MVNO Solution Development

N-iX delivers scalable, cost-efficient software solutions for MVNOs that strive to improve operational efficiency and expand their customer reach. Whether you need MVNO-specific tech expertise to enable a digital transformation or seek a strategic partner to provide technical heavy lifting, we offer a wide range of MVNO solution development services.

Meeting today’s MVNO challenges with technology

The number of mobile users is soaring, and so is the MVNO market. However, the share of traditional customer touch-points like SMS is shrinking. So today, mobile virtual operators face a number of critical challenges:

  • Reaching underserved customers through new channels
  • Launching new services quickly and integrating them seamlessly with the core system
  • Cutting infrastructure costs
  • Redesigning the core systems to achieve better scalability and flexibility

N-iX partners with market-leading MVNO enterprises to turn these challenges into business opportunities via tech transformations. Our unique approach combines years of domain expertise with broad experience in microservices architecture design, mobile and web development, Cloud-enabled solutions, API integration, BI, and other technologies.

Our MVNO Clients

Our experience in MVNO solution

By leveraging our tech expertise, MVNOs can increase the number of services and provide the high-touch omnichannel experience to their customers. N-iX has implemented a number of tech solutions for MVNOs, such as:

  • Migration from a monolithic architecture to microservices to scale up operations and cut costs;
  • Designing and building microservices architectures for MVNOs from scratch;
  • Cloud development to reduce infrastructure cost and achieve more flexibility;
  • Building new services and integrating internal core systems;
  • Omnichannel solution implementation using microservices, API integration, mobile development, and a wide tech stack;
  • Web development sing modern Javascript frameworks, such as Angular, React, etc.;
  • Delivering the SMS processing mechanism using .NET, Java, Python, and other technologies;
  • BI solution development to enable data-driven decision making.

Delivering omnichannel solutions for leading MVNOs

When Lebara first contacted N-iX in 2014, we set up a team of 10 software engineers and QAs who worked on one of the company’s solutions. Since then, our team has grown into a large development centre of over 100 professionals who deliver engineering excellence for all Lebara’s offerings. 

N-iX engineers have tuned the company’s siloed systems into a seamless omnichannel experience. We integrated Lebara’s customer-facing apps (web, mobile, SMS) with all the back office systems and third-party solutions (CRM, Adyen, OCS), implemented a microservices architecture, performed migration to the cloud, and built new products from scratch.

Therefore, Lebara managed to access a larger customer base, improve time-to-market, and offer new differentiated services to its users.

Building scalable and flexible software architectures

Our software engineers and architects have wide experience in building efficient microservices architectures for MVNO companies. Depending on the business needs, we can: 

  • Build a microservices architecture from scratch;
  • Migrate a monolith into microservices;
  • Build microservices around the existing monolith. 

A microservices architecture allows scaling software development teams and software products much faster. As a result, MVNO businesses can significantly reduce time-to-market by quickly adding new microservices, and hence new offerings to their customers.

Cloud solutions that reduce infrastructure costs

Traditional on-premise infrastructures are hard and costly to maintain. So there is hardly a tech business nowadays that hasn’t started the transition to the Cloud. 

N-iX engineers have built secure cost-efficient Cloud solutions for Lebara, Masmovil, TopConnect and other MVNO companies. This enabled our partners to cut infrastructure costs, make their operations more efficient, and get new applications to market faster. 

In addition, we have built multi-cloud solutions using AWS, Azure, and other platforms to mitigate the risks of dependence on a single provider.

Efficient back-office solutions for MVNO enterprises

Quality customer service is impossible without efficient back-office solutions, such as CRM, ERP software, an online charging system, database integrations, etc.  N-iX has wide experience in:

  • Building custom CRM solutions;
  • Integrating out-of-the-box CRM solutions, such as MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zoho, Oracle Service Cloud, SAP, and others;
  • Integrating ERP systems, e.g. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations;
  • Integrating online charging systems;
  • Working on Network Integrations;
  • Implementing Business Intelligence solutions using a diverse tech stack, including Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Power BI, S3 bucket, Redshift, etc.
Working with N-iX helped us go to market with new digital products quickly. Essentially, and very importantly, the partnership allows us to service our global migrant customers better wherever they might be.
Chief Technology Officer, Lebara

Helping MVNOs harness the power of Big Data and Business Intelligence

N-iX Big Data engineers have a proven track record in building Big Data solutions and Data Warehouses. Our experts can aggregate, preprocess, clean up all your data and integrate dispersed data sources and CRMs. Then we visualize it with different reporting systems, such as Power BI and Tableau, to provide actionable insights. 

For instance, our BI specialists generate reports that help Lebara to track performance, profitability, create marketing campaigns, perform fraud analytics, and more. The reports are sent to end-users of different Lebara’s departments in 6 countries. A sales department uses them to see how the department performs; a financial department – to see whether the business generates profits or not; a marketing department – for data analytics and marketing campaigns.

Also, our Big Data engineers have experience in building Data Lakes to enable real-time data streaming. It allows generating actionable reports on the fly and taking timely business decisions, without 3-4 week delays.

Why N-iX

Over 200 IT professionals working for MVNO and telecom customers
5 years of experience in MVNO software development; 16 years of software development experience
An ongoing strategic partnership with Lebara, one of the largest MVNOs in Europe
Know-how in numerous telecom software solutions
Tech expertise and capacities for the full-scale digital transformation in telecom
Experience in scaling MVNO software development teams from 5 to 100+ IT professionals

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