The automotive industry is an icon of globalization. OEMs source components from all over the world: a single car can have components that originate in 100+ countries. Many software outsourcing providers supply IT solutions that power countless in-vehicle systems. However, automotive software outsourcing is not limited solely to embedded solutions. It also includes various additional IT applications for the OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, dealerships, and other automotive players. Read about 10 automotive software providers that specialize in the following domains:

  • Embedded solutions.
  • Process automation software.
  • Enterprise mobility.
  • Warehouse management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Dealer management systems.
  • Hardware maintenance solutions.
  • Automotive VR and AR solutions.

Eastern European Software Outsourcing Providers

01: N-iX


HQ: Lviv, Ukraine

Specialization: Embedded systems, business process management, enterprise VR solutions

Employees: 800

N-iX is an Eastern European software outsourcing provider with development centers in Ukraine, Poland, as well as representative offices in the USA and Sweden. The company has experience in software development and digital transformation projects for banking, telecom, automotive, and other industries. N-iX expertise ranges from data science to virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

The company offers software development for the automotive industry in the following technological areas:

  • Embedded systems.
  • Enterprise mobility applications for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.
  • Supply chain and warehouse management.
  • Machine learning for hardware maintenance.
  • Automotive VR and AR solutions.
  • BI, Data Science, and AI.
  • Connectivity.

The Ukrainian company also develops enterprise mobility solutions for the automotive industry. The end-users of such mobile apps are OEMs like Honda and Toyota. They use enterprise mobility solutions to optimize warehouse management and operations of their plants.

N-iX has experience with a number of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and VR that could be a right fit with the automotive industry. For instance, AI-enabled systems can predict failures of certain vehicle components. They monitor critical performance indicators of the hardware like temperature, vibration, component wear and tear, material thickness and so on.

Various sensors collect that critical data, while complex AI algorithms analyze it in real time. Machine learning system examines hardware indicators against historic performance. Once it recognizes serious deviations, it is able to predict faults and advise driver to schedule extra maintenance or replacement. AI systems can predict hardware malfunctions with over 90% accuracy.

Take a glimpse at N-iX expertise in embedded systems and other automotive software outsourcing services.

02: Arobs

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Arobs

HQ: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Specialization: Embedded systems, navigation

Employees: 450

Arobs has a number of successful projects for the leading enterprises operating in the automotive industry. The company puts strong emphasis on the embedded systems, specifically navigation systems and applications. Arobs has been cooperating with a number of big names in the industry, namely a German-based navigation provider Navigon.

The Romanian company is a reputable vendor with expertise in embedded software components including the following domains:

  • Navigation solutions;
  • Body control modules;
  • Infotainment systems;
  • Multimedia applications;
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems.

Arobs also has extensive expertise in web- and mobile-based development. Next to embedded systems, they offer web-based applications for automotive companies. This includes various enterprise mobility apps for fleet tracking, navigation, and more.

03: Ignite

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Ignite

HQ: Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialization: Embedded systems

Employees: 100

Ignite Outsourcing is a small software company with R&D development centers in Ukraine and representative offices in Israel, USA, and other countries. The company provides various services for the automotive companies, including embedded systems, real-time fleet management systems, and enterprise mobility.

One of the projects carried out by Ignite was an embedded fleet management solution that allows real-time remote vehicle control. It was installed on the commercial vehicles produced by a global OEM in the South American region.

Western Europe

04: Elektrobit

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Elektrobit

HQ: Erlangen, Germany (subsidiary of Continental AG)

Specialization: Embedded systems

Employees: 1,000

Elektrobit is a mid-size embedded software supplier that serves exclusively automotive industry. The company works closely with OEMs and suppliers that are present in the Bavaria region. Elektrobit is a fully owned subsidiary of Continental AG. The company creates diverse embedded software:

  • AUTOSAR systems;
  • Infotainment;
  • In-vehicle navigation;
  • HMI and more.

For the last 30 years, Elektrobit cooperated with a vast number of OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, PSA, Daimler, Delphi, and Continental.


5. Concentrix

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Concentrix

HQ: USA (subsidiary of Synnex Corporation)

Specialization: Customer service

Employees: 100,000

Concentrix is a giant American software outsourcing provider that serves numerous industries. Part of their business includes working with leading American automotive companies on unique customer care solutions.

One of their featured projects used data analytics to create personalized customer service and boost client retention rates. Concentrix team was able to identify customer groups with a high risk of defection. The team then offered several solutions on how to act proactively to retain those potentially defecting customers. The software was 80% accurate in its predictions. This approach allowed automaker to create customized follow up customer care and improve brand loyalty.

Asian Software Outsourcing Providers

6. Wipro

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Wipro

HQ: Bengaluru, India

Specialization: Embedded systems, dealer management

Employees: 170,000

Wipro is a giant IT outsourcing software provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. With offices on six continents, the company is well positioned to serve global players of the automotive industry. Wipro cooperates with many global OEMs, major suppliers, dealerships, and other companies associated with vehicle production and distribution.

Wipro specializes in the following software outsourcing services:

  • Dealer management systems
  • Warranty management.
  • Supply chain management platforms.
  • Sales and marketing solutions.

One of the key products of the Indian company is their out-of-the-box dealer management solution. It allows dealerships to track and manage car sales, as well as keep all data in one place with an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Key features of the solution are as follows:

  • Repair service including parts and components tracking.
  • Vehicle sales and pre-sales.
  • CRM platform.
  • Basic Financial Accounting.

07: Shinetech Software

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Shinetech

HQ: Beijing, China

Specialization: Business process management

Employees: 450

Shinetech specializes in software for manufacturing, E-commerce, and financial services. Naturally, the company offers customized versions of these solutions to various enterprises that operate in the automotive industry. Shinetech serves primarily dealerships and parts’ suppliers on the local market. Their expertise in automotive software includes the following domains:

  • Supplier management system for auto parts.
  • E-commerce platform that manages transactions with suppliers.
  • Supply chain management that optimizes logistics of the auto components supplier.

08: Suma Soft

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Suma Soft

HQ: Pune, India

Specialization: Business process management

Employees: 300

Suma Soft delivers business process management solutions to the automotive financing enterprises. The company is present in India and the US providing full-cycle software development including application design and development, QA, and more. Suma Soft offers cost-effective solutions for the standard loan origination and financial accounting procedures. They create software that covers the following financing activities:

  • Origination services: loan processing, servicing, and underwriting.
  • Financial accounting solutions
  • Applications that improve customer service.

09: Xicom

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Xicom

HQ: New Delhi, India

Specialization: Business process management, dealer management

Employees: 300

Xicom is an Indian company that delivers software applications for diverse automotive companies. They have experience working with dealerships, automotive suppliers, and OEMs on the local market. Like many other Indian companies, Xicom primarily targets business process management solutions for supporting business activities in the automotive industry, namely:

  • Dealer management systems.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions.
  • Supply chain management and warehousing applications.
  • Websites designed for specific automotive needs.
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Systems that facilitate customer relationship management.

On top of the diverse experience with automotive software, Xicom promises lower than average prices.

10: Damco

10 Automotive Software vendors - logo Damco

HQ: Faridabad, India

Specialization: Business process management

Employees: 500

Like most of the Asian companies on this list, Damco creates various solutions that improve business process management. The company works with several automotive enterprises that integrate these solutions into their daily operations. Damco has experience with the following business applications for the automotive industry:

  • Enterprise mobility solutions.
  • Business intelligence and data Integration.
  • CRM systems.


This post is just a glimpse at the software outsourcing providers that serve automotive industry. We hope it helps you get the general understanding of the industry and its regional footprint. For more information on software outsourcing in Eastern Europe, visit this page.

10 Agile Software Outsourcing Providers for Automotive

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