Demand planning solution

Navigate volatile markets, foresee changes in customer needs, and maximize profits with a highly accurate custom demand planning solution by N-iX.

Which demand planning challenges are you trying to solve?


your stock management


precision of predictions for your upcoming promotional campaigns


innovative strategies to minimize both physical and digital waste


allocation of labor resources

Get measurable business outcomes with our
demand planning solution

Up to 96% accuracy
in predicting demand.

Up to 60% optimization
conservative stocks or 10 to 20% optimization of dynamic, non-conservative stocks.

Up to 30% reduction
in inventory costs.

Scalable demand planning with
automated replenishment

We offer a custom-built, scalable, and interpretable demand forecasting solution for
your purchasing predictions and promotional activities with automated replenishment.
It can bring measurable business value to retail, ecommerce, logistics, and many other business domains.

Purchasing prediction solution for your business

1. Purchasing prediction

Based on historical data about purchases, stocks, and price changes for the last three years, we build effective demand planning solutions.

Drawing on the predictions about current stock, we can also help you make predictions about new products or even new stores (with the following adjustments of regression models to accommodate new data from the location itself).

The solution operates on daily purchasing data from data warehouses/data lakes/ OLAP cubes. It can be enriched with other information, including exchange rates, inflation rates, or have additional functionality (e.g., calculating price elasticity).

2. Promo modeling and prediction

To increase the efficiency of promotional campaigns, reduce manual efforts of marketing teams, and improve your understanding of your promo efforts, we offer a promotional prediction component to your demand prediction solution.

Promo modeling and prediction solution
Automated replenishment solution for your company

3. Automated replenishment

Based on the demand prediction results and planned promo activities, the solution calculates the next replenishment considering available stocks, the logistics and delivery timetables, expiration dates, and other factors for effective planning and replenishment.

ML-powered demand planning for the most accurate results

Our custom-built solutions take internal and external data, combine it into a single source, process it with clear
and interpretable ML algorithms to create the optimal demand forecast.

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Improved demand forecasting and planning

Optimized stocks
Increased availability and improved customer experience
Reduced waste
Refined accuracy of promo predictions
Increased revenue and enhanced profit margins
Optimized business
Freed up labor time
Improved relationships with suppliers, due to reduced returns and more accurate orders
Curbed warehousing costs

How to start


Introductory call and workshop

During this time, our experts will gather the requirements and interview stakeholders to create the prototype that best matches your needs and expectations.


Proof of Concept

Next, we take 2 weeks to design a working prototype, based on the information gathered from the previous stage. We will present the PoC to stakeholders for review and testing.


Full-scale development

For the next 3+ months, our engineers will develop and scale the solution, as well as support you through the following launch.


Integration and scaling

Based on the amount of your stock, scale of your operations, and the number of PoS, company wide implementation of the solution can take from 6+ months.

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