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Since 2002, N-iX has helped companies worldwide augment their software development teams with top IT talent. N-iX BI engineers bring speed, growth, and efficiency, providing extra tech expertise and capabilities.

Our strategic approach enables us to swiftly assemble the team for your needs, ensuring the delivery of outcomes that drive your business forward and support its scaling ambitions.

With a focus on Business Intelligence services, our expertise encompasses:

  • Over 30 successful data projects across a variety of sectors;
  • More than 150 professionals certified in data and cloud technologies;
  • A team of over 200 dedicated data experts;
  • 21 years providing software development and consulting services;
  • Operated in 25 cities across Europe and the Americas;

Choose the right cooperation model to achieve your goals

Whether you're looking to supplement your team with BI professionals, manage a dedicated team,
outsource comprehensive BI solution development, or seek expert consultation on BI strategies, we can
help you achieve your objectives.

Team extension with BI developers

Our service is tailored to bridge the expertise gap in your technical teams with skilled BI developers. This option is ideal for businesses seeking to:

  • Enhance the team dynamically at any stage of the BI project
  • Ensure HR management is streamlined and efficient
  • Scale the team up or down with maximum flexibility

Managed team

Opt for a managed team model, where a dedicated group of BI and data engineering experts works alongside your in-house team, aligning with your project's vision and requirements.

  • A dedicated team of BI developers matching the required skill set
  • Streamlined administrative tasks such as hiring, onboarding, and HR management
  • Full alignment with the client's project vision and ongoing support

Custom BI solution development

Our comprehensive service covers all phases of BI solution development, from initial design to deployment.

  • Tailored solution development aligned with your business goals
  • Integration with existing systems and infrastructure for seamless data flow
  • Advanced analytics capabilities and enhanced data accuracy

BI consulting

Leverage the deep industry knowledge of N-iX engineers to identify key opportunities for BI implementation and focus on your transformation.

  • Detailed analysis of your business processes to identify improvement areas
  • Development of a strategic BI implementation roadmap
  • Tailored recommendations for optimizing BI infrastructure and workflows

Our BI development and consulting services

  • BI strategy and consulting

    We offer strategic BI consulting to align your tech with business objectives. We advise on best practices, tool selection, and data architecture to drive informed business decisions.

  • BI implementation

    N-iX delivers BI solutions tailored to large organizations, covering data warehousing, management, and analytics. Hire Business Intelligence developers to streamline data extraction and analysis, ensuring clear enterprise insights.

  • BI solution modernization

    We enhance your BI systems with the latest technologies and features governed by best practices for data integrity and compliance, improving data processing speed and analytical capabilities.

  • Data visualization

    Our service turns complex data into clear, interactive reports, aiding quick decision-making and trend analysis.

  • Predictive analytics

    Using data modeling and machine learning, N-iX provides predictive analytics to forecast future trends, helping businesses plan proactively and optimize strategies.

How can BI developers facilitate
the transformation of your business?

Hiring BI developers with N-iX can significantly transform your business processes and pave
the way for large-scale digital transformation. Here is how the opportunity to hire Business
Intelligence developers can enhance your business operations and technological capabilities:

Introduce predictive analytics

BI developers employ sophisticated analytical techniques to mine data, identify trends, and generate insights. They create comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards that present data in an understandable and actionable format, helping to grasp complex information quickly.

Enhance data governance and quality

Our team establishes robust data governance frameworks, ensuring data integrity, security, and regulation compliance. They implement measures to improve data quality, reduce errors, and ensure reliable analytics, critical for maintaining trust and making sound business decisions.

Automate processes

Hire BI developers to automate routine data processes, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors. Automation improves operational efficiency and cost savings and allows managers to focus on strategic activities rather than mundane tasks.

Ensure data integration and management

Business Intelligence experts facilitate data consolidation from various sources, ensuring it's accurate, consistent, and readily available for analysis. This integrated data management lays the foundation for effective Business Intelligence, enabling companies to view their operations horizontally and make data-driven decisions.

Improve performance

By analyzing operational data, BI developers help identify areas for improvement in processes, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency. They enable businesses to benchmark performance against industry standards and competitors, driving continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

Drive user adoption

BI developers contribute to user adoption by crafting intuitive interfaces and interactive visualizations tailored to diverse stakeholder needs. Our expertise ensures BI solutions are user-friendly, engaging, and seamlessly integrated into daily workflows.

How we bring in top talent

3-4 weeks to fill the position

80-100 positions closed every month

Over 1M experts in the talent pool

270K+ active candidates in the recruitment database

96.5% of new employees successfully pass the probation period

Hire top talent

Why hire BI developers with N-iX

  • We provide comprehensive support throughout the BI development lifecycle, ensuring consistent and reliable operations.

  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, we deliver BI solutions for maximum ROI in critical sectors like manufacturing and automotive.

  • N-iX manages all back-office operations, ensuring timely delivery and high service standards for your project.

  • With delivery centers across Europe and the Americas, we offer a vast talent pool of seasoned BI developers to meet your needs.

  • Our BI services feature secure, industry-standard compliant infrastructure ready to meet stringent data processing requirements.

  • Certified partnerships with industry leaders equip our BI developers with advanced tools, enabling us to create secure, high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of hiring BI developers varies based on project complexity, duration, hiring location, technical stack requirements, and the developer’s expertise level and niche experience. We encourage a consultation with our team at N-iX to obtain a specific quote tailored to your project's needs.

Invest in BI developers when you aim to leverage data more effectively within your organization, such as to enhance decision-making processes, optimize operations, or drive digital transformation. The right time to hire BI developers is when you recognize the need for advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities or seek to gain a competitive edge through data-driven strategies.
The hiring process at N-iX is streamlined to ensure you find the right BI developer for your project within 4-6 weeks. Our extensive talent pool and efficient recruitment process facilitate quick and effective staffing solutions.
N-iX is committed to delivering excellence and meeting client expectations. Our track record with Fortune 500 companies and extensive industry experience ensures that our BI developers are skilled and aligned with your business objectives. Hire remote Business Intelligence developers and ensure regular progress updates, adherence to best practices, and a client-centric approach. We guarantee our BI solutions and the developers behind them will deliver the expected results.

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