Dedicated Development Team for an Innovative Online Lending Platform

Backed Inc. is a US-based fintech company that provides online lending services based on a unique loan underwriting model.

Backed is a disruptive B2C online lending platform which enables borrowers to gain easier access to a fair loan. It allows the users to engage a Backer to their loan application to help them qualify for a loan or reduce their interest rate.

Partnership overview

Backed Inc. teamed with N-iX to develop and support its two major fintech solutions. Thus we provided a dedicated development team specializing in such technologies as Python, Vagrant, Docker, JavaScript, and others.

Firstly, our engineers have built CompareFirst, an online consumer credit platform which helps borrowers compare offers from multiple lenders and choose the best deal. The solution consists of various co-related services based on RPC over TCP/IP protocol. It was built on the basis of Google Cloud Platform using its data virtualization and data storage features.

This allowed N-iX team to effectively store, process and retrieve data within the platform. As a result, CompareFirst provides the borrowers with a variety of credit options enabling them to choose the best financing plan.

Additionally, the team provided support and introduced a number of new features to Backed, the client’s main platform, and worked on the Credium solution. Thus N-iX has delivered a wide range of services, including software product development, architecture design, DevOps, quality assurance and testing. Ultimately, our engineers’ domain knowledge and expertise in fintech have helped us to meet the client’s business objectives.

United States, New York
Partnership period
April 2017 - present

Product overview


Backed is the only online lending platform that enables borrowers to add a co-signer (Backer) to their loan application to ensure a lower interest rate. The platform offers personal loans for diverse purposes ranging from renter’s loans and career investments to relocation and travel loans. It appeals to all borrower demographics with the reduced risk of default. With the help of an innovative loan underwriting mechanism, borrowers can reduce the interest rate on their loans up to 41%.

Backed offers 1, 2, and 3-year personal loans for diverse purposes and all borrower demographics. The loans range from $3,000 – $25,000 at APRs starting as low as 2.9%.


Powered by Backed Inc., CompareFirst is an online consumer credit platform that helps borrowers compare competitive pre-approved offers from multiple lenders.

With the help of the company’s robust loan comparison engine, the users can safely apply for a wide range of credit products and loans. The system brings together a variety of credit offers and matches the user with a lender who is interested in approving their application.

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