Software Development for a Global Ecommerce Solution Provider

Cleverbridge provides global ecommerce, billing and payment solutions for leading digital goods, online services and SaaS businesses.

Cleverbridge provides ecommerce and subscription management solutions for monetizing digital goods, online services and SaaS. The company offers a cloud-based ecommerce platform that simplifies recurring billing, optimizes the customer experience and offers comprehensive global compliance and payment capabilities. Leveraging Cleverbridge expertise, technology and services, B2C and B2B clients acquire more customers, improve retention and grow their revenue in international markets. The company is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo and Taipei.

Partnership overview

Cleverbridge teamed with N-iX to re-develop the application clients use to manage their ecommerce instance on the Cleverbridge platform. They asked us to build a web-based application that could run across different platforms, browsers and mobile devices. First, our solution team – comprised of a UX/UI lead, a product manager and a Tech lead –created a new concept for the user experience and visual design. Next, the team of front-end developers started implementation of the new application module by module.

Our product manager works closely with Cleverbridge stakeholders and their clients to create a solution that will satisfy business needs and help them meet their strategic goals. Currently, the N-iX team continues to develop new modules and feature sets for the web-based management tool. Additionally, we provide quality assurance services and establish development processes that allow rapid, high-quality delivery of new functionality.

Germany, Cologne
Partnership period
April 2018 - present
JavaScript Jenkins, React, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, Service Worker,

Product overview

E-commerce and subscription management solutions
The Cleverbridge Subscription Commerce solution is a full-service offering for managing and monetizing subscription business models. It provides robust subscription management capabilities that automate who to bill, for how much, when and via which payment method. It also provides core ecommerce capabilities such as multivariate testing, localization, payment processing, revenue retention, fraud prevention, performance marketing and customer support. The Cleverbridge solution ensures compliance with the ever-changing global regulatory landscape related to data security and privacy; tax calculation, collection and remittance; and global trade laws. Clients rely on Cleverbridge as their resident ecommerce expert so they can keep their valuable resources focused on their core business.
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