Many companies struggle to deliver effective, cost-efficient software testing because of high downtime costs between releases or lack of testing capability during peak workloads. Internal software testing teams might not be able to cover required peak periods of product regression check between releases, deliver unbiased solutions and cope with testing of the ever-increasing number of web and mobile platforms. Independent software testing teams, on the other hand, usually lack product knowledge, which affects the quality of testing.

Luckily, for every problem there is a solution

One way to reduce downtime costs and effectively cover project peak loads is to hire the dedicated outsourced software testing team. Usually, such team works from the provider’s development center and can be temporarily extended just for the peak periods, to make sure testing meets the timeframe in a desired manner.

How does it work in reality? Common practice for QA outsourcing is to have one full-time QA that works only for you and gets to know your product well. He also makes sure that the documentation, environment and product’s issues are up-to-date. Moreover, when comes the help of temporarily extended team, he coordinates the process to ensure the testing goes smoothly. That way you get a great flexibility and possibility to reduce downtime costs dramatically, while having a strong experienced CTFL/CTAL accredited core tester full-time at your disposal.

In general, outsourced QA testers are able to do analysis of various complexities, because they usually have experience in deferent verticals, mathematical or IT background and certified skills. Such testers are also backed by rich inventory of tools and technologies at QA outsourcing centers (accumulated over the years of operations), which could be useful for difficult cases but sometimes lacks in-house. Finally, resources needed to keep such outsourced specialists are substantially lower compared to having ones in-house, which could play an important role when drawing up the budget.

Effective QA Outsourcing: What Is It?

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