The size of global embedded system market is anticipated to reach USD 258.72 billion by 2023, growing at CAGR of 5.6%. Rising demand for digital and consumer electronics is driving interest towards embedded software development services. Electronic manufacturers are under constant struggle to extend their technical capacities and curb down the production costs. That’s why, according to VDC Research, approximately half of companies opt for outsourcing of firmware development.

Offshore embedded software development often allows companies to meet stringent regulations and standards, introduce innovations, and build on their engineering expertise. With this in mind, we’ve prepared 4 success stories that illustrate the benefits of cooperation with offshore embedded software engineers.

1. Cardo Systems

Hardware & Software Testing of a Hi-Tech Motorcycle Communication System

Offshore embedded software development provider: N-iX

Team location: Eastern Europe, Ukraine

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. (USA), Cardo Systems is an acknowledged market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists. Cardo has partnered with leading motorcycle and accessories manufacturers like SHOEI, Schuberth, Ducati, HJC, and Bell. The company is famous for its pioneering scala rider Bluetooth line of devices, which can be found in motorcycle accessory stores in over 80 countries. The company also introduced revolutionary DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology which enables riders to maintain constant connectivity through a virtual network.

Cardo has cooperated with N-iX on software and hardware testing of a wide array of connectivity solutions for motorcycle riders. The offshore team of firmware specialists performed functional and regression testing, hardware-to-hardware integration testing, and hardware-to-software integration testing. Moreover, the scope of cooperation encompasses support of company’s existing solutions and development of a new mobile application.

2. Anoto

Long-term Partnership between Offshore Embedded Team and Leading Digital Pen Manufacturer

Offshore embedded software development provider: N-iX

Team location: Eastern Europe, Ukraine

Anoto is a Sweden-based leader in developing digital solutions for writing and drawing. The company is well-known for its Anoto Digital Pen which combines an ordinary ink pen and a digital camera that records everything you write. This product has multiple applications in such industries as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, financial services, transport, and logistics.

Anoto has cooperated with N-iX for more than 10 years on a number of technological solutions for their smartpens. Firstly, the dedicated development team contributed to the development of a complex embedded solution for the Forms Design Tool. It is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat Professional which allows the user to generate a paper layout with the Anoto pattern. It uses Bluetooth technology to trace, collect and process data about location and traffic flow. 

Additionally, the team created the penDirector app for synchronization, control, and management of digital pen behavior. It uses existing SDKs and enables synchronization of data between a PC and a digital pen with the help of Bluetooth and USB. Furthermore, N-iX developers have worked on the creation of the penUpgrader app for updating pen firmware and the AFP Document Tools app. This app shows how digital paper can be designed, printed and viewed with AFP.

The partnership between Anoto and N-iX proves that successful long-term cooperation with an offshore IT provider is not a myth and it may bring a lot of value to both sides.


Fleet Management Solution Created in Cooperation with Ukrainian Developers

Offshore embedded software development provider: Sigma Software

Team location: Eastern Europe, Ukraine

ENAiKOON is one of the leading telematics service providers of diagnostics and management systems for vehicles. The company supports small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within the transportation and construction industries and serves more than 30,000 mobile objects. ENAiKOON specializes in a number of telematics solutions including in-vehicle terminal assistance, automatic vehicle identification systems, incident detection systems, fleet operation management systems, and remote vehicle diagnostics.

The company cooperated with Sigma offshore team on the development of a fleet management solution for vehicle tracking. Sigma Software is a Ukrainian IT company that provides development & testing services in industries like automotive, telecommunications, aviation, advertising, gaming, healthcare, and others.

The solution collects car and operation-related data (breakage reports, vehicle speed etc.) and transmits it to the database via GSM. With the help of this fleet management system, the user can trace routes, get information on stops, breakages, or vehicle speed, and receive reports on drivers exceeding speed limits, making unplanned stops. The developed product includes devices and embedded applications for ENAIKOON display-56 (MDT850) and ENAiKOON v-locator-work (TOMTOM GO).

4. Qualcomm

Embedded Software Development and Hardware Design of Snapdragon Digital Pen

Offshore embedded software development provider: GlobalLogic

Team location: Eastern Europe, Ukraine

Qualcomm, headquartered in San Diego (California), is a multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company. The company has 224 offices worldwide and specializes in wireless telecommunications services and products. Qualcomm had an idea to create a digital pen for capturing and recording data that would feel and look like a regular one.

The company cooperated with offshore GlobalLogic developers on the creation of Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Pen. GlobalLogic is an IT company with offshore development teams in Ukraine, India, Poland, Israel etc. and 16 years of experience.

The developed solution represents the next generation of the stylus popular with tablet devices. This digital pen allows the user to control movements, rotate them in 3D, make ‘snapshots’ of critical points and record comments. Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Pen features a customizable hardware button which allows the user to control their pressure on a tablet, screen or paper surface. The solution uses ultrasound technology to go beyond the screen and work across external surfaces. It gives the users three-dimensional control, enabling them to hover over content and click on selected areas to capture and record data.


All in all, these companies gained many benefits from their cooperation with offshore embedded software development providers. They launched hi-tech solutions, strengthened their positions on the market, introduced new offerings to their customers. If you want your product to be a success story and need a professional embedded software development team, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.