Enterprise App that Monitors and Controls Automated Systems

SCHAD was founded in 2007 with the aim of developing a global standard for the mobile operation, control and maintenance of automated systems with help of an ordinary mobile device. Company’s products are designed for environments where downtime is a critical issue such as airports, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing operations and power stations, water treatment facilities or renewable energy farms.

Manufacturing Hi-Tech Dedicated Development Team Software QA & Testing Software Product Development Mobile Application Development UI/UX Enterprise Mobility Java Other EU IoT
  • Location USA, UK, Germany
  • Industry Manufacturing, Hi-Tech
  • Partnership period 2013 – present
  • Team size 8 people
  • Team location Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Services Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Software QA & Testing, Mobile Application Development
  • Expertise delivered UI/UX, Enterprise Mobility
  • Technologies Phonegap, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Ionic, Backbone, Dust.js, jQuery, Java, Spring, Apache CXF (JAX-RS, JAX-WS), Apache Camel, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, IBM Maximo, ActiveMQ, MSSQLServer

SCHAD is the owner of a technology that integrates IBM knowledge management system and meter data to monitor and control various processes from a cell phone.



Applying innovation to process automation and equipment maintenance, SCHAD has created EXTEND7000, a powerful set of mobile tools that provide plant technicians responsible for operations and maintenance activities both real-time SCADA notifications and full visibility and control of automation systems. EXTEND7000 also connects to Enterprise Asset Management systems such as IBM Maximo and SAP Plant Maintenance to connect the automation systems with the strategic maintenance planning and inventory systems. Authorized personnel using the application on any mobile device are able to monitor, control and maintain automated systems remotely from anywhere within a facility or the other world and record maintenance activities directly into the EAM system. The product has been shown to reduce downtime by up to 30%, improve service levels by 25%, save 15% of administration time and eliminate paperwork.

SCHAD screen

Major customers in manufacturing, airport operations and logistics include Honda North America, Toyota UK, Volkswagen, Boston Logan Airport, Allessa Chemie (chemicals), Zalando (Internet shopping and distribution), Baur (mail order and e-tailer) and Brillux (paint) as well as a substantial number of airports in Europe.

Schad screen 2

SCHAD Mobile Work Management

Combine planned and unplanned maintenance management activity together on a single mobile application. Using SCHAD Mobile Work Management engineers working all around a site have mobile access to the CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System, ensuring asset maintenance is better co-ordinated, unscheduled downtime is reduced and response times to problems or system failure are improved.


The dedicated development team at N-iX has been working on enhancing EXTEND7000, company’s existing product. The team created a brand new solution, including both server-side and a highly customizable and flexible mobile client. For the period of cooperation N-iX:

  1. Designed architecture of ESB-like integration platform using well known industry standards and patterns to match integration challenges with various CMMS systems.
  2. Developed full life cycle of the approved solution including design, development, testing and deployment both server-side and client.
  3. Elaborated test cases design of the existing system along with the brand new.
  4. Performed R&D of various technologies and solutions to match business needs.
  5. Provided new highly-customizable mobile user interface based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

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