Lohko: 2D Multiplayer Game with Built-in AI

Lohko is an engaging 2D multiplayer game for iOS and Android which combines the classic games of snake and chess, testing your wits against three AI difficulties, in online multiplayer mode, or against a friend locally. You’ve got three moves per turn to outsmart your opponent, making use of limited space and time to come out on top.

  • Simple mechanics
  • Intuitive and fun gameplay
  • Online and hot-seat multiplayer
  • AI system with several levels of difficulty
  • Ads and purchase integration
Media Production
Partnership period
March 2016 - March 2019
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Game Development and VR
Expertise delivered
Cross-platform game development, art production
Photon Engine Unity, PlayFab, PlayStation

Success story in detail

Gameplay and Features:

Lohko offers the new experience of a classical snake game. It has simple mechanics, intuitive and fun gameplay, and several levels of difficulty which grow with your skills.

  • 2D multiplayer game
  • iOS and Android versions
  • Based on AI algorithm similar to the ones used in chess games
  • Online and hot-seat multiplayer
  • Ads and purchase integration
From Idea to Implementation:

Disruptive Interactive was looking for a reliable game development partner that could implement the highest quality solution quickly and efficiently. They engaged N-iX to assist in building a multiplayer cross-platform game based on their prototype due to the team’s experience.

The main challenge was in designing natural multiplayer experience and building great artificial intelligence with several difficulty levels distinguishable for the player.

Disruptive Interactive and N-iX worked on Lohko for around 2 months using the agile approach. N-iX programmers collaborated with the Disruptive on a custom AI algorithm similar to the ones used in chess games.

The joint effort resulted in the AI’s ability to calculate the probable outcomes of the situation and predict possible scenarios. Therefore, the game gets more and more difficult as the players develop their skills.

Value delivered by N-iX:
  • Collaboration and ideation with Disruptive.
  • Timely management and delivery of the project on budget
  • Excellent performance of the game
  • Application of latest game development technologies
  • Successful development and integration of AI
  • Engaging multiplayer experience
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