Sports and enterprises interested in this field.

The company engaged a Ukraine-based software development vendor to develop the application from scratch. The vendor is a US-owned IT consultancy, however, it has development centers in Ukraine.

As a result, both desktop and mobile (native Android and iOS) versions of the application were successfully launched on September 10th, 2015. iTEAM Network allows brands to launch their own Daily Fantasy Sports B2C platform. Then, the core application pools players and prizepools while taking care of payment processing, customer support, and tech updates. The microservices architecture ensured the flexibility of the app.

Share Company Group

Industry: FinTech

Location: Netherlands

Outsourcing provider: Intellias

Project: Financial Data Management System for Share Company Group

microservices development lviv ukraine

Share Company Group is a Dutch company that manages financial data solutions globally. Among the company’s clients are banks, asset management companies, brokerage firms, insurance agencies, media holdings.

While rapidly growing, Share Company Group has come to the point when it need to augment its development capabilities. They have chosen Ukraine as the nearshore outsourcing destination. Therefore, it started cooperation with the Ukrainian outsourcing company with three development centers in Ukraine. After joining ShareCompany’s in-house team, Ukrainian developers took on frontend development and also contributed to the solution’s backend. The microservices architecture has provided the capacity to pull out needed pieces of data real-time.

Jibo, Inc.

Industry: AI & Robotics

Location: USA

Outsourcing provider: Waverley

Project: Jibo: Back-End and Mobile Development for the First Social Robot

Jibo is a social robot, which combines the functions of AI programs like Siri, handheld devices, and moving cameras. Creators position Jibo as a “member of a family”. Indeed, the robot has cute appearance and demonstrates human-like behavior, so can be at least treated as a domestic animal-level assistant.

The outsourcing vendor with main development facilities in two Ukrainian cities, Lviv and Kharkiv has worked on the Jibo robot. Its developers contributed to the backend and mobile development of the product. The microservices architecture has been an obvious choice for such distributed program as Jibo. Microservices optimized the connection between different devices and numerous omni-functions of the robot.


Many Ukrainian software developers have enough experience and engineering skills to deliver the most complex projects involving cutting-edge technologies such as microservices. Tech companies from across the globe partner with Ukrainian outsourcing vendors to rebuild their legacy solutions based on the monolith architecture, develop new software products from scratch, and extend their on-site teams. If you are considering outsourcing to Ukraine, contact our experts and find out more about the Ukrainian IT market.