Educational VR Application Development for US University

The University of Texas at Tyler and N-iX collaborated to develop a Virtual Reality solution. The application is set in a virtual environment and is used to enhance educational courses.

Game Development & VR Game Art Production Virtual Reality Unity 3D Photon Engine Software Product Development
  • Location USA
  • Industry Education
  • Team location Lviv, Ukraine
  • Services Game Development & VR, Game Art Production, Software Product Development
  • Expertise delivered VR/AR Production, VR for education and training
  • Technologies Unity, Photon, HTC Vive VR

The University of Texas at Tyler is a public university in Texas, United States, that offers more than 80 academic degrees.

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VR application development

Virtual Reality Solution for Education

Using VR for learning has become commonplace, and many educational institutions are applying it to their courses. The University of Texas at Tyler contacted N-iX to create a Virtual Reality solution for education and training.

The client’s goal was to develop an application set in the virtual environment which can be accessed by many people at once. The app features a voice chat inside the VR environment, interaction with simple 3D objects, and simultaneous drawing with a brush in 3D space.


N-iX team achieved the project goals within the stated time frame (1 month). Our Unity engineers set up Unity Engine and integrated it with Photon Engine to enable online synchronization and multiplayer support. Our 3D artist modeled 3D rooms and 3D objects.

N-iX team delivered the solution ensuring:

  • Simultaneous presence in VR environment of up to 10 people;
  • Usage of head and hands as a representation of a user;
  • Support of Voice Chat inside the VR environment;
  • Interaction with simple 3D objects (boxes) inside the environment: grabbing and throwing without the full physical support of collisions;
  • Online multiplayer support;
  • Simultaneous drawing with a brush with a possibility to use different colors;
  • HTC Vive headset support.

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