Cybersecurity is among the top priorities for companies worldwide, and there are a few good reasons why businesses will focus more on strengthening this domain.

The ever-growing costs associated with cybercrime mitigation are the primary reason behind the high demand for cybersecurity services. According to Statista, the estimated cost of cybercrime (i.e., cost of cybercrime aftermath, including mitigation, fines, and ransom) worldwide will grow from $9.22T in 2024 to $13.92T in 2028. As IBM's 2023 Cost of Data Breach report indicates, healthcare, finance, pharmaceutics, energy, and industrial sectors suffered the highest financial consequences of data breaches in 2023.

To protect your IT infrastructure from data breaches and cyberattacks–and your business from mitigation costs and fines–you should invest in quality cybersecurity measures and tools. And you will need a reliable technology consulting partner to design the right cybersecurity strategy for your specific environment.

So, if you're ready to improve cybersecurity measures business-wide, check out this list of leading cybersecurity consulting firms that can help you protect your data, customers, and reputation.

Selection methodology

Choosing the right cybersecurity consulting company is a tough task. However, narrowing the search parameters and applying specific filters will help you choose the most suitable one. 

For example, a midsize or enterprise-level company can help you speed up the project launch as they have more engineers. A company with at least a decade-long market experience has optimized its processes, and this will help you start the project smoothly. Moreover, the vendor with a proven track record of cybersecurity projects has more experience with real-life business environments, so they can suggest the most effective tools and solutions for your business case.

While compiling the list, we carefully examined top cybersecurity consulting firms and chose the best 15 companies matching the following criteria:

  • 10+ years operating in the market;
  • 250+ tech experts on board;
  • Experience in providing cybersecurity services
  • At least five reviews from clients on Clutch;
  • 4.5 or higher global rating on Clutch.

Top 15 cybersecurity consulting firms to trust your project with

1. N-iX

With 21 years of delivering high-quality tech services for global enterprises, N-iX has all it takes to make your IT infrastructure resilient to cyberthreats. N-iX’s experts provide end-to-end cybersecurity services and help organizations improve cybersecurity measures, eliminate blind spots and vulnerabilities in their systems, manage risks, and optimize investments in the domain.

The company offers proactive security services that evolve with your business, including cybersecurity consulting, application security, governance and compliance, and security operation center. It also consults and provides DevSecOps services that help development teams create secure solutions and ensure agile responses to security threats throughout the solution lifecycle.

N-iX will help your organization meet regulatory compliance requirements for heavily regulated industries like finance, banking, and healthcare. The company holds various certifications, including PCI DSS, FSQS, CyberGRX, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019, attesting to the vendor's compliance with policies regarding cybersecurity.

Throughout more than two decades of market presence, N-iX has helped various companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises, adopt measures, practices, and solutions to protect their customer data and infrastructure. One of our recent projects includes improving the cybersecurity of financial data for a leading telecom service provider. N-iX experts thoroughly assessed the fintech component of the client's services and prepared a detailed report about vulnerabilities. Our tech team also helped the company mitigate issues that could potentially cause disruption or downtime. 

The vendor’s rich experience in various business industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, fintech, retail, energy, and others, makes N-iX one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms.

N-iX is one of top 15 cybersecurity consulting firms

2. Sikich

Since 1982, this company has provided IT, accounting, auditing, and taxing consulting and advisory. Its cybersecurity service offerings include IT audits, penetration testing, PCI DSS assessment, risk assessments, disaster recovery, and more. The vendor partners with manufacturing, agriculture, non-profit, and other companies.



Operating worldwide since 1993, the tech enterprise offers a variety of IT services for businesses from the public sector, retail, manufacturing, and finance domains. The vendor specializes in cybersecurity consulting on security risk assessment, threat modeling, security architecture, and compliance assessment.



This vendor has expertise in various tech domains, such as PoC development, software optimization, team augmentation, and cybersecurity. The company also deals with security analysis, assessment and testing, reporting, and implementation. It has delivery centers in Europe and the USA.


5. Dotsquares

This company assesses the security state of your websites or applications. It provides website security auditing and testing services, including gateway and host protection, secure mobility, as well as network and application security. The tech vendor also offers unit security during the early phase of the software testing lifecycle.


6. Infopulse

As one of the cybersecurity consulting firms, this vendor conducts technical and security assessments and helps its clients create an effective technology strategy and resilient architecture. Alongside cybersecurity, the company also offers solution engineering, enterprise platform development, and other services.


7. Euvic

Cybersecurity is one of the areas in which this company offers consulting services. The vendor consults businesses on creating robust security policies, guidelines, and procedures. The company’s experts also can evaluate new technologies and products their clients plan to adopt. This tech enterprise operates in the Middle East, Europe, the US, and the UK.


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8. CyberDuo

Focusing exclusively on cybersecurity and managed IT services, the company has been operating in the market since 2004. It partners predominantly with US companies and has offices in California and New York. This vendor consults their clients on security regulations and helps them build a proper incident response plan and effective security architecture.


9. TechMD

This company has offered various IT managed services since 1989. In terms of cybersecurity, the vendor helps businesses improve disaster recovery strategies, set up multiple protection layers, and more. The company also has a separate cybersecurity division, whose programs are tailored to industries that should comply with PCI DSS, ITAR, and other standards and regulations.


10. Cegeka Romania

For over 12 years, this tech company has provided global clients various IT services, including team extension, outsourcing, consultancy, and end-to-end development. It also specializes in cybersecurity services, such as vulnerability and compliance audits, security advisory and response, and email security. With this vendor, you can improve the resilience of your security architecture across the entire IT infrastructure.


11. TechMagic

This company's security services include penetration testing, managed security, as well as ISO and SOC2 consulting. The vendor also offers employee training and consults on creating robust cybersecurity guidelines and policies. Its team has over 300 experts who can help with data engineering, mobile development, test automation, and web development.


12. Dataprise

The next cybersecurity consulting firm offers managed services to legal, healthcare, and government-related companies. This vendor helps businesses improve cyberattack resilience and manage threat detection and response. In addition, it does penetration testing, security assessment, and layer protection.


13. Applaudo

This vendor assists businesses in strengthening their cybersecurity on every level and development stage. From information security audits and vulnerability scanning to penetration testing and endpoint monitoring, the company offers a broad range of cybersecurity services to protect the client's environment and processes from cyberattacks.


14. Ntivia

Since 2004, this tech provider has offered businesses from government, legal, non-profit, and other industries quality IT services, including cybersecurity. It mainly covers the cybersecurity needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and its Managed Security packages feature risk assessment, intrusion detection and response, vulnerability scanning, and others.


15. Acid Labs

The company has operated in the IT market since 2006. Its offerings include digital business modeling, staff augmentation, and cybersecurity services. The company's cybersecurity specialists help clients protect their tech infrastructure from malware, ransomware, DDoS, and advanced persistent threats.

Acid Labs

Why should you improve the cybersecurity of your business with N-iX?

Cybersecurity is an essential component when it comes to any project at N-iX, and we pay close attention to it throughout every development stage. We have successfully delivered over 100 security projects for various-sized companies in finance, energy, retail, and other industries. This versatile experience in technology consulting helped us identify the security needs of various verticals and businesses, as well as use the best technologies and measures against cyberthreats. Our hands-on experience in cybersecurity analytics, strategy, and architecture makes us one of the best cybersecurity consulting firms.

With 2,200 engineers, N-iX is ready to be your tech partner and enhance your cybersecurity business-wide to provide safe services to your clients and employees. Contact our cybersecurity team, and let's discuss how N-iX can help you build a better, more secure digital environment!

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