As the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation, organizations realize the value of partnering with healthcare software development companies. Their domain knowledge, technical prowess, and innovative solutions help healthcare providers optimize operations, enhance patient outcomes, adapt to new regulations, and deliver superior patient care. So, how do you find a custom healthcare software development company that can help you leverage the power of cutting-edge solutions? That’s where we come in, as we have compiled a list of the 15 top healthcare software development companies to help you pick the right one. 

Our selection methodology

To make sure that only the best healthcare software development companies make it to our list, we have outlined strict selection criteria that each vendor has to adhere to. Using 

  • 15+ verified client reviews on the platform;
  • 250 employees or more;
  • At least 10 years of experience;
  • A sufficient portion of domain experience dedicated to healthcare.

List of top healthcare software development companies

1. N-iX

N-iX is a software solutions and engineering services provider with over 20 years of experience and over 2,000 employees. The company has a global presence, with offices and development centers in the USA, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Colombia. N-iX has a long track record of delivering high-quality tech services to industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various domains, healthcare included.

N-iX company info

2. Yalantis

Founded in 2008, this company has offices and development centers all over Europe, in countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Estonia. Healthcare, along with supply chain and logistics, are their two main domain specialties. When it comes to services, the vendor offers custom software and IoT development, IT staff augmentation, mobile app development, and more.

Yalantis company info

3. Waverly Software

This is an older healthcare software development company on the list. It has more than 30 years of experience and a global presence, with representative offices and development centers in Eastern Europe, the USA, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. The medical industry is one of the three main specialties of this vendor, which also includes education and finance. They focus on custom software development services and have solid expertise in Artificial Intelligence and cloud consulting.

Waverly company info

4. Radixweb

Founded in 2000, this company has a presence in the USA, Canada, Australia, and India. With over 650 employees, the vendor focuses on delivering custom software, mobile application, and web development services to businesses from various industries, including healthcare. 

Radix company info

5. Intetics Inc.

This company has been on the market for more than 25 years. Its offices and development centers are located in the USA and many countries around Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and the UK. Healthcare takes nearly a third of their domain specialization. The vendor also offers a wide range of services, including custom software and web development, IT staff augmentation, and IT managed services, to name a few. 

Intetics company info

6. Innowise Group

The vendor has a clear focus on the healthcare industry, which takes up over 40% of its domain specialization. Founded in 2007, it now has over 1,500 employees and offices in countries all around Europe, such as Spain, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Austria, Poland, and Ukraine. Despite a narrow industry specialization, the company offers various services, from custom software development to blockchain and AR/VR.

Innowise company info

7. Experion Technologies

This service provider has over 1,500 employees located in offices in India, Australia, and the USA.  Similar to many other medical software development companies, it specializes in custom software and web development, as well as Business Intelligence and Big Data consulting. In addition to healthcare, their broad domain expertise spans such industries as retail, supply chain, finance, and education. 

Experion company info

8. Eleks

Over 30 years of experience have allowed this company to obtain broad domain expertise, which includes healthcare, financial, supply chain, automotive, and other industries. The company employs over 2000 experts who are located all around the world in countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Japan, UAE, and Canada. While offering a wide range of services, the vendor focuses mostly on custom software development. 

Eleks company info

9. Talentica Software

A smaller entry on our list of healthcare software development companies, it, nevertheless, has over 20 years of experience in the market. Based in India, they offer their custom software development, AI, and blockchain services to clients from various industries, including healthcare.

Talentica Software company info

10. 10Pearls

One of the few medical software development companies on the list that originates and mostly operates from Latin America. It has a broad domain specialization and a broader range of offered services, including Cloud consulting, IT staff augmentation, AI, blockchain, mobile and custom software development, and more.

10Pearls company info

11. Andersen Inc.

One of the largest healthcare software development companies on the list, it has over 3,500 employees in offices and development centers in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, the UK,and the USA. In terms of domain specialization, their main areas of expertise include healthcare, finance, IT, e-commerce, and supply chain. The high number of experts allows the vendor to offer a wide range of tech services. 

Andersen company info

12. MentorMate

The offices of this vendor can be found all around the world, for example, in Paraguay, the USA, Bulgaria, and Sweden. Even though they have relatively wide domain expertise, their services mostly focus on delivering custom software and web solutions. 

Mentormate company info

13. Kellton

With over 1,800 employees located in offices worldwide, this medical software development company builds custom software solutions, develops mobile applications, and creates UI/UX design. Their specialization spans many industries besides healthcare. 

Kellton company info

14. One Beyond

Headquartered in London, UK, this vendor also has offices in Hungary, Romania, and Spain. Similarly to the other top healthcare software development companies on the list, it can help you in developing web and custom software solutions. What distinguishes them from many of the other entries is their nearly 30-year-long presence in the market. 

One Beyond company info

15. Scalefocus

One of the youngest medical software development companies on our list, this vendor was founded in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Healthcare is one of their three main areas of expertise, also including IT and finance. The company has a lot to offer regarding tech expertise, as its services include web, mobile, and custom software development, as well as cloud consulting and application testing.

Scalefocus company info

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Build your next healthcare software solution with N-iX

So, why should you pick N-iX as your tech partner instead of any other custom healthcare software development company on the list? Here are several important facts for you to consider:

  • N-iX has over 20 years of experience in delivering tech services to businesses worldwide;
  • We have profound knowledge of the healthcare industry, having formed successful partnerships with many medical companies, such as Weinmann Emergency, Think Research, Brighter AB, and Cure Forward;
  • With over 2,000 employees, we offer a wide range of high-quality tech services, such as Data Analytics, Big Data, cloud development, AI and Machine Learning, Embedded Software Development and IoT, and more;
  • N-iX makes information security its top priority by complying with various data protection standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001:2013.

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