Andrii Denys

Andrii Denys

DevOps Competency Lead

Andriy is a DevOps Competency Lead at N-iX with over ten years of experience in DevOps and more than 20 years in tech. He has profound expertise in all types of infrastructures, including on-premises, AWS, Azure, or GCP-based, as well as environment orchestration, SSO implementation, application containerization, etc. Andriy has been instrumental in helping N-iX guide projects at various stages, such as adopting the cloud or migrating environments to the cloud. He has also assisted clients with well-established cloud infrastructures and high DevOps maturity to improve and enhance their solutions.

Andriy is pivotal in helping N-iX tailor solutions that align seamlessly with our clients’ needs. In particular, he focuses on projects in their early stages of cloud integration or those with a well-established cloud presence. Additionally, Andriy’s deep expertise in modern DevOps tools, techniques, and methodologies helps us enhance clients’ release cycles and pipelines. He actively defines and promotes standards, approaches, and best practices that lead our client’s DevOps focus areas to higher maturity levels.

As a DevOps Competency Lead, Andriy plays an important role in building N-iX DevOps community, introducing best practices, and ensuring skill and service excellence. He takes an active part in organizing and promoting knowledge sharing, tech talks, and various events that help all our DevOps experts grow as professionals.

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