The Internet of Things is a powerful enabler of automation, and timely adoption of IoT can help you optimize manual labor, cut tedious and repetitive processes, and reduce pressure on your employees. Businesses across industries adopt IoT to maximize their product output, reallocate human labor, and save costs. But the success of your project would depend not only on the technical capabilities of your development team but also on their knowledge of your industry domain. 

We have compiled a list of the world’s top IoT service providers who can help you achieve higher efficiency for your enterprise with respect to your budget and a vision for future growth. You will require a custom software development partner who can analyze the needs of your enterprise, study the competitive environment, understand technology and business trends, and develop a solution that matches your needs.

Selection criteria for the IoT service providers

To give you a selection of the best IoT service providers in the world, we had to set the bar a little higher. Our list consists of the industry’s top vendors who offer a solid portfolio of successful IoT projects, high customer satisfaction rates, sufficient talent pools, and profound experience. Here are the key criteria we used for the list:

  • Clutch rating of 4.8 and higher;
  • 250+ tech specialists on board;
  • 10+ years in the industry;
  • A strong IoT expertise.

Best IoT service providers around the world

Let’s get straight to the list of the best IoT service providers:

1. N-iX

N-iX is a European software development company that combines unparalleled experience in IoT with domain expertise in such industries as manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, automotive, healthcare, and more. The company designs and develops robust and secure IoT solutions and helps clients certify their products before the market launch. Over 20 years on the market, N-iX has helped numerous clients like Gogo, Lebara, Fluke, to name a few, develop smart home products, IoT-powered healthcare solutions, enterprise-grade infrastructures, and more.

The company has some notable partnerships like Microsoft, AWS, SAP, Opentext, and more. A strong network of technology partnerships paired with a talent pool of over 2,000 technology professionals gives N-iX an edge when dealing with complex challenges. With their eyes on innovation and growth, N-iX experts deliver high-quality IoT solutions that precisely match clients' needs.

N-iX company overview

2. Solwit SA

This is a Polish company that provides IoT and embedded software development services to clients across different industry verticals. The vendor handles all stages of development from Product Discovery up to market launch and support. Thanks to its professional full-cycle approach, the company has won numerous industry recognitions and is regarded as one of the reliable IoT service providers. 

Solwit SA

3. Vates

This vendor has over 30 years of experience in the tech market and projects for prominent industry leaders. This is one of the IoT service providers that offer augmentation services along with custom software development and testing. The company has a high customer satisfaction rating and positive reviews from its clients. 


4. Icreon

A New York-based IoT service provider with more than two decades of experience, this vendor works with Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized enterprises. The team delivers quality IoT solutions across many industry domains like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more. The company has numerous  R&D centers in North America and Asia and many industry recognitions proving its expertise.


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5. Yalantis

One of the leading IoT service providers in Eastern Europe, this company provides high-quality services across such industries as healthcare, logistics, fintech, real estate, and more. The company makes a strong emphasis on sustainable business growth and supports its clients in the adoption of innovative technologies. Apart from IoT and embedded systems, this vendor also provides services in such domains as Cloud, DevOps, and cybersecurity.


6. Big Nerd Ranch

This is one of the IoT service providers that work with clients like Etsy, InPharmD, GE, and other notable companies. Working with Fortune 100 companies, the team has made a good name for itself among the industry’s top players. This vendor develops mobile platforms and software solutions for clients in govtech, healthtech, and consumer goods.

Big Nerd Ranch

7. BrightonGrove

With a global presence across countries like the US, Germany, and Ukraine, this company offers IoT solutions to clients across the globe in industries like manufacturing, real estate, insurance, hospitality, and more. The team has over a decade of industry experience while keeping its core team intact. The vendor works with such companies as, Logitech, RHS, and other industry leaders. 


8. CHI Software

This company is well-known in the market due to its high project success rates, overall customer satisfaction, and the scope of technologies it works with. As one of the top IoT service providers, the vendor works with the industry leaders leveraging such technologies as IoT and Embedded, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and more.

CHI Software

9. TheoremOne

This vendor offers a broad scope of services ranging from software technology consulting, software development, system modernization, and customer support. Working with big names like Starbucks and American Express, the team has proven its expertise and its ability to deliver great results. Positive reviews and high ratings prove the company’s ability to deliver success to its clients.

Theorem One

10. Waverley Software

This is one of the top IoT service providers that operate globally, having offices in Australia, the US, Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. With such a broad market coverage, this vendor delivers top-tier IoT software solutions to clients across continents and industries. During three decades on the market, they handled projects for [industries].

Waverley Software

11. Softeq

This custom software development company delivers a variety of services, including IoT systems development. The company works with IoT-powered wearables and has already delivered several successful projects in the domain. Working with a number of technology leaders such as Nokia, Epson, and Verizon, the team has been instrumental in developing innovative consumer gadgets, smart homes, and healthcare solutions.


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12. Softengi

The team leverages innovative technologies such as AI, VR and AR, and IoT. This vendor offers almost three decades of market experience, profound technology expertise, and vast knowledge across domains, which grants it a high ranking among the best IoT service providers. Positive client reviews and the number of successfully delivered projects back up the company’s reputation.



Hailing from the web and mobile application development, the company has expanded its expertise and currently leverages a variety of innovative technologies for business growth. This vendor develops scalable and reliable IoT software solutions for such industries as entertainment, construction, finance, and more.


14. Provectus

The US-based company delivers a wide range of services including technology consulting, software development, UI/UX design, and more. The team develops high-quality IoT solutions for clients mainly for such industries as healthcare, finance, entertainment, fitness, and sports. The vendor leverages a number of innovative technologies and develops mobile applications, and apps for wearable devices.


15. Moon Technolabs

Wrapping up our list of IoT service providers is an Indian company that offers expertise in IoT, Blockchain, VR/AR, and more. The team works with clients from around the world: North America, Asia, and Europe. With a mature software development methodology and high regard for clients’ success, the company is one of the top IoT service providers.

Moon Technolabs

Why do industry leaders trust N-iX with their IoT projects?

  • N-iX has over two decades of experience in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable software and hardware products to clients in such industries as manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, fintech, telecom, retail, automotive, and more;
  • N-iX is a talent powerhouse with over 2,200 experts ready to deliver business value through innovation;
  • The company’s team offers not just technical expertise: our experts have a deep industry domain knowledge, understanding of market trends, and business needs;
  • The team guarantees the security of the IoT products by running automated software QA and testing as well as penetration tests to ensure complete protection from cyber threats;
  • We combine our IoT development services with Embedded software development to create high-quality connected environments for large enterprises and mid-size businesses;
  • N-iX is a recognized technology leader by IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, Forrester, CRN Fast Growth, Forbes, and other organizations.

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