ERP development is an umbrella term for a variety of software engineering services for enterprise resource planning. Such software helps the companies to manage their finances, optimize manufacturing, supply chains, operations, reporting, and other activities. 

But why do companies need ERP software in the first place? First of all, basic ERP systems allow you to survive. But such systems are hard to scale in the long run. Next, disparate systems usually don’t work well together. You may experience problems with integration, lagging, troubles with data transmission and much more. And last, you are most likely having trouble meeting the expectations of your customers. If you have decided to switch to ERP software, make sure to partner with a trusted vendor that has experience with the tools you want to adopt and versatile expertise with implementation of such solutions. In this article, we will walk you through:

  • An overview of the ERP development companies worldwide;
  • A selection methodology to define the best potential partners;
  • A list of 12 reliable ERP development vendors

Overview of ERP development companies 

There are two distinct groups of companies on the market of ERP software. The first one consists of companies that develop the software itself, such as SAP or Salesforce. The other group is companies that take these tools, expand and adapt them to the particular needs of your business. In this article, we are going to talk about the latter one. Different sources estimate the overall number of such providers  to range between 2K and 3.5K. All these companies have different specializations, technical expertise, and experience working with various tools. 

solutions used by erp development companies

On the chart above you can see some of the major areas that these companies specialize in and a suggested number of vendors that may have experience with a particular tool or field. Many of these vendors can help you with Microsoft Dynamic ERP, SAP, and Sage. There are firms with a more narrow expertise or unique toolset as well. 

The leading industries of expertise among ERP development companies, according to Clutch, are: IT, financial and business services, healthcare, retail, consumer goods, and eCommerce.

domain expertise of erp development companies

If you haven’t found your business domain on this list, just make sure you ask potential vendors about it.

Selection methodology 

As of the moment of writing Clutch listed almost 1,940 companies that offer some sort of ERP software development services on their profiles. To compile the ultimate list we have:

  • Selected midsize and large companies. Such vendors are more likely to have established processes and enough internal resources to pull up complex, enterprise-level projects. 
  • Narrowed it down with at least 3 public reviews and 4.6+ score. You can read verified reviews on platforms like Clutch and learn about the experience these businesses had with a particular vendor.
  • Checked the websites, portfolios, and services offerings of all companies. This helped us ensure that these vendors indeed provide ERP development services. 

12 best ERP development companies 

1. N-iX

N-ix is an Eastern European ERP development company

N-iX is an ERP system development company from Eastern Europe. The vendor's expertise includes consulting, strategy, end-to-end development, migration, and other related services. The company’s primary focus is on SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle ERP software, but they can also help you with Odoo and NetSuite. N-iX partners with businesses that represent manufacturing, telecom, financial services, supply chain and logistics, eCommerce and retail, and many other industries. 

2. Folio3 

erp system development company Folio3

The ERP software development company with over 15 years of market presence. This vendor provides ERP development services to companies in information technology,  healthcare, automotive, consumer goods industries. Their experts help the clients with NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics ERP. 

3. Smart Tek SaS, LLC

erp software development company

This Ukrainian ERP software development company has partnered with some of the leading vendors in automotive, retail, and IT industries. ERP consulting and system integration constitutes nearly â…• of their service offerings. The vendor’s specialists help clients with proper selection of the ERP strategy and implementation of the chosen approach. 

4. Accely INC.

Accely INC.

Founded in 2001, this ERP development company partners mainly with mid market clients that represent manufacturing, retail, consumer products & services, energy, and healthcare domains. Among their services are a variety of SAP solutions for SME, as well as some products developed bythe company itself. 

5. Webkul 

ERP software development company Webkul

This Indian provider has devoted nearly 20% of all their services to ERP consulting, planning, and development. Among their clients are mainly eCommerce and retail companies, with a little share of firms that represent consumer goods and services. Experts from this company specialize primarily in the Odoo ERP management tool. 

6. CCS Technologies 

CCS Technologies 

With one fourth of their services devoted to ERP development and SAP development in particular, this Indian vendor specializes in SAP implementations, migrations, rollout,  as well as end-to-end QA validation. Their experts also have experience with several SAP-specific tools like SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira.

7. 360 Degree Cloud

360 Degree Cloud

Although headquartered in the USA, major development centers of this ERP development company are located in India. Around 10% of their services are focused on ERP development and NetSuite in particular. This firm partners with real-estate companies, finance, investment, and insurance providers, as well as eCommerce and aggregator platforms. 

8. Wavicle Data Solutions

Wavicle Data Solutions

Although the majority of the company’s services are related to cloud and data, nearly 10% of their offerings are focused on SAP development. This vendor helps companies migrate their data to the cloud and set up proper infrastructure for enterprise resource planning within new environments.

9. Stridely Solutions

Stridely Solutions

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, this ERP system development company has several delivery centers in India and representative offices in the US. The company has a rather wide range of tech expertise that includes SAP, Microsoft Dy 365, Oracle ERP, BI, RPA, and AI/ML. They also help their clients with ERP implementation, consulting, and human capital management. 

10. Digicode


50% of this vendor's services are related to ERP system development, according to Clutch.. The company helps their clients with ERP implementation and Microsoft Dynamic ERP development. Among their clients are midsize and large businesses that represent education, financial, healthcare, and real estate domains. 

11. TGV


Having almost 30 years of market presence in South America, this ERP development company’s HQ and delivery facilities are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Around 15% of the firm’s services are related to ERP consulting and SI. Their experts specialize in Oracle- and SAP-based enterprise resource planning systems, SAP Fiora, Hana, and other related tools.  

12. Eide Bailly

Eide Bailly

Eide Bailly is one of the oldest ERP development companies on our list, as it was founded all the way back in 1917. They specialize primarily in business consulting, and ERP consulting & implementation accounts for 40% of their offerings. The company’s specialists have experience with NetSuite and Sage software systems, creating solutions for business services, consumer products & services, and manufacturing companies. 

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