Competitive pricing intelligence solution

Increase profits and stay ahead of the competition with N-iX pricing intelligence solutions.

Advanced pricing strategy
driven by data

N-iX offers custom pricing intelligence solutions that are exclusively tailored to your business needs. We combine the latest advancements in Data Analytics, AI, Business Intelligence, RPA, and other tech domains with deep knowledge of retail and commerce to help our clients make better pricing decisions and win market share.

Pricing intelligence that brings
tangible business results

Better benchmarking
Smarter pricing policies
Identified pricing opportunities and gaps
Improved analytics capabilities
Enhanced accuracy of business processes
Real-time reporting
Faster response to market changes
Increased sales and market share
Improved customer satisfaction

Solution overview: Speed, efficiency
and accuracy

Pricing intelligence solutions by N-iX use advanced data crawling algorithms to monitor and analyze competitor prices in real time.
You specify the list of competitors and receive accurate results quickly and on-demand in the form of lucid reports.
Our solutions are web-based, easy to use and completely automated. Also, they are designed
to be seamlessly integrated into your business workflows.

Pricing intelligence solutions: quick and secure authentication

1. Authentication

Easy access from wherever you are

A unique authentication or integration with the corporate e-mail or other accounts.

2. Creating new request

Design the request in just a few clicks

  • Create data requests to parse data from competitors’ websites.
  • Specify market, currency, brand, product category, and product name as it is determined on the client’s website.
  • Or upload the file with required sources or use a pre-existing settings.

The information about prices is gathered via web scraping: the bot automatically fetches the prices from the competitors’ websites and stores information in the database.

Creating new request with competitive pricing solution
Managing sraping requests with competitive intelligence solution

3. Managing requests

All data gathered in one place

  • Quickly access your requests.
  • View running fetches, completed requests, as well as review failed or cancelled ones.
  • For completed requests – view competitors' run, date, as well as generate a report in Excel format with the product name, a link to the competitor's website, and the prices of competitors’ products.

You can generate reports as often as you need and receive competitors’ data with a minimal delay.

4. Saved

Quickly access the commonly used request types

For faster creation of new requests, add the most often monitored websites to Saved.

Fast and easy access to commonly scraped competitors

Our approach to developing
custom pricing intelligence solution


One day worksop

During this time, our experts will gather the requirements and interview stakeholders to create the prototype that best matches your needs and expectations.


Proof of Concept

Next, we take 2-3 weeks to design a working prototype, based on the gathered information. Then we present the PoC to stakeholders for review and testing.


Full-scale development

For the next 2+ months, our engineers develop the solution, extend the PoC functionality, as well as support you through the following launch and integration into your business workflows.

Trusted by retail and commerce leaders across the globe


Go beyond smart pricing

Get a complete view of your data

Integrate the data generated into your data warehouse for effective data analytics, business intelligence, and reporting.

Get even more insights with AI and Data Science

Building a data lake can offer new possibilities for:

  • predictive analytics and trend analysis with Data Science
  • process vast amounts of new and historic data with Big Data
  • anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and more with AI and ML

Integrate the solution with your enterprise platforms

The competitive pricing intelligence solution can become a part of your business and be connected to your enterprise platforms for better decision making and effective operations.

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