Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, utilities, and other industries. However, according to the Microsoft survey, 47% of companies need more skilled specialists to implement IoT solutions. So, businesses usually choose to outsource IoT software development to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and tap into a rich talent pool. 

But how to choose an IT software development company that you can rely on? How to find an IoT engineering partner that can understand and meet your specific business needs?

To help you, we have compiled a list of top IoT software development companies worldwide based on a set of selection criteria.


We have analyzed multiple sources such as business directories (, the Manifest, and Goodfirms), vendors’ websites, and LinkedIn accounts to outline the list of the 20 best IoT development companies. 

Also, we have considered such aspects as: 

  • clients’ reviews and testimonials of these vendors;
  • years of experience (we have included those with 5+ years in the IT market);
  • the number of employees (we have listed mid-sized and large companies).

There are also criteria that you should consider while contacting and shortlisting IoT companies:

  • what pricing and engagement models they offer, and if they can adjust their models to your specific needs;
  • if they have a powerful employer brand to attract the best professionals;
  • if they have a strong portfolio of IoT projects;
  • whether they offer professional development programs to retain their specialists;
  • if they have internal professional communities: e.g., C/C++ developers community in case of IoT;
  • do they have many long-term partnerships;
  • how they ensure transparent communication;
  • how they streamline agile processes.

These criteria will help you choose a reliable IoT software development partner. Now, let’s view the best IoT development companies in the world. 

Top IoT software development companies worldwide

1. N-iX

N-iX company information

N-iX is a global software development provider with 2,200 + specialists on board and 21 years of experience in the global IT outsourcing market. 

The company has profound IoT expertise and can help you with every aspect of your project, from idea validation to PoC development, as well as architecture design and more. 

N-iX was recognized by such awards as IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, Forrester, CRN Fast Growth, Forbes, etc. The vendor provides IoT software development services to companies in energy, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and other industries. 

N-iX has some notable partnerships like Microsoft, AWS, SAP, OpenText, and more. A strong network of technology partnerships gives the company an edge when dealing with complex challenges. With their eyes on innovation and growth, the company’s professionals deliver high-quality IoT solutions that precisely match clients' needs.

2. Softengi

softengi company information

The company has over 25 years of experience in the IT outsourcing market. This provider offers such IoT services, as hardware prototyping, cloud platform integration, app development, dashboards and analytics, and edge computing services. The vendor has nine offices around the globe and employs over 400 professionals. The IoT specialists of this company are highly skilled in such programming languages as C#, Java, JavaScript, Angular.JS, C/C++, and others.

3. Eleks

Eleks company information

Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, this representative of IoT development companies has also established a presence in Estonia, Germany, Poland, the UK, and other countries. The vendor can help you with indoor positioning services, middleware IoT platforms integration, connected vehicles and telematics, and other IoT services. Their professionals have experience building IoT solutions for finance, transportation, retail, and other industries.

4. CHI Software

CHI Software company information

This is a Ukrainian IoT software development company. Apart from IoT software development services, they can help you with custom software development, Artificial Intelligence, IT strategy consulting, and other services. Their professionals are skilled in building IoT applications for healthcare, sports, smartphone navigation systems, remote security, smart home, and more. 

5. Transition Technology PSC

Transition Technology PSC company information

Among the IoT software development companies, this one stands out by its expertise in DevOps, cloud computing, quality assurance, AR, and security solutions. The company works mainly with manufacturing and automotive businesses. Their professionals specialize in data acquisition, machine learning, process prediction, optimization, and predictive maintenance. The vendor can help you with the full cycle of IoT outsourcing, from architecture to quality assurance, as well as hardware development.

6. intive

intive company information

This software development company specializes in enterprise app modernization, mobile app development and testing, and IoT development. This representative of IoT software development companies cooperates mainly with enterprise and mid-market businesses in automotive, media, retail, telecom, and other industries. Using their skills in C and C++, the IoT software development company can help you develop solutions for different wearables and build secure and scalable systems of connected devices. 

7. Syberry

Syberry company information

The IoT software development company has offices in Poland and the USA. Itoffers various services, including mobile app development, custom software development, IoT software development, and web development. Their professionals provide Internet of Things software engineering solutions for finance, healthcare, energy, education, and other industries.

8. Solwit SA

Solwit SA company information

This software services and IT solutions provider has a comprehensive portfolio of offerings. Established in 2011, the company specializes in end-to-end software services, encompassing all aspects of the software product lifecycle, from initial design to maintenance and certification. They have expertise in embedded systems and IoT, as well as safety-critical software. The company is proficient in leveraging technologies such as AI and machine learning.

9. company information

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, they have a presence in Europe and North America. Their certifications include ISO certification, membership in the Intel AI Builders, and partnership status as an Intel Gold Partner. Their expertise extends to embedded software engineering, involving device integration, cloud optimizations, digital twins, mixed reality, robotics, and quality assurance.

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10. intent

intent company information

With over a decade of experience, the company specializes in conceptualizing, designing, and building applications for connected devices. Their expertise spans creating entirely new products and helping existing products enter competitive and established markets. They provide various services, including mobile app development, product design, IoT development, and wearable app development. 

11. Arobs

Arobs company information

Apart from IoT software development, the company offers custom software development, web development, enterprise app modernization, and more. The IoT software development company works mainly with enterprise and mid-market businesses in agriculture, business services, and information technologies. With over ten years of experience working with Internet of Things software engineering and IoT operating systems, this vendor can help you implement complex IoT systems.

12. Computaris International

Computaris International company information

The IoT software development company specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, cloud services, and IoT software development services for midmarket and enterprise businesses. The vendor can help you with end-to-end IoT solutions in telecom, media, banking, healthcare, and other industries. Their specialists use Java, Python, and C/C++ to develop smart devices, IoT platforms, mobile, web, and enterprise applications.

13. NTT Data Romania

NTT Data Romania company information

This is one of the Romanian IoT software development companies that also offers application management and support services, custom software development, IT managed services, mobile and web app development, and more. Their professionals use C/C++ to help you with IoT platforms, remote monitoring sensors development, etc. The vendor cooperates with enterprise and mid-market businesses.

14. Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services company information

Headquartered in Paris, France, this vendor specializes in IoT software development, BI and Big Data consulting, CRM consulting, and cloud consulting. With over 400 IoT professionals on board, they can help you with IoT system integration, IoT testing services, predictive maintenance, and more. Their specialists have experience in building IoT solutions for automotive, finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and other industries.

15. Smile Open Source Solutions

Smile Open Source Solutions company information

This IoT software development company specializes in cloud consulting, mobile app development, e-commerce, and Internet of Things software engineering. With almost 30 years of experience in the IT outsourcing market, the vendor can help you with the digitalization of your business, embedded and IoT solutions development, as well as business application development. The company boasts over 100 IoT professionals who have extensive experience working with Big Data, cloud solutions based on AWS, etc.

16. Atos

Atos company information

This France-based IoT software development company can help you with IoT development, custom software development, cybersecurity, cloud consulting, UI/UX design, and many other services. When it comes to IoT-related services, their professionals have extensive experience with IoT platform development and managed IoT. They also develop IoT solutions for intelligent supply chains, smart connected vessels, and smart control rooms. 

17. RapidValue Solutions

RapidValue Solutions company information

This is one of the Indian IoT software development companies that specialize in cloud consulting, IT strategy consulting, mobile app development, and IoT development. Their professionals have experience in providing IoT outsourcing solutions for remote asset monitoring, equipment tracking, smart factories, yard automation, predictive maintenance, and more. The provider partners with businesses of all sizes in finance, retail, education, manufacturing, etc. 

18. IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

IndiaNIC Infotech Limited company information

The Indian IoT software development company also specializes in mobile app development, web development, AR/VR, and more. Their professionals have experience providing IoT outsourcing solutions for inventory and warehouse automation, supply chain management, smart home automation, fleet management, and more. The vendor cooperates primarily with mid-market and enterprise businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and other industries. 

19. Amaris

Amaris company information

This provider of Internet of Things software engineering can also help you with custom software development, mobile app development, IoT software development, AR/VR development, and many other services. Their professionals build IoT solutions for predictive maintenance, platform monitoring, and more. The IoT software development company works with businesses of all sizes in such industries as finance, e-commerce, and utilities. 

20. Axon Active

Axon Active company information

Apart from Vietnam, this IoT software development company has offices in the USA and Switzerland. The vendor offers a wide range of services, including IoT platform development, IoT testing outsourcing, as well as custom software development, wearable app development, and web development. Their IoT specialists deliver solutions for such industries as finance, retail, e-commerce, and more. 

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elevate your IoT project with us

Why choose N-iX as your IoT software development company?

  1. Our professionals can help you with the whole life-cycle of both hardware and software development, including consulting, product discovery, design, development, testing, training, and support; 
  2. We have helped businesses in telecom, manufacturing, transportation, energy, and other industries to implement effective IoT systems. For instance, companies such as Weinman, Cardo Systems, Anoto, and Locinox have established long-lasting partnerships with N-iX engineering teams;
  3. N-iX specialists build scalable software architectures that you can easily integrate with additional sensors, smart devices, applications, etc. 
  4. N-iX has a large pool of experts in programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, and more.
  5. N-iX offers expertise in DevOps, Cloud, Big Data, Data Science, UI/UX, etc. 
  6. N-iX is a certified partner of AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud platforms. 

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